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					New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NE-HERC) Executive Summary
The Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity at Harvard University is developing the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NE-HERC) to help address issues related to academic recruitment, particularly the dual career challenge. One central aspect of the NE-HERC is a web-based search engine that includes listings for all jobs, both faculty and staff, at all member institutions and is available at no charge to anyone seeking employment in higher education. Through the sharing of information and resources, the NE-HERC aims to support member institutions in attracting outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff. The centrality of job postings and regional resources as well as the website’s ability to accommodate dualcareer searches distinguishes NE-HERC from other employment websites. HERC was created in Northern California with Stanford, Berkeley, and University of California campuses as lead institutions and now has 35 member institutions. Southern California and New Jersey have since adopted the model and the regional websites can be viewed at:,, and With a combined total of 90 campuses since its creation in 2000, HERC has been recognized by several leading publications including The Chronicle of Higher Education and Women in Higher Education for its efforts in improving academic recruiting. Although New England is home to more than 240 accredited academic institutions, there is no single resource that provides a comprehensive listing of job opportunities in higher education. Harvard is funding the initial start-up expenses and ongoing coordination of the NEHERC. Modeled after the existing HERCs, an affordable three-tiered fee structure based on full-time student enrollment will be implemented for member institutions. Members will be responsible for uploading faculty and staff job listings to the shared website. All members will be prominently featured on the NE-HERC website and have unlimited access to posting open positions. Once the website is launched, members will have the opportunity to convene several times a year to exchange information on best practices and potential candidates, as well as to help shape the future direction of the NE-HERC. A letter of inquiry has been sent to more than 240 accredited institutions in higher education in New England. Harvard is hosting a meeting on January 26, 2006 with representatives from interested institutions to assess regional needs, recruitment challenges, membership, fee structure, and how to best support New England institutions in recruiting top talent. To date, seventy institutions have expressed interest in joining the NE-HERC and the anticipated launch date is the spring of 2006. For more information, please contact: Jackie Hogan, NE-HERC Project Manager, 617-495-9154 or

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