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									Pupil First Language
Definition of First Language
A pupil’s first language is defined as any language other than English that a child was exposed to during early development and continues to be exposed to in the home or community. If a child was exposed to more than one language (which may include English) during early development, a language other than English should be recorded, irrespective of the child’s proficiency in English. In the case of an older pupil who is no longer exposed to the first language at home, and who now uses another language, the school should consult with the pupil or parent to determine which language should be recorded. Please tick one box from the list of languages below to indicate the first language of the pupil named below Forename Language Afrikaans Albanian/Shqip Arabic (Any Other) Arabic (Algeria) Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Sudan) Arabic (Yemen) Armenian Bengali (Any Other) Bengali (Sylheti) British Sign Language Bulgarian Caribbean Creole English Caribbean Creole French Chinese (Any Other) Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese (Hokkien/Fujianese) Chinese (Hakka) Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua) Welsh/Cymraeg Czech Danish Dutch/Flemish English Estonian Finnish French Gaelic/Irish Gaelic (Scotland) German Greek (Any Other) Greek (Cyprus) Gujarati Hungarian Hindi Igala Igbo Itsekiri Icelandic Italian (Any Other) Italian (Napoletan) Italian (Sicilian) Japanese Kashmiri Surname Code AFK ALB ARAA ARAG ARAI ARAM ARAS ARAY ARM BNGA BNGS BSL BUL CCE CCF CHIA CHIC CHIH CHIK CHIM CYM CZE DAN DUT ENG* EST FIN FRN GAE GAL GER GREA GREC GUJ HGR HIN IGA IGB ISK ISL ITAA ITAN ITAS JPN KAS Class/Form Language Korean Kurdish Luganda Lithuanian Latvian Malayalam Mauritian/Seychelles Creole Ndebele (South Africa) Ndebele (Zimbabwe) Nepali Pashto/Pakhto Panjabi (Any Other) Panjabi (Gurmukhi) Panjabi (Mirpuri) Panjabi (Pothwari) Polish Portuguese (Any Other) Portuguese (Brazil) Refused Romany/English Romanes Russian Bosnian Croatian Serbian Scots Shona Sign Language (Other) Slovak Slovenian Somali Spanish Sardinian Swedish Tamil Filipino Tagalog Thai Traveller Irish/ Shelta Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese West-African Creole Portugese West-African Pidgin English Yoruba Code KOR KUR LGA LIT LTV MLM MSC NDBS NDBZ NEP PAT PNJA PNJG PNJM PNJP POL PORA PORB REF RME RUS SCBB SCBC SCBS SCO SHO SIO SLO SLV SOM SPA SRD SWE TAM TGLF TGLG THA TRI TUR UKR URD VIE WCP WPE YOR

If the pupil’s first language is not in the above list please write it in this box:
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