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									Getting started – Part 1 Pampered Chef – New Consultant notes – what you can do whilst you are waiting for your demonstration kit to arrive
I am sure you are excited and a little bit nervous at the prospect of getting started as a Pampered Chef Consultant, but don’t worry we all felt the same and we are all here to help you every step of the way. You will have put six show dates on your kit application form, but don’t stop there, try to arrange as many shows as possible to get you off to a great start. Remember you will be rewarded with Level 1 of Super Starter Bonus Products to add to your kit if you submit 4 shows within your first 30 days from the date your welcome letter arrives from Head Office. To be guaranteed to achieve this try to have 6 shows booked during your first 30 days. It is better to have a couple of extra shows booked just in case one of your friends has to postpone her show for any reason. Any additional shows you submit in your first 30 days will automatically be carried forward to the following months Super Starter Bonus so you can see that getting off to a roaring start makes a lot of sense, so if you need a few more shows get on the phone to your friends and start to fill your diary. If possible try to book several shows fairly close to each other in the early days, this way your confidence will build rapidly, you will not have time to forget things in between each show and you should have enough sales to help you achieve your extra super starter bonuses!

You will need to get a few things ready for your first show:
1. A float of around £15 is useful as some customers may want to pay by cash. 2. A small plastic washing up bowl or small crate/toy box that you can take with you to put all your dirty tools and food rubbish in. I have one that fits inside my Pampered Chef crate so it takes up little room. I also have a small plastic jug containing a damp washing up sponge and a little water, I have this in my washing up crate for wiping the table and mopping up any mess! A few old plastic carrier bags are useful to take with you for food debris! 3. Clipboards or folders and pens (you’ll need about 15 – 20 of these). You will need to give each guest an order form, personally I find clipboards easier as I think it is easier for guests to rest on their knee rather than paper folders but you can always invest in these at a later stage. 4. Sticky labels and address stamp – You’ll need the labels for the back of your catalogues and the address stamp for the order forms. I use a company called Viking (call 0800-424444 for a catalogue), or ‘Able Labels’ 0870 444 2733 or see the website You can have labels pre printed but personally I buy blank labels and run them through our computer printer. Of course you can just write on the catalogues and order forms but this is very time consuming.

5. A calculator and a ring binder – you will need a calculator to add up the guest orders – don’t worry you do not have to be good at maths! A ring binder to store copies of orders after the show. 6. I found a cardboard concertina file very useful, they are only cheap and you can put your stationery in each section, it is worth getting organised from day one! 7. When you run out of stationery and you need to order some more, you can also order packs of draw prizes for a minimal cost (recipe books, mini serving spatulas etc) to give out to the winner of the prize draw at the end of the show. 8. Watch the training DVD that comes in your starter kit several times and make yourself some crib cards or notes to have with you at your first few shows. 9. Do a couple of practice shows in your own home (to a non existent audience)! This will help you with your presentation! 10. Attend another cooking show if possible before you start so that you can see it from the other side of the apron! – feel free to make notes or help out especially with working out the points at the end. 11. If you have not already done so you will need to apply for your Pampered Plastic Debit Card, (you can do this before your kit arrives – speak to your recruiter). There is no charge for this service but it IS required in order to use the Pampered Chef online Ordering System ‘I Partner’. You may prefer to use an existing account or many new consultants like to open a separate or new account for this purpose (do not ask for a business account or you will be charged)! This is something you can be arranging whilst you are waiting for your kit to arrive as it takes a few days to process and you want to be sure to have your card ready in time for processing your orders. For details speak to your recruiter. 12. Make sure you have the dates of your Cluster Meetings and New Consultant Training in your diary and plan to be at both. As you progress in your business you may of course miss the occasional meeting but in the early days the training you receive at both of these is vital. 13. I have a fantastic resource centre with loads of copies of standard letters that you can use or modify so do visit this and have fun looking at the photos, recipes, training notes etc.

Above all don’t panic, have fun with your business and feel free to call me or email me as many times as your like to ask ANY questions, I will be your business mentor from day one and I am only too pleased to be able to help you! May I wish you every success!
Alex Goodwin Senior Director


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