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ANNUAL MEETING NE CHAPTER OF NAHRO Embassy Suites, Omaha, NE September 18, 2008 12:35 P.M. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER President Rick Ruzicka called the meeting of the Nebraska Chapter of NAHRO to order at the Embassy Suites, Omaha, Nebraska. ROLL CALL Secretary Joy Hill confirmed that a quorum was present of the NE NAHRO members. Roll Call was taken by sign-in as members entered the meeting room. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Chris Lamberty moved that the agenda be approved, Paulette Pool seconded the motion. The President called for a vote. Motion carried. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Starla Andersen moved to approve the minutes of the last Annual Meeting of September 20, 2007 as presented. Sue Kleider seconded the motion. The President called for a vote. Motion carried. APPROVAL OF TREASURER’S REPORT Treasurer Jeanne Janssen provided a written Treasurer’s Report with an August balance of $60,696.21, Money Market funds of $30,253.06, and CDs of $73,006.52. Cindy Naber moved to accept the report as presented. Arson Rayford seconded the motion. The President called for a vote. Motion carried. STATE SERVICE OFFICER’S REPORT State Service Officer Heather Looper provided a written report and reviewed the trainings held during the year, and expressed appreciation to sit in on the trainings. She is now working on the upcoming State Conferences. Sally Wilson moved to accept the SSO Report, Peggy Krause seconded the motion. The President called for a vote, Motion carried. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Rick Ruzicka welcomed everyone to the Conference and thanked OHA, Director Stan Timm, and Rachelle Tucker for their hard work in presenting such a great conference. President Ruzicka encouraged attendance at the upcoming conferences and the trainings that are being presented by NE NAHRO. Gary of

Kearney moved to accept the President’s Report, Stan Timm seconded the motion. The President called for a vote, Motion carried.

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS 2008 NE NAHRO Conference Report, Omaha – Stan Timm Stan encouraged attendance at the Zoo Reception being held during the conference. The theme for this conference was “Cornerstone for our Communities through Housing”. Stan stated that the 2011 Regional NAHRO Conference will be held at Omaha and encouraged attendance. Stan thanked the NE NAHRO Board Members for their assistance to OHA in preparing for the conference and he thanked and asked the membership to recognize all the OHA Staff members for their work on the 2008.ference.Rachelle stated that Omaha is looking forward to hosting the Conference in 2008. 2009 NE NAHRO Conference Report, Scottsbluff – Nancy Bentley Nancy gave a report on the upcoming conference, theme Pioneering New Challenges in Housing, and encouraged attendance at Scottsbluff. 2010 NE NAHRO Conference Report, South Sioux City – Cindy Sahlfeld Cindy gave a report on the upcoming conference and stated that planning has begun and the conference will be held at the beautifully Marina Inn. She encouraged Directors to volunteer to help on the Planning Committee for 2010. Commissioner – Julie Owen Julie Owen stated that NE NAHRO has five Trainers in place to help Commissioners learn their roles within the Housing Authority. She encouraged Executive Directors to encourage their Agency’s Commissioners to attend any one of the trainings or set up one for their agency. Professional Development- Sue Kleider Sue Kleider gave a written report and gave a brief overview of upcoming trainings through NE NAHRO. Housing/Legislative – Chris Lamberty Chris Lamberty gave a written report and asked that any concerns with legislation be given to him. He attended the NAHRO Legislative Conference in Washington, DC and stated that the NE NAHRO Board had renewed the lobbyist contract so he will be watching legislation within the State and addressing that with the lobbyists. . Community Development- Nancy Bentley Nancy gave a written report and discussed alternate sources of funding that Agencies should consider.

Member Services – Charlotte Erickson Charlotte gave a written report in the packet. President Ruzicka stated that the Committee had put out an Agency Directory and were working on the Dues Structures. Maintenance – Rick Liehl Rick gave a report. He stated that a Maintenance Conference had been held at Lexington with 50 attending and good vendor turnout. 2009 Maintenance Conference will be in Fremont with January being their first planning meeting. The Conference will be held either at the end of April or the first part of June with a 3-day conference. He asked Directors for their support in sending staff to the conference. OTHER BUSINESS NCRC/National Legislative Network Report NCRC President Sheila Miller thanked the Committee for their hard work on the 2008 Conference. She also thanked the Omaha HUD Office for their help and assistance to the Nebraska agencies during the year. She stated that NAHRO will celebrate its 75th Anniversary beginning in October at National Conference. She gave a brief overview of NAHRO and its assistance to agencies. Sheila encouraged attendance at the Legislative Conferences in Washington DC by Directors. Sheila stated that there will be a Poster Contest for the Anniversary year and encouraged agencies to send their poster entries to Nancy Bentley in Scottsbluff by October 2nd. They will have to be forwarded to Washington DC by October 10th for the judging. She also encouraged continued support of National NAHRO by Nebraska agencies. President Ruzicka apologized that Joan Bertolini’s name was not included under past presidents of NE NAHRO in the program. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to come before the Board, Chris Lamberty moved to adjourn, Paulette Pool seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned in due form.

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