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May 5, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information Debbi Borg 402.287.2748 Lori Luebbe 402.441.3239

Nebraska Soybean Growers Express Concern About Biodiesel Production Trends
Soybean growers say Obama directive is a good start in building confidence and investment in industry.
LINCOLN, NE—The past 24 hours have been a bad news/good news scenario for the nation’s biodiesel industry and the soybean growers who support it. Yesterday, bleak statistics regarding the nation’s biodiesel production were released. Today, President Obama issued a directive to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to “immediately begin refinancing of existing investment in renewable fuels as needed to preserve jobs in ethanol and biodiesel plants…” The directive went to add that biofuels have generated hundreds of thousands of new green jobs and “generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues for local, state and federal governments.” The President’s directive came as welcome news to Nebraska’s soybean producers. “We’re at risk of losing the only domestically produced fuel for diesel engines in this nation,” said Debbie Borg, an Allen, Nebraska soybean producer and president of the Nebraska Soybean Association. “We hope the President’s directive leads to an increased emphasis on domestic biofuels that results in much-needed policies to generate investment and confidence in biodiesel production.”

A news release issued yesterday by the National Biodiesel Board noted that commercial biodiesel production fell to 30 million gallons in March 2009. “If this trend continues, we’ll be moving back to 2006 production levels—and that is counterproductive in terms of reducing our dependence on

imported energy sources to fuel the trucks and equipment that make this nation’s economy run,” Borg said. “Biodiesel is the only commercial available advanced biofuel as defined by the federal government, yet many biodiesel plants sit idle—and at least 20 have simply gone out of business,” she added. “Lack of a long-term tax incentive program and the absence of a federal renewable fuels standard for biodiesel are causing serious issues in terms of financing and general confidence in the biodiesel industry.”

Renewable, domestically produced energy offers considerable benefits in terms of economic development, energy security and job creation, Borg said. “If America truly wants to create a foundation for long-term economic strength and security—and is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions—we need to continue investing in biofuels. America’s soybean farmers stand ready to meet the challenge as we always have.”

The Nebraska Soybean Association is a not-for-profit membership organization created in 1969 to provide soybean farmers in Nebraska with legislative representation and advocacy at the state level. NSA is affiliated with the American Soybean Association (ASA). NSA members are also members of ASA, which is a national, not-for-profit, grassroots membership organization that develops and implements policies to increase the profitability of its members and the entire soybean industry. To learn more, visit or For biodiesel questions, visit the National Biodiesel Board at


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