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The PAH journey so far: It was agreed to initially have 2 showcase wards – Harvey Ward and Henry Moore Unit were chosen. Work on these two areas commenced on 2nd February 2009. The aim is to roll out the programme to a further 2 wards every 4 months. The Productive Ward programme is building on all the work that has been undertaken through Ward Standardisation. Communication Included: Project Initiation Document High level Project Plan Ward Project Plan In Touch Patient Leaflets on ward Regular ward meetings (Harvey and Henry Moore) Drop in Sessions Information Leaflets for HMU & Harvey staff Presentation to Patient Forum meeting – engagement of a patient representative (Cathy Gooding) Presentation to Nutrition Steering group Presentation to Dieticians Meeting with Risk dept, PALs, Infection Control team, Matrons, PDT, N&M There are 11 modules in total. We have started on the 3 foundations modules that the Institute recommend. Foundation Modules: 1. Knowing How We are Doing (KHWD) A measures board has been designed which will include following data:  Last patient fall  Last patient pressure injury  Last MRSA bacteraemia  Last C Diff infection  Compliance with Body Map tool  Compliance with hand hygiene  % Accurate patient observations  Time spend on direct patient care  % pts going home on estimated discharge date  Length of Stays  Cost per patient spell D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98e8bb17-66be-4fd9-bfbf-607cef82c564.doc

Some base line data has been collected. This includes an “activity follow” of a band 5 and band 2 nurse, for a total of 12 hours, to identify how much time is spent on direct patient care. The results are currently being collated and should be available by Trust Board Meeting on 26th February. Harvey: Band 5 ……..% Direct Pt Care Time Band 2 ……..% Direct Pt Care Time Henry Moore: Band 5………% Direct Pt Care Time Band 2………% Direct Pt Care Time 2. Well Organised Ward (WOW) A „Waste Walk‟ has been completed in both areas and shared with staff. This consists of walking and videoing all areas in the ward to identify where processes and the environment may need to be reviewed, changed or upgraded. 3. Patient Status at a glance (PSAG) There is a need to audit the use and effectiveness of the white boards and patient information placed above beds. The aim of this is to share up to date and relevant information with appropriate personnel, without compromising privacy and dignity, to enhance the patient experience. The whole programme uses a „bottom up‟ approach, and to facilitate the Productive Ward will utilise funds to employ an NHSP nurse to backfill. This will enable the ward staff to carry out the necessary work to complete the modules. Plans are underway to recruit to a fixed term post to facilitate future backfill.


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