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					Sierra Springs Community Association Board Meeting February 10, 2009 The President called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., at 4561 Desert Springs Trail. Those present were: Barbara Zimmer, President; George Peters, Vice President; Sharon Milford, Treasurer; Gene Bodeen, Secretary; Jim Beatty, Architectural Committee Chair; Bob Woodhams, Maintenance Committee Chair, and Helen Churella, Maintenance Committee Member. The President asked for review and approval of the December 08 and January 09 Minutes. The Treasurer stated that there is an error in the treasury amounts stated in the December 2, 2008 Minutes. After a brief discussion the Secretary made note of the changes. Jim Beatty moved that the Minutes be approved, with noted changes. Seconded by George Peters. Vote 7 Yes. Homeowner Forum. Richard Parsons, homeowner, was present. He had no complaint to bring to the board, however he asked the members for a status of landlord properties and current problems with them. George Peters relayed the continuing problem of homeowners/renters leaving trash cans on the street, as well as three homeowners ignoring the letters sent regarding repainting their homes. After discussion George Peters suggested he would send “strong letters.” Mr. Parsons suggested perhaps a fine structure be put in place by the board. The President stated this subject will be discussed at the April board meeting. Treasurer’s Report. Copies of the current treasurer’s report were distributed to the board members. Brief discussion followed. The total Reserve Fund is $86,054.41 and the total SSHOA funds are $99,415.75. It was moved by Jim Beatty to accept the report for file. Seconded by George Peters. Vote: 7 Yes. OLD BUSINESS Architectural – The Second Notice house painting letters were mailed January 3, to four homeowners, with a date for completion by January 30. There was one response in writing that the work will be done this Fall. Final letters will be drafted and mailed next week with a target completion date by March 17. (I AM NOT CERTAIN OF THIS DATE SO PLEASE VERIFY) At the April meeting there will be a discussion to enforce the required house painting.

Nominations for Two Board Vacancies – The Secretary initially presented five names as candidates for the two upcoming board positions. They are: Victor Milford, Helen Churella, Connie Conner, Julie Hill and George Peters. Sharon Milford advised that her husband, Victor Milford, had changed his mind about running for the board and wanted his name withdrawn. She stated the ballot letters could be revised to reflect the change and will be mailed in a timely manner. KANMAR project & Pool area painting- Bob Woodhams reported both projects are finished. KANMAR completed at a cost of $5,320 and the pool area paint project completed at a cost of $1,900. It was unanimous, by the board as well as many residents, that the entire restructuring and painting was very well executed. NEW BUSINESS CD Interest Rates – The Treasurer announced that after researching financial institutions, the best interest rate she could find for CDs was 2% with ING Direct. She invested $10,000 for one year @ 2%. The remaining funds from the matured CD were invested in our Money Market account. SPA Resurfacing and Drain Replacement Status. Bob Woodhams has received several bids for the needed work at the Spa which involves draining and resurfacing. He stated that the drains must be replaced. He stated the work would be completed in a one to two week period. Sharon stated that the spa would be closed 16-20 Feb 09 for this work to be done and brought signs to be posted at the two pool entrance gates. The President announced that according to the Cochise County Assessor’s Office, eight landlords in our community are not in compliance with Arizona Law regarding rental residences. Letters were sent to the eight homeowners with enclosed documents that when executed will bring the homeowners in compliance and perhaps prevent a substantial fine. Helen Churella asked for a discussion regarding rental restriction (i.e., number of rental properties allowed) pros and cons to be considered for member voting at the March General Meeting (see attached) . The increase in the number of rental properties is alarming. To date there are 24 rentals, which equates to 35% of residences. According to the CC&R’s we need 67% of the homeowners to approve the restriction. She stated the math says we can’t get rental restriction passed unless ALL of the non-rental residents and perhaps

one landlord agree to the restriction The other option is to place more rigid requirements on tenants and landlords. Quote from our attorney: “Alternatively the board could (instead) offer an amendment to the CC&R’s that does not restrict the number of renters, but imposes requirements that all rentals be by written lease that includes the requirement to abide by the Association’s restrictions and rules, and clarification that the owner is responsible for all actions of his or her tenant.” It was decided that this topic should be discussed at the General meeting. It was moved by Jim Beatty that Helen consult with the attorney for rental restrictions, to seek alternatives, fees on rentals and adjustment to the CC&R’s. Seconded by George Peters. Vote Yes 7. Struse Plumbing repair was the next agenda item. Gene Bodeen relayed her conversation with the repair man regarding the cause of the water leak. The large tree in the backyard of 4271 DST apparently has a root system that spread under the street causing the water pipe breakage. Also Bob Woodhams has found the wall to be out of plum. Bob Woodhams read the CC&R’s, Article 7 Section 4 to the board. After lengthy discussion it was moved by George Peters that the HOA be responsible for the repair, and also a letter will be written to the homeowner to remove the tree. Seconded by Jim Beatty. Vote Yes 6 – Abstain Sharon Milford A discussion regarding the swimming pool drains and acid bath was brought forth by Bob Woodhams. He said the drains must be replaced. It was decided to have the drains replaced and wait a few years to have the acid wash done. Jim advised the members that one homeowner with a long distance cell phone number had been added to the gate directory. We need to watch the next Qwest telephone bill to see if the HOA is being charged for long distance calls. Jim and Helen will work together to develop a fee/fine structure for homeowners not abiding by CC&Rs and report at our next regular board meeting. George reminded everyone of the volunteer landscape rock party on Saturday, 21 Feb 09. The President announced the next meeting will be the annual General meeting at the Sierra Vista Library, in the Mona Bishop Room at 3:15 p.m. on March 14, 2009. Reminder about filing our Income Tax Return soon.

The next board meeting will be April 7, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. at 4561 Desert Springs Trail. The President adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Gene D. Bodeen Secretary

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