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Need priorities by akgame


Need priorities

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									PRIPORITIES FOR CHENNAI AFFECTED VILLAGES: Srinivasapuram: Most affected villages in Chennai.

1.Temporary sheets for their shelter: 80 families Funds needed: One sheet 12x15size 80 families Total amount for 80 families

Rs.200 Rs.16000 Rs.16000

2. Fishing business: 100 women and 100 families Vessel needed for selling the fish by women for their survival Funds needed: One vessel (Basin) 100 Women Total amount for 100 women

Rs.120 Rs.12000 Rs.12000

3. Construction workers and carpenters: 150 families A set contains the equipments needed for construction laborers and carpenters. Funds needed: One set/per person 150 laborers Total amount for 150 laborers

Rs.1000 Rs.150000 Rs.1, 50,000

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