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									TRIAD INTERNSHIP INFORMATION SHEET: for undergraduate students Overview The Triad Internship, co-administered by the Center for Public Horticulture at the University of Delaware (The Center), emphasizes broad experience, and aims to provide undergraduate students an early introduction to the diverse careers in public horticulture and an exposure to the missions, resources, and operations of varied public horticulture institutions. Additionally, it helps students focus their subsequent undergraduate coursework to match their career interests. Listed as PLSC 253, the Triad Internship is a three credit hour learning experience open to sophomore and junior level students. Students must invest forty-five hours at each of three public horticulture institutions for a total of 135 hours, preferably in a single semester. The student will choose three internship sites with differing missions and budgets, from a menu of approximately thirty institutions in specific metropolitan areas. A Center advisor can assist with making this choice. Recommended metropolitan areas include Philadelphia / Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Northern New Jersey, and New York City. Students can also work with The Center to assemble a Triad Internship in another area of the country. In addition, students from other universities and other UD academic programs are invited to participate, but are urged to verify credit transfer at their home institution prior to registration. The Center cannot be responsible for credit transfer problems. Financial Compensation The Center will provide a stipend to each student that includes $10 per hour of work at each institution, as well as cover transportation expenses, and, if necessary, housing expenses. Responsibilities of the Student  Complete 45 hours of service and learning at each host garden for a total of 135 hours  Maintain a professional demeanor, exhibiting punctuality, a strong work ethic, and a desire to learn  Develop a text and photo intensive blog of his/her weekly experiences at each host institution  Write a comparative paper describing his/her experiences at each host institution and how they relate to potential, future career plans (1200-1500 words) Responsibilities of the Host Institution  Work with The Center to determine the student’s internship schedule and overall experience  Present an agenda of positive learning experiences for the student  Provide the student an opportunity to rotate through a variety of departments to experience the institution’s diversity  Encourage the student to participate in as many facets of organizational operation as is possible and comfortable within the institution  Provide the student with a daily supervisor or contact person  Correspond with The Center regarding student status  Provide student assessment information 1


Assessment and Grading A final grade of pass or fail is determined from feedback submitted by host institutions, combined with an evaluation of the student’s blog and comparative paper. Internship Schedule The Triad Internship schedule is flexible, and it will vary according to the availability of the student and the host institution. The Center, host institution, and student work together to determine the partitioning of the student’s time. The student is strongly encouraged to complete all 135 hours within a single semester. The following is a sample schedule, which can be adjusted based on the mission and size of your organization: Activity Orientation to the organization Attending meetings with leadership and staff Rotations with horticulture staff Rotations with collections or conservation staff Rotations with operations or physical plant staff Rotations with education or programming staff Rotations with visitor services or public relations Additional Information If you have questions about the Triad Internship or The Center for Public Horticulture, contact  Robert Lyons, Executive Director- email: phone: 302-831-2517  Ed Moydell, Associate Director- email: phone: 718-499-2860 See the following pages for the Triad Internship Application. Type in the requested information, select your desired host sites, and return form and supplemental information to Dr. Robert Lyons at # of hours 3 7 7 7 7 7 7



TRIAD INTERNSHIP APPLICATION Name: University: Major / Area of Study: Email: Phone #:

Please attach an unofficial transcript, current résumé, and an estimated budget for your internship Host Sites Select three internship sites from one of the metropolitan areas listed on the following pages. Choose host sites that differ in terms of size and mission. If a site of interest does not appear on this list, contact the Center to see if it qualifies as a potential host. Philadelphia / Wilmington Area Triad Internship Host Sites Location, Size* Mission Distance from UD Horticulture, gardening history, historic Philadelphia, PA Small preservation 40 miles NE Watershed conservation and land Chadds Ford, PA Small stewardship 19 miles N Wayne, PA Large Display and garden art 45 miles NE Urban greening, community Wilmington, DE Medium horticulture, reclaiming neglected sites 15 miles NE Education, preservation of natural Hockessin, DE Small landscapes 10 miles N Wilmington, DE Small Historic garden preservation 15 miles NE Display, youth education, gardening for Hershey, PA. Medium butterflies 70 miles NW Kennett Sq., PA Large Display, history, education, research 14 miles N Historic arboretum: education, Philadelphia, PA Large research, outreach, display 55 miles NE Conservation of Appalachian Piedmont Greenville DE Large plants, education 13 miles NE University garden: plants suitable for Swarthmore, PA Medium eastern PA, environmental stewardship 34 miles NE Middletown, PA Medium Ecology, history, display, education 33 miles NE Horticulture based education, research, Newark, DE Small extension, and community support 0 miles Wintherthur, DE Large Display, children’s education, history 14 miles NE Select Site

Organization Bartram’s Garden Brandywine Conservancy Chanticleer Delaware Center for Horticulture Delaware Nature Society Gibraltar Hershey Gardens Longwood Gardens Morris Arboretum Mt. Cuba Center Scott Arboretum Tyler Arboretum UD Botanic Gardens Winterthur

*According to the American Public Gardens Association, garden sizes are determined using the following budget guidelines: -Small: annual operating budget less than $1,000,000 -Medium: annual operating budget between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 -Large: annual operating budget more than $2,000,000 3


Baltimore Area Triad Internship Host Sites Organization Adkins Arboretum Baltimore Conservatory Brookside Gardens Ladew Topiary Gardens Size Small Small Large Medium Mission Conservation of DelMarva native flora, education Indoor & outdoor displays, special events. Municipal Municipally managed display garden Topiary, historic landscape and estate Location, Distance from UD Ridgely, MD 60 miles S. Baltimore, MD 68 miles SW Montgomery Co., MD 94 miles SW Monkton, MD 57 miles W Select Site

New York City Area Triad Internship Host Sites Organization Brooklyn Botanical Garden Central Park Conservancy Queens Botanical Garden Size Large Large Large Mission Education, research, urban horticulture & conservation Recreation, education, display, urban horticulture Conservation, green technology, education Location, Distance from UD Brooklyn, NY 134 miles NE NY, NY 132 miles NE Queens, NY 148 miles NE Select Site

Washington, D.C. Area Triad Internship Host Sites Organization American Hort. Society Dumbarton Oaks Hillwood Museum Brookside Gardens U.S. National Arboretum Size Medium Small Medium Large Large Mission Horticulture journalism, education, display (at River Farm HQ) Historic landscape, library Formal gardens, art Municipally managed display garden Asian gardens, rare trees and plants, history, and international research Location, Distance from UD Alexandria, VA 115 miles SW Washington, DC 99 miles SW Washington, DC 98 miles SW Montgomery Co., MD 94 miles SW Washington, DC 92 miles S Select Site

Organization Duke Farms Frelinghuysen Arboretum Willowwood Arboretum Reeves- Reed Arboretum

Northern New Jersey Area Triad Internship Host Sites Location, Size Mission Distance from UD Environmental stewardship, display, Hillsborough, NJ Large history, education 105 miles NE Historic municipal garden: trees, Morristown, NJ Small education, wetland conservation 143 miles NE Historic municipal garden: informal Chester, NJ Small gardens, rare plants, forested areas 138 miles NE Historic preservation, education, native Summit, NJ Medium plants 131 miles NE

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