; April 7_ 2008 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes
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April 7_ 2008 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes


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									City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 105

April 7, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008
A regular meeting of the Council of The Corporation of the City of Waterloo was held on April 7, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 100 Regina Street South, Waterloo, Ontario.


Mayor Halloran Councillor Witmer Councillor Scian Councillor Vieth Councillor Freeman Councillor Whaley Councillor d’Ailly Councillor McLean


No disclosure of pecuniary interest was declared by any member of Council at this point in the meeting. 2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES (March 3, 2008 – Committee of the Whole)

Moved by Councillor Witmer, seconded by Mayor Halloran: “That the minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting held on March 3, 2008 be approved as printed.” Carried Unanimously

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 106

April 7, 2008



Krista Walkey, Policy Planner, reviewed the report and responded to questions from Council. Ms. Walkey advised that staff recommend that the current Official Plan designations and zoning provisions remain in place and that there be no land use changes for the subject area. Joe Somfay spoke in opposition to the staff recommendations and noted that the preliminary study results indicate that the existing housing stock is up to 96% student occupied. Mr. Somfay suggested that the student occupied precincts surrounding the University campuses should be considered as special “nodes” and promoted for higher density with other supportive uses. He further noted that the free market economy will self-regulate the speed of development without keeping zoning at a low density and recommend that the City. Miroslaw Zalewski referred to the area as a community in crisis and voiced his opposition to the staff recommendation. Mr. Zalewski proposed a new vision for the neighbourhood as a mixed-use area providing housing for students, professionals and technology workers and requested that Council participate in shaping the neighbourhood for the betterment of all. Terry Dorscht spoke in opposition to the staff recommendation, advising that the majority of properties are tenant occupied and the area has become unattractive to families due to influences such as the dominance of tenants over homeowners, the widening of Columbia Street, the closing of elementary schools and results of the Height and Density Study which converted two blocks into higher density zoning. Mr. Dorscht indicated that higher density zoning would help keep the neighbourhood vibrant and advised that he supports further land use study to create a model of modern urban neighbourhood to serve the present and future needs of the residents of Waterloo. Michael Carmody informed Council that families were moving out of the study area and expressed concern that maintaining the status quo will create a student ghetto within five years. Mr. Carmody indicated that the City needs an area of increased zoning and that the neighbourhood could become an intelligently designed area that provides affordable, eco-friendly housing for University and technology workers, students and seniors. Mr.Carmody requested that Council reject the staff recommendations. Councillor Witmer left the meeting. (Time: 7:22 p.m.)

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 107

April 7, 2008

Ken Munson stated that the neighbourhood was originally a balance of long-term residents and students; however, the neighbourhood population has since shifted to primarily students. He noted that reurbanization would be a catalyst for community improvement and is supported by the objectives of Plan It! Waterloo and the draft Region of Waterloo Reurbanization Community Improvement Plan, and that the development of townhouses and condominiums would attract technology workers and correct the student imbalance. Mr. Munson requested that the land use study continue. Councillor Witmer returned to the meeting. (Time: 7:30 p.m.)

Joan Fuller spoke in opposition to the staff recommendations and indicated that the area is no longer a family neighbourhood due to the lack of family-oriented facilities and the predominance of student tenants and absentee landlords. Ms. Fuller requested that a land use study be done in the area and presented Council with a petition asking Council to reject the conclusions of Staff Report DS-08-17 and to initiate a land use study regarding the appropriateness of the current zoning Corbett Ball noted that staff had confirmed that Council cannot control the type of residents in a neighbourhood, but suggested it is not logical to conclude that by changing nothing, something will change. Mr. Ball expressed concern that the study was not as multi-faceted as it could have been and did not address the question of what will happen to homes on Hickory and Hazel Streets. Donald Foell indicated that there should be gradual types of development from one zone to another and noted his concern that the current zoning places single family homes beside multi-residential developments. Mr. Foell also expressed concern about illegal rental unites, absentee landlords and by-law enforcement issues related to parking, noise, parties, etc. George Hunsberger expressed his disagreement with the recommendations in the staff report and voiced support for the comments made by Mr. Dorscht and Mr. Ball. Moved by Councillor d’Ailly, seconded by Councillor Vieth: “That DS-08-17 be approved and that the current Official Plan designations and the Zoning provisions remain in place for the Columbia Street, University Avenue, King Street and Lester Street area and that there be no land use changes for the area shown on Map 1 to Report DS08-17.” Motion Carried 5 Voting in Favour 2 Voting in Opposition (COUNCILLOR WITMER) (COUNCILLOR WHALEY)

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 108

April 7, 2008

Moved by Councillor d’Ailly, seconded by Mayor Halloran: “That staff provide a Briefing Note to Council to outline what can be done to promote the vision communicated by the residents to promote change in the area, and provide Council with a list of available options.” Motion Carried 6 Voting in Favour 1 Voting in Opposition (COUNCILLOR WHALEY) Meeting recessed. Meeting reconvened. Councillor Witmer left the meeting b) DS-08-19 (8:48 p.m.) (9:00 p.m.) (9:00 p.m.)


Don Roth, Policy Planner, reviewed the report and responded to questions from Council. Mike Milovich, Representative from the Waterloo Region Apartment Management Association, spoke in opposition to the staff recommendations and noted that  maintenance standards are already enforceable under the Building Code, Fire Code and Property Standards By-Law  rent rebates are available to tenants when standards are not maintained  rental housing licensing would increase the cost of housing and add another layer of bureaucracy  the City already has a lodging house licensing program in place Mr. Milovich requested that Council to abandon the proposed rental housing licensing review. Asad Saji questioned whether the review would be concerned with the number of residents in a dwelling or the number of bedrooms in a dwelling, if a City of Waterloo bylaw would be based on the City of Oshawa by-law and indicated concern about enforcement implications and potential licensing costs to landlords. He also questioned whether a current lodging house licence is a right or a privilege for the owner and whether restitution would be made if a licence is revoked.

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 109

April 7, 2008

Moved by Councillor d’Ailly, seconded by Councillor Scian: “That DS-08-19 be approved and that Council approve the attached Terms of Reference to Report DS-08018 and direct staff to initiate the Rental Housing Licensing Review.” Carried Unanimously



Susan Greatrix, City Clerk, advised that notice of the formal public meeting was advertised in the Waterloo Chronicle on March 19, 2009 and mailed on March 19, 2008 to all property owners within 120 metres of the subject lands, to all persons who signed in or spoke at the November 19, 2007 Informal Public Hearing, to all public agencies and to all persons requesting further notice. Trevor Hawkins reviewed the report, advised Council that the applicant has submitted an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board and responded to questions from Council. Chris Pidgeon, GSP Group, reviewed the application by Spring Valley Incorporated for a four storey, 26-unit apartment building, comprising maximum 78 bedrooms in 1 to 3 bedroom units, cantilevered over 26 parking spaces to be provided at grade with access to the rear laneway. Mr. Pidgeon noted that:  the 10.5 height of the proposed would have no additional impacts to the adjacent properties than would occur under the current zoning  the neighbourhood has been converted to student accommodation and investment can only occur through increased density to make dwellings safe and conform with current living standards  the site is immediately adjacent to Nodes and Corridors and consists of predominately student accommodation  the property is within the central transit corridor and immediately adjacent to an area recommended for a reduced parking ratio of 1 space per dwelling  the request for a reduced setback would have little impact on the adjacent 5-unit apartment building Mr. Pidgeon requested that the staff recommendation be overturned and the application be approved.

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 110

April 7, 2008

Predrag Borjanic informed Council that he was the landlord of a rental property on Fir Street, and supported the proposed application, noting the location is close to the Universities, is a student neighbourhood and the development would provide modern accommodations for students. John Ioannou advised that he was the owner of two rental properties on Fir and Hickory Streets, and advised that he supports the application under consideration and the future re-zoning of he neighbourhood to allow higher density. Mr. Ioannou presented with a petition stating that general area is mainly used for student rental housing, lodging houses and households in the form of single and duplex residences, and suggesting that the area redevelop with denser student accommodation. Sam Vranes expressed his support for the applicant, noting the location is within walking distance of the Universities and makes sense for the proposed development. Corbett Ball expressed his support for the application. There being no one else speaking in favour or in opposition to the application, the Chair concluded the formal public meeting. Moved by Councillor d’Ailly, seconded by Councillor McLean: “That DS-08-06 be approved and 1) that Official Plan Amendment No. 69 and Zoning By-law Amendment Z07-08, Spring Village Incorporated, for the properties known municipally as 21, 23 and 25 Fir Street, be denied; and 2) that Waterloo City Council advise the Ontario Municipal Board that it does not support Official Plan Amendment No. 69 or Zoning By-law Amendment Z-07-08.” Motion Carried 5 Voting in Favour 1 Voting in Opposition (COUNCILLOR WHALEY) 5. STAFF REPORTS (continued) a) PS2008-07 TOWN AND GOWN COMMITTEE REPORT 2007 Prepared By: Kaye Crawford

Information Kaye Crawford, Manager, Community Development, reviewed the report and responded to questions by Council.

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 111

April 7, 2008



Moved by Councillor McLean, seconded by Councillor Vieth: “That PS/Bylaw Report #2008-5 be approved and that Council grants an exemption to the City of Waterloo Noise By-law #78-79 to permit Wilfrid Laurier’s Students’ Union (WLUSU) to host their annual year-end celebration on Saturday, April 26, 2008 from 9:00 pm to 1:10 am.” Carried Unanimously


April 7, 2008 Information



NOTICE OF MOTION a) Councillor Vieth – Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Drinking Water Study

Councillor Vieth gave notice that she will request Council to consider a resolution at the Financial and Strategic Planning Committee meeting on April 14, 2008 with respect to a review of the Safe Drinking Water Act by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in conjunction with Health Canada consultations to revise the technical support document for the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guideline for fluoride. 7. COMMUNICATIONS AND CORRESPONDENCE a) Briefing Note: RLS: Cemetery Services: Parkview Infant & Child Section Information

City of Waterloo, Committee of the Whole Meeting

Minutes Page 112

April 7, 2008


QUESTIONS a) Councillor McLean – Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative Funding (MIII) – Father David Bauer Drive

In response to Councillor McLean, Tim Anderson, General Manager of Public Works Services, advised that the MIII grant of $265,000.00 will fund the cost of extending the re-paving of Father David Bauer Drive across the front of the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (WMRC), including the crosswalk painting in front of the WMRC. Mr. Anderson advised that the remaining section of Father David Bauer Drive between the WMRC and Erb Street will be completed in conjunction with the development of the former Canbar lands. b) Councillor McLean – MacGregor Albert Heritage Conservation District

Councillor McLean requested that a brief presentation on the MacGregor Albert Heritage Conservation District be scheduled for the Council meeting on April 21st, 2008 to celebrate the designation of the City’s first Heritage Conservation District and to acknowledge the efforts of Municipal Heritage Committee members and residents. Councillor d’Ailly indicated he would advise the Municipal Heritage Committee of Councillor McLean request at the Committee’s meeting on April 9, 2008. 9. ADJOURNMENT

Moved by Mayor Halloran, seconded by Councillor Scian: “That the meeting adjourn.” (Time: 10:30 p.m.) Carried Unanimously

READ AND APPROVED this 5th day of May, 2008

Councillor Freeman, Chair


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