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Books Books Author's surname follllowed by the forename iin fullll,, not just iiniitiialls Author's surname fo owed by the forename n fu not just n t a s Book tiitlle,, underlliined.. Allll words to begiin wiith a capiitall lletter except for words such Book t t e under ned A words to beg n w th a cap ta etter except for words such as a,, of,, iin,, the,, from,, etc as a of n the from etc Pllace of publliicatiion P ace of pub cat on Publliisher Pub sher Year of Publliicatiion Year of Pub cat on FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Bernheiimer,, Charlles.. Fllaubert and Kafka:: Studiies iin Psychopoetiic Structure.. New Bernhe mer Char es F aubert and Kafka Stud es n Psychopoet c Structure New Haven:: Yalle Uniiversiity Press,, 1982.. Haven Ya e Un vers ty Press 1982

Journall artiiclles Journa art c es Author's surname follllowed by forename iin fullll Author's surname fo owed by forename n fu Tiitlle of artiiclle,, encllosed iin quotatiion marks.. Allll words iin tiitlle iin capiitalls except for T t e of art c e enc osed n quotat on marks A words n t t e n cap ta s except for smallll connectiing words sma connect ng words Tiitlle of journall,, underlliined T t e of journa under ned Vollume number.. Part number,, iif avaiillablle Vo ume number Part number f ava ab e Year of publliicatiion,, iin parentheses Year of pub cat on n parentheses Page number(s) Page number(s) FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Siimpson,, Roger.. "Buiilldiing Arthuriian Castlles iin Spaiin.." Arthuriiana,, 11..4 (2001):: 77S mpson Roger "Bu d ng Arthur an Cast es n Spa n " Arthur ana 11 4 (2001) 7787.. 87

Websiites Webs tes Tiitlle of the project or database,, underlliined T t e of the project or database under ned Name of ediitor of project/database (iif giiven) Name of ed tor of project/database ( f g ven) Ellectroniic publliicatiion iinformatiion,, iinclludiing versiion number,, date of ellectroniic E ectron c pub cat on nformat on nc ud ng vers on number date of e ectron c publliicatiion or llatest update,, and name of sponsoriing iinstiitutiion or organiizatiion pub cat on or atest update and name of sponsor ng nst tut on or organ zat on Date of access and ellectroniic address Date of access and e ectron c address
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FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Briitanniica Onlliine.. Vers.. 97..1..1 Mar.. 1997.. Encycllopaediia Briitanniica.. 29 Mar.. 1997 Br tann ca On ne Vers 97 1 1 Mar 1997 Encyc opaed a Br tann ca 29 Mar 1997 <http:://> <http //www eb co uk/> However,, iif the ciitatiion iis from a part wiithiin the database,, enter the author and However f the c tat on s from a part w th n the database enter the author and tiitlle as iin a journall artiiclle,, before the websiite iinformatiion t t e as n a journa art c e before the webs te nformat on FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Daniiell,, Robert T.. "The Hiistory of Western Musiic.." Briitanniica Onlliine:: Macropaediia.. Dan e Robert T "The H story of Western Mus c " Br tann ca On ne Macropaed a Encycllopaediia Briitanniica.. Encyc opaed a Br tann ca 14 June,, 1997 <http:://> 14 June 1997 <http //www eb co uk>

E-journalls E-journa s Author’’s surname,, folllowed by forename Author s surname fo owed by forename Tiitlle of artiiclle iin quotatiion marks T t e of art c e n quotat on marks Tiitlle of the journall,, underlliined T t e of the journa under ned Vollume no.. Part no.. Vo ume no Part no Year of publliicatiion Year of pub cat on Page number(s),, iif numbered Page number(s) f numbered Date of access and ellectroniic address Date of access and e ectron c address FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Honiing,, Henkjan.. “From Tiime to Tiime:: The Representatiion of Tiimiing and Tempo..” Hon ng Henkjan “From T me to T me The Representat on of T m ng and Tempo ” Computer Musiic Journall 25..3 (2001).. 12 Jully 2002 <http:://> Computer Mus c Journa 25 3 (2001) 12 Ju y 2002 <http //muse jhu edu/journa s/>

Conference Papers Conference Papers Contriibutiing Author(s) surname,, follllowed by forename Contr but ng Author(s) surname fo owed by forename Tiitlle of paper,, iin quotatiion marks T t e of paper n quotat on marks Tiitlle of conference,, underlliined,, iinclludiing the date and pllace iif avaiillablle T t e of conference under ned nc ud ng the date and p ace f ava ab e Ediitor(s) of Conference Proceediings – forename follllowed by surname Ed tor(s) of Conference Proceed ngs – forename fo owed by surname Pllace of publliicatiion P ace of pub cat on Publliisher Pub sher Year of publliicatiion Year of pub cat on

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Page numbers Page numbers FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Yuan,, Bopiing.. “Is Thematiic-Verb Raiisiing iineviitablle iin the Acquiisiitiion of a Nonnatiive Yuan Bop ng “Is Themat c-Verb Ra s ng nev tab e n the Acqu s t on of a Nonnat ve th Language?” Proceediings of the 24tth Annuall Boston Uniiversiity Conference on Language?” Proceed ngs of the 24 h Annua Boston Un vers ty Conference on Language Devellopment,, I-II.. Ed.. Catheriine S.. Howellll,, Sarah A.. Fiish,, Thea KeiithLanguage Deve opment I-II Ed Cather ne S Howe Sarah A F sh Thea Ke thLucas.. Somerviilllle,, MA:: Cascadiilllla,, 2000.. 797-807.. Lucas Somerv e MA Cascad a 2000 797-807

Theses and Diissertatiions, unpublliished Theses and D ssertat ons, unpub shed Author's name and forename,, iif avaiillablle.. Iniitiialls iif not.. Author's name and forename f ava ab e In t a s f not Tiitlle of thesiis,, iin quotatiion marks T t e of thes s n quotat on marks Descriiptiive llabell - Diiss.. Descr pt ve abe - D ss Name of iinstiitutiion to whiich submiitted,, and year Name of nst tut on to wh ch subm tted and year FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Neiillll,, M.. "Women at work iin Ullster,, 1845-1911.." Diiss.. Queen's Uniiversiity,, Bellfast,, Ne M "Women at work n U ster 1845-1911 " D ss Queen's Un vers ty Be fast 1996.. 1996

Note Publliished diissertatiions shoulld be treated iin the same way as books Note Pub shed d ssertat ons shou d be treated n the same way as books
Viideos, Fiillms or Broadcasts V deos, F ms or Broadcasts Tiitlle,, underlliined T t e under ned Diirector,, and other pertiinent names D rector and other pert nent names Diistriibutor,, year of rellease D str butor year of re ease FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Liike Water for Chocollate [Como Agua para Chocollate].. Screenpllay by Laura L ke Water for Choco ate [Como Agua para Choco ate] Screenp ay by Laura Esquiivell.. Diir.. Allfonso Arau.. Perf.. Lumii Cavazos,, Marco Lombardii,, and Regiina Torne.. Esqu ve D r A fonso Arau Perf Lum Cavazos Marco Lombard and Reg na Torne Miiramax,, 1993.. M ramax 1993

Note TV/Radiio programmes shoulld iincllude tiitlle of epiisode or segment ((iin quotatiion Note TV/Rad o programmes shou d nc ude t t e of ep sode or segment n quotat on
marks),, tiitlle of programme (underlliined),, tiitlle of seriies,, iif any (neiither underlliined marks) t t e of programme (under ned) t t e of ser es f any (ne ther under ned nor iin quotatiion marks),, name of network and broadcast date.. nor n quotat on marks) name of network and broadcast date

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Variiatiions on the generall rulle Var at ons on the genera ru e  Up to three authors - ciite them allll,, iin the order they appear on the tiitlle page of  Up to three authors - c te them a n the order they appear on the t t e page of the oriigiinall document the or g na document  Four or more authors - ciite onlly the fiirst author name follllowed by 'et all..'  Four or more authors - c te on y the f rst author name fo owed by 'et a '  Corporate body (as Harvard variiatiion)  Corporate body (as Harvard var at on)  Seriies - iincllude seriies name,, neiither underlliined nor encllosed iin quotatiion marks,,  Ser es - nc ude ser es name ne ther under ned nor enc osed n quotat on marks and the seriies number,, follllowed by a fullll stop,, before the publliicatiion and the ser es number fo owed by a fu stop before the pub cat on iinformatiion.. nformat on

Referenciing iin your text Referenc ng n your text - How to wriite text references - How to wr te text references When usiing MLA,, the iin-text ciitatiion takes the form of the author's name and the When us ng MLA the n-text c tat on takes the form of the author's name and the page number beiing ciited.. page number be ng c ted FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Wiilllliiams (137-141) compared Italliian and Englliish sonnets W ams (137-141) compared Ita an and Eng sh sonnets OR:: OR In a recent study of mediievall sonnets (Wiilllliiams 137-141) In a recent study of med eva sonnets (W ams 137-141)

If you are quotiing iin the text,, you must iincllude the abbreviiatiion 'qtd..iin' (quoted iin) If you are quot ng n the text you must nc ude the abbrev at on 'qtd n' (quoted n) before the iindiirect source you ciite iin your parenthetiicall reference.. before the nd rect source you c te n your parenthet ca reference FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE Samuell Johnson admiitted that Edmund Burke was an "extraordiinary man" (qtd.. iin Samue Johnson adm tted that Edmund Burke was an "extraord nary man" (qtd n Boswellll 2::450).. Boswe 2 450) If you are quotiing from a lliiterary work whiich coulld be avaiillablle iin severall ediitiions,, iit If you are quot ng from a terary work wh ch cou d be ava ab e n severa ed t ons t iis hellpfull to proviide more detaiills such as chapter number.. s he pfu to prov de more deta s such as chapter number FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE

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Chaucer's purpose iis "the doublle sorwe of Troiillus to tellllen,,/That was the kyng Chaucer's purpose s "the doub e sorwe of Tro us to te en /That was the kyng Priiamus sone of Troye" (1..1-2) Pr amus sone of Troye" (1 1-2) If an author has publliished more than one ciited document,, add the tiitlle of the work If an author has pub shed more than one c ted document add the t t e of the work (iif briief) or a shortened versiion of the tiitlle after the author and before the page ( f br ef) or a shortened vers on of the t t e after the author and before the page number.. number FOR EXAMPLE:: FOR EXAMPLE (Frye,, Doublle Viisiion 85) (Frye Doub e V s on 85) If you have allready stated the author iin the text,, giive onlly tiitlle and page iin If you have a ready stated the author n the text g ve on y t t e and page n parentheses.. If you have allready mentiioned author and tiitlle,, just giive page number parentheses If you have a ready ment oned author and t t e just g ve page number iin parentheses.. n parentheses

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