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									Single-door access controller

User Instruction

Special attention: 1.Please follow the instructions strictly while using it. 2.Please switch off the electricity while operating and make sure anode and cathode.

Product character:
This single-door controller is specially designed for office buildings, intelligent buildings, residential areas, factories, public channels of buildings to control their entrance. Users can open the door with a RFID card, or pass word or both a RFID card and pass word or intimidate password with alarm signal output. This product has following advantages comparing with congeneric products: 1. It can be connected with card reader externally; implement the function of opening door at both sides via single-door access. 2. The functions of high security, intimidate password alarm, dismantle-against alarm, force-open door alarm, alarm signal output, cloth proof, etc. make the user security more completed. 3. We adopt backup chip. If it’s necessary to replace with a new controller, you can replace the backup chip directly. 4. User capacity is high to 2000. Operation system is flexible. Can be added user card without input user codes directly and continuously. The completed function sets make the setting operation more convenient. Special attention: Please read this instruction carefully before you use the system and follow the instructions strictly while using it. This instruction will introduce the main functions and operation of this system.


Function parameter:
Working voltage: DC12V Unlock current: ≦1.5A Static current: ≦0.6A Card quantity: 2000pieces/pass word Maximum card-sensing distance: 10cm-20cm RF card type: EM or EM compatible card Size: 105mm x 110mm x 32mm How to assemble: Unpack cross screw that fixed on faceplate and bottom board, then take off bottom board and install it on the side wall of the entrance with collocated plastic plug and bolt, pay attention to the upper and nether direction. Warning: 1. please ensure to switch off power before connecting lines and switch on power after all lines being connected well! And please be sure that power voltage is 12v and that anode & cathode are in place! 2. the switch to burglar alarm is at the left-bottom corner. The buzzer will keep ringing when the back cover is open or the spring is loose, and the ringing will stop once the back cover is closed. This function has been shut down after being produced, users can set it up if it is needed.

(red)+12V (black)GND

1. JP1 connection:
Electric lock

Circuit diagram:

(blue)PUSH/NO/NO (purple)

(white) OPEN SW

(white) OPEN SW (green) DOOR BELL (green) DOOR BELL (yellow) DOOR IN (yellow) DOOR IN


Door bell

+ electric lock

door magnetism

Special attention: 1. PUSH and COM are non-voltage switch signal output. When J1 jumps to NO,normal status is cutoff. PUSH and COM are connected when available card is read. When J1 jumps to NC, normal status is connected PUSH and COM are cutoff when available card is read. 2. COM is common port. When COM and +12V are connected, the PUSH port will output high voltage level; When COM and GND are connected, PUSH will output low voltage level. 3. If electronic lock connects lines from the access controller, please connect COM and +12V. The electronic lock connects the two lines ( PUSH and GND) of the access controller. When J1 jumps to NO, it’s constant open. When J1 jumps to NC, it’s constant closed. 4. If electronic lock connects lines from the power supply, please connect COM and GND. The end of PUSH connects power supply PUSH.


2. W26P connection

Red black green blue

Card Reader 3. ALARM SIGNAL connection .


Instruction: 1. To ensure the door controller to run steadily, we suggest connecting the electric lock with power supply instead of the door-controller. 2. To configure a 3A/12V power supply box for one door or a 5A/12V for two doors. 3. Obey the principle that operating while power off and connecting lines to the nearest place. 4. Guard short circuit against the unused connect line heads.







Programming setup:
Original management password is 12345 and user’s password is 8888. 1. enter programming Press * =>input management password=>press # 2. function setup ( under programming) (1) modify management password: Press 0 =>input new management password=>press # =>input new management password =>press # Note: the password must be 4-8 digital numbers (2) add user’s card Press 1 =>read the card =>input 4 digital numbers of the card =>continually read the card =>press # Note: ① the card codes (0001-2000) are non-repeatable ② the 1st card must input with code, or the card is invalid. ③ if you want to add more cards successively, there is no need to input the card code again after the first one, but just directly read cards, then finally press # (3) 3 ways to delete user card ① Delete all user cards: press 2 => press 0000 => press # ② Delete the card which has been read: press 2 => read card => press #

③ Delete a lost card: press 2 => input the 4 digits card code =>press # Note: It costs 3-5 seconds to delete all the cards. The green light flickers during the process. (4) Setup for open-door mode ① Open with reading a valid card: Press 300 => press # ② Open with reading a valid card and password: Press 301=> press # ③ Open with reading a valid card or input correct password: Press 302 =>press # Note: original setup is 302 for reading valid card or input password to open the door. (5) Setup for door-open time Press 4 => XX => press # Note: XX is within 01-99, the time is measured by seconds and the original setup is 3 seconds. (6) How to modify open-door password Press 5 => input new password with 4--8 digital numbers => press # => input the new password again => press # to save (7) Setup for dismantle-against alarm Press 600 => press # to shut down the dismantle-against alarm signal output. Default is shutting down. Press 601 => press # to start up the dismantle-against alarm signal output.


(8) Setup for door-status stakeout Press 700 => press # to shut down this function. Default is shutting down. Press 701 => press # to turn on this function Note: Door-status stakeout is needed to accompanied with door magnetism switch. It will start up two functions when turn on this function: ① If users forget to close the door in 1 minute after opening it, the buzzer will toot to remind users. ② If the door is opened abnormally, the alarm signal output will be startup immediately. At the meanwhile, the buzzer will toot to remind. (9) Setup for security mode Press 800 => press # to shut down this function. Note: original setup is shut down of this function. Press 801 => press # to turn on this function. They are two following functions: ① If 10 lawless cards are read or 10 incorrect passwords are inputted continuously or card is read successfully but the password is fail to input for 10 times, the alarm signal output will be started up. ② Press 8 to start up the alarm signal output function in 5 seconds after opening the door successfully by normal card or password or both valid card and password. This function can be used when intimidated.

(10) Save setup and exit from programming Press * to save Note: any setup in point 1 and 2 hereinbefore must be saved by pressing * then exit.

How to use:
1. open the door with a card: Normally, the door will be opened with one card once. 2. open the door with a card and a password: Input the right password within 10 seconds after a card has been read, then press # 3. open the door with password: Input user’s password and press # Note: This door controller supports normal card model, password model and both valid card and password model.

Description for setup of J1 jumper:
The 1st and 2nd pins of J1 are connected and PUSH shows the signal N.O which means being on. The 2nd and 3rd pins of J1 are connected and PUSH shows the signal N.C which means being off. This is the original setup.


Initialization of the door controller:
If users forget the changed administration password, this method can be used for recovering. The jumper switch RESET on the motherboard can be used for recovering the original setup. Switch off power and switch jumper to ON, then turn on the power. Switch jumper to OFF after the buzzer toots 3 times and initialization is completed. Note: 1. Initialization only changes system password to default management password--12345 and user password--8888, other data will not be change. 2. Normally please don’t used initialization unless users forget the password.


Attachment 1: Description of signal light
Issue type Normal circumstance working Red light Glitter once per second On On On On On from Glittering On On On Glittering frequently On Green light

Read valid card / correct password, unlock Open door and press button, then unlock Wrong password Invalid card Press valid button Alert to prevent dismantling Programming status Input correct programming code Input wrong programming code

Attachment 2: description of the buzzer sounds

Issue type Normal working status Read valid card / correct password, then unlock Open door and press button then unlock Wrong password Invalid card Press valid button Door magnetism, alarm Programming status Input correct programming codes Input wrong programming code dismantling-against

Buzzer 1 short toots 1 short toot 1 long toot 1 long toot 1 short toot Continually playing tooting 2 short toots 2 short toots 3 short toots long

Packing list:
Door controller User instruction Plastic insert for fixing and screws Lines 1 set 1 piece 1 bag 1 bag


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