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Where to find out more

What: a summary of resources which have been developed by other
agencies with regard to rural issues.

How: by giving you the links to other websites as well as resources on the
TfC website.

1. Where to find out more
1 Type Research report Resource Challenging the rural idyll Children and families speak out about life in rural England in the 21st Century Developing children’s centres in rural areas A Report for the Commission for Rural Communities by Janet Williams Delivering services to children and families in rural areas: the early lessons from Sure Start Source NCH Supporter helpline 0845 762 6579


Research report

NCVCCO and Commission for Rural Communities pingchildrenscentresinruralareas


Research report


The Early Lessons


Research report

Mini Sure Start Local Programmes: An Overview of their Early Implementation Faith in the community. The contribution of faith-based organisations to rural voluntary action Rural proofing – policy makers’ checklist and various other papers and case studies


Research report

NCVO and Commission for Rural Communities


Policy – rural data and evidence

Commission for Rural Communities ralproofingpolicymakerschecklist 2007 Workshop materials eseminar1


Policy and practice


Policy – rural proofing guide

TDA rural steering group and pilot work with extended services. TDA Case studies and workshop materials regarding extended services Access all areas: meeting the needs of rural communities

Training and Development Agency for Schools al.aspx NCVO

Page 2 of 4 cy_Publications/Access%20All%20Areas%20PDF.pdf 9 Policy – rural proofing Rural proofing checklist for citizens advice bureaux Challenging Government to meet rural needs - Rural Proofing Monitoring report 2006 Available at:

10 Policy – rural proofing – monitoring outcomes

DEFRA ble%20Report_art.pdf ruralproofingmonitoringreport2006 DEFRA main site:

11 Policy – rural proofing

Thinking rural: your essential guide 2004 and case studies

Cumbria County Council .asp East Midlands Rural Affairs Forum

12 Policy – a rural charter

Think rural to encourage organisations and companies to take rural issues into account Rural Policy Toolkit 2005 Rural Issues in Mental Health 2006

13 Policy – rural proofing


14 Network 15 Research into practice

Rural Youth Network Participation from the Start: Disabled Children using Children's Centres The Big Idea toolkit NCB / Council for Disabled Children research project 6624478y14s6852859524 NCB Involving young people in the design of buildings 256810019a30q_2007735950x NCB 867683c3p6773783809

16 Practice

17 Practice

Consulting with children

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18 Management and practice

NPQICL assignments regarding integrated working and leadership A range of resources and case studies about Children’s Centres and Extended Services Rural affairs forum and rural policies developed by Government Offices Contact a Family - work with Children’s Centres to consult with and engage families of children with disabilities Portal to a range of information on children’s workforce issues A web-based toolkit to support the local implementation of the Children’s Workforce Strategy Example of a Workforce Development Plan

NPQICL assignments ECM Leadership Direct

19 Management and practice

20 Policy

See for example the work in the North East at

21 Practice

22 Policy workforcereform/

23 Practice

24 Practice CA/cpa/CD10-Human-Resource-Strategy/FULLVERSION-Workforce-Development-Plan-2007-to2011.doc

25 Practice

Example of a Children and Young People Workforce Strategy – Interim Strategy

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