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Parents Hockey Attitude Test, Take It Now and Dont Lie

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					Parents Hockey Attitude Test, Take It Now and Dont Lie
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Parents … Do YOU DARE take the Test!”??? by Coach Vic LeMire
As we ALL struggle to become that perfect set of Parents for our children we find that not only are we tested DAILY at home … but we are also tested and now monitored away from home in the Rinks … in the Stores … and even in the “Parking Lots” !!! and rightfully SO! To all our faithful readers of our magazine … you‟ll recall an article I wrote a few issues back titled “That Dreaded Ride Home”! Do you recall it? Although I‟m sure that 99% of you don‟t resort to such physical violence on your children as that defenseless little girl in the back seat of her mothers‟ truck … but the wounds many of You inflict emotionally with the harsh verbal criticism of your children, both ON and OFF the ice, is just as harming and brutal! I‟m Praying that video was a “Wake-Up Call” for all of YOU! NOW … the “TEST” … I‟m going to ask you all a series of questions and there will be a Score at the end for you to evaluate your own personal attitude. For many of you … You will see that you have a fairly good hold on your emotions … for others … You will see that You obviously need a complete “attitude adjustment”


Hockey Parents Attitude Test
Select the BOX which best applies to YOUR display of Emotional Response when presented with the following scenerios … You will be awarded REWARD POINTS that you total up using the score sheet at the end of this article. 1) Your child has just scored a Goal … What is your response? a) You jump to your feet and scream out very loud. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! b) You aren‟t even in the rink. c) You are somewhere else in the rink standing Alone and you just maintain a quite smile and look to signal your child! d) You begin to start a chant that the other Team‟s Goalie is a “sieve”! e) You stay in your seat and clap your hands! f) You are sooooo excited that you messed your pants and are “bolting” to the rest room!

g) You immediately look over at the parents of the kid who made that great pass to your child for him to score and you salute them with a great big compliment …. Nice Pass!!! 2) Your Team has just been scored on … What was your reaction? a) You give out a Big “moan” and look over at your friends with a disscusted look! b) You lean over and tell your fellow Parents that your Team‟s Goalie shouldn‟t be playing on this Team! c) You stare down at the Coaches for putting out the weakest Players at a time like this! d) You get up out of your seat and walk out into the lobby or outside for a smoke! e) You give out a large cheer to the bench “Let‟s get it back, boys”! f) You are standing away from all the LOUD Parents and you drop your head and look away! g) You get on your cell phone and are looking for another Team for your child to play for! Hey … Maybe we can send him 3,000 miles away to play for that select Team! 3) Your child is Flying down the ice with the puck and “Timmy” the MOOSE Johnson comes skating across the ice and absolutely “levels” your child with the hardest HIT of the century … What is Your reaction ? a) You jump up out of your seat and start screaming at the Ref for a Major penalty! b) You jump out of your seat and fly down to the boards to check on your childs‟ health. c) On the way back up to your seat .. You are screaming at the opposition Parents to “Watch OUT” Things are going to get tough now! d) You see your child get up slowly and head to the bench and go down there to talk with him. e) Your standing in the corner of the rink and You yell over the boards …”Get UP”! f) You are beginning to prepare exactly what to say to your child after the game. Wow was that a great hit! He caught you hard and I‟m so thankful you are OK, but I‟m so impressed with you that you got back up and wanted to continue playing even though you were still hurting. That shows courage and you came out the next shift going even harder! That was Great! g) On the ride home you tell him “Son .. ya gotta keep your head up especially when that MOOSE Johnson is on the ice.”

4) A Player on the other Team makes a “move “ on one of your Defensemen and goes around him to score a goal … What do you do? a) You know that this kid is a weak Defenseman so you go over to the Parents and suggest that together your Son and theirs get some Individual Instruction over the season! b) You WAIT „till the next practice to do what it says in “a” above! c) You wait for the coach in the hallway after the game to tell him he made a HUGE mistake putting that Defenseman out there with the other Teams‟ best Player on the ice! d) You keep your mouth shut all the way home because it was Your Son who got beat badly One on One! e) You find Three positive things to tell your Son on the way home in the car! Later that day or the next you review those great plays and introduce what he needs to improve on so that he doesn‟t get beat like that again! f) You are running the score clock and you dropped your coffee all over yourself and you missed the whole play! g) You are the Team Manager and you meet with the Coach after the game and discuss how and when and if we can bring in a Defenseman Coach for a few practices minimum to work with our defensemen! 5) The score is TIED in the championship game of the State Tournament and the other Team scores a winning Goal in overtime that was clearly offside … What is your reaction? a) You race down to the boards and shout at the linesman for missing that offside call. b) You stand up and join the scream that the Goal was offsides! c) You form a line of angry parents who are just waiting for the refs to leave the ice! d) You Stand up and give BOTH Teams a great big applause! e) You take all the kids out for a big meal and drinks at Chuckie Cheeze after the game f) You missed the whole thing because there was a football game on TV! g) You go down to the bench and give great big hugs to all the Players on your Team congratulating them for another GREAT season! Here‟s how you SCORE your answers: The HIGHER You score ..the more in control of your emotions you are AND THE MORE YOUR Child will enjoy playing ! Good Luck!

Question #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Score 0 to 20 Score 21 to 30 Score 31 to 40 Score 41 to 50 Score 51 or above GOD Bless, Coach Vic Lemire

a-10, a-0, a-0, a-7, a-0,

b-0, b-0, b-10, b-10, b-5,

c-10, c-0, c-0, c-0, c-0,

d-0, d-5, d-8, d-0, d-10,

e-10, e-10, e-0, e-10, e-15,

f-8, f-8, f-10, f-10, f-0,

g-15 g-0 g-0 g-10 g-15


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