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RESUME EDUCATION: Ph.D. Expected Graduation 12/06 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Natural Resources, Human Dimensions Specialization M.S. 2002 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Natural Resources, Climatology Focus B.S. 2000 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Natural Resources, Environmental Studies Major PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Graduate Teaching Assistant, UNL School of Natural Resources, Lincoln, NE, 01/06 – Present I am gaining very valuable teaching experience this semester by assisting Dr. Gary Lynne with the Ecological Economics graduate course. Graduate Research Assistant, National Drought Mitigation Center, Lincoln, NE, 09/03 – Present Responsibilities include maintaining a daily drought news service and conducting research related to my PhD dissertation project. The central focus of my dissertation project is drought. Agricultural and livestock producer’s perceptions of and responses to drought have been studied over several decades on the Great Plains. The project will again look at these perceptions and responses, based heavily on two previous studies conducted in 1966 and 1985, providing a valuable longitudinal study. A large number of direct and indirect impacts are experienced by businesses, communities, and individuals, as well. Some of those impacts, particularly social impacts, have not been well researched on the Great Plains, and will be considered in the study. Staff, High Plains Regional Climate Center, Lincoln, NE, 01/03 – 08/03 Responsibilities include creation of the “Climate and Weather Data Clearinghouse” (, which is associated with the High Plains Regional Climate Center website ( The clearinghouse project was instigated as a result of recommendations from my Masters Thesis research, which is discussed below. The website is designed to be a user-friendly way to find, access, and utilize climate and weather data. Graduate Research Assistant, High Plains Regional Climate Center, Lincoln, NE, 01/01 – 12/02 I was employed as a graduate research assistant by the High Plains Regional Climate Center while I worked on my Masters program. My thesis research explored the use of climate and weather data by planners and decisionmakers working with water resources in Nebraska. I designed and mailed a survey, compiled and analyzed results, and conducted personal interviews across the state. Based on observations (survey respondents and interviewees had questions concerning data availability, data sources, data interpretation, integration of data into planning and decision-making processes, data accuracy, and specialized equipment), the website discussed above was developed. VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Nebraska Symposium on Interdisciplinary Graduate Science Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Steering Committee member; 1st Annual Symposium, 04/05 – 09/05 Because collaboration between different fields of science is becoming increasingly important, the NeInSci group was formed to promote collaboration between University of Nebraska graduate students to develop interdepartmental dialogue and encourage the process of establishing professional relationships. Graduate students from ten disciplines were given the opportunity to discuss their research with other students and faculty and present their research in oral and poster sessions. The symposium was held on September 27, 2005. Changing Natural Landscapes: Ecological and Human Dimensions, Lincoln, NE Conference Planning Committee member, 06/04 – 09/05 This 32nd annual conference was co-hosted by the Natural Areas Association and the Lincoln-based Center for Great Plains Studies. The conference theme was changing natural landscapes as they affect and are affected by human activities. The conference was held from September 21-24, 2005. University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources External Advisory Committee Advisory Committee member, 09/04 – Present

This committee is composed of a diverse group of members from the private sector, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the University of Nebraska who are interested in the future of natural resource education in the School of Natural Resources. University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources Graduate Committee Graduate Committee position: Graduate Student Representative, 05/04 – Present I am serving my second term as the School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association Representative to the Graduate Committee. I very much enjoy this position, as it gives me the chance to network with faculty, be more aware of what is going on within the school, and to act as a liaison between graduate students and the school. University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association Board Board position: Graduate Student Representative to Graduate Committee; 05/04 – Present I was part of a core group that re-established the Graduate Student Association in early 2004. I played an active part in writing the constitution. I am serving my second term as a board member. University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources Five-Year Review Team, 09/03 As an active member of the review team, I attended all sessions, discussed material with team members, and participated in the formation of recommendations to administration, faculty, and staff. The experience gave me the opportunity to network with professionals from various universities and government agencies. PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Drought Planning Workshop, Flagstaff, AZ, 06/04 This workshop was intended for the American Indian Tribes of the Lower Colorado region. I attended the workshop as one of several representatives from the National Drought Mitigation Center. Nebraska Climate Education and Extension Program (CEEP) Workshop, Grand Island, NE, 03/04 Presented the Climate and Weather Data Clearinghouse to extension personnel and demonstrated how it could be useful to their clients. 28th Hazards Research and Applications Workshop, Boulder, CO, 07/03 Participated in the workshop as one of three panel members in a discussion session dealing with drought and social learning. Each panel member gave a brief presentation before general discussion and questions from the group. 83rd American Meteorological Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, 02/03 Presented the findings of my Masters Thesis in the Symposium on Impacts of Water Variability. Thesis Research travel, Nebraska, Spring and Summer, 2002 Conducted 32 face-to-face interviews with planners and decision-makers working with water resources to determine use of climate and weather data on the job. EXPERIENCE AND PROFICIENCY:

Undergraduate and graduate coursework has given me experience in meteorology, climatology, hydrology, GIS, remote sensing, policy and planning, and research statistics. I designed a survey and analyzed the results for my Masters Thesis project. Technical writing was employed during coursework and in my Masters Thesis. I am currently designing a survey/interview instrument for my dissertation project. I have taken Grant Writing training

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