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									Minutes of the First Ordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 30th April 2007 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. Present: Cllrs Boyd, Ainscow, Compton, Crowley, Eggleton, Jankinson, Smith, Tomlinson; 1 member of the public. Apologies: Cllr Fitchett; SBCllr Dart.

Letter of resignation received from John Remington.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Crowley – planning application for 49 Standen Way.


ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN Cllr Jankinson proposed, Cllr Eggleton seconded, that Cllr Boyd be re-elected; no other nominations. All agreed and Cllr Boyd took the chair.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN Cllr Eggleton proposed, Cllr Crowley seconded, that Cllr Jankinson be re-elected; no other nominations. All agreed.


CO-OPTION OF PARISH COUNCILLOR FOR BAXTER WARD Cllrs unanimously agreed to the co-option of Robert Dobson who duly signed the Declaration forms.


ELECTION OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS/REPS ON OUTSIDE BODIES Hall and Burial Grounds – Cllrs Boyd, Ainscow and Compton. Recreation Areas – Cllrs Eggleton, Fitchett and Jankinson. Education – Cllrs Crowley, Dobson and Jankinson. Policy – Cllrs Ainscow, Crowley, Smith and Tomlinson. Village Traffic Cttee – Cllrs Boyd, Compton, Fitchett and Jankinson. WALC(SAC) – Cllr Compton. AMCFMG – Cllr Tomlinson Police Consultative Cttee – Cllr Tomlinson Public Transport – Cllr Smith. Friends of Groundwell Ridge – Cllr Crowley. Magazine reports/website – Cllr Dobson. Chapel Farm Liaison Group – Cllrs Boyd and Compton. School Governors – Red Oaks: Cllr Crowley, Isambard: it was hoped John Remington would act as PC’s representative. n) Footpaths Liaison Group – Cllr Smith. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m)

6. MINUTES OF THE TWENTY-THIRD ORDINARY MEETING Proposed by Cllr Compton, seconded by Cllr Ainscow, all agreed, that they be accepted as a true record.


MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES a) Widhill Lane – Highways Agency/McAlpines were now checking details of responsibilities of land acquired for By-pass scheme.

b) Lower Village flooding – Cllr Eggleton suggested the Conservation Area officer should be involved with any works to be carried out. c) Planning – details of decisions made incorrectly by delegated powers to be forwarded to contact on the Planning Forum. It was expected that this matter would also be discussed at the next Clerks’ Forum.

d) Tennis Courts – rubbish had been swept to one corner but not removed. Clerk to ask Mark Jones to clear. e) Leaflets – draft still not provided by GN Print though it had been promised that they would be delivered by 4th May. Lamp post – temporary repair carried out.


g) Holdcroft Works planning application – agent had contacted the Clerk to complain that PC had not expressed objections to initial application (with incorrect drawings). SBC had served notice, with effect from 24th April, that 9 separate trees and a row of 8 limes were now protected (TPO No 1 2007). h) One Day Count – several incidents reported. i) A419 lights – RMS advised that lights may not be activated by non-metal engine covering on motorbikes.


PLANNING DECISIONS ADVISED BY SWINDON S07/0403: Conversion of garage to habitable space and erection of a single storey rear SAC extension at: 54 Thresher Drive, Swindon. S07/0566: SAC Erection of a rear conservatory at: 24 Cobbett Close, Abbey Meads. at:

S07/0580: Erection of single storey front and side extensions KIWA Little Coster, Blunsdon Hill. All permitted, with conditions.

17 Sutton Park, Blunsdon – Planning Officer had visited site and stopped works being carried out that were not within permitted development.


PLANNING APPLICATIONS DEPOSITED FOR COMMENT S07/0865: Erection of a first floor side extension SS 49 Standen Way, St Andrew’s Ridge. at:

Cllrs agreed to support as unaware of any planning reasons to object. S07/0917: Erection of single storey extension and new garage at: RM Eldswyn, Kingsdown Lane, Blunsdon. Cllrs agreed to support as unaware of any planning reasons to object. S07/0509: Erection of first floor side and two storey rear extensions KIWA Fowlers Farm Barn, Front Lane, Blunsdon. Cllrs agreed to support as unaware of any planning reasons to object. S07/0749: Siting of a mobile home (retrospective) at: RM Tinkers Peace, Blunsdon Hill. Cllrs agreed to support with condition that mobile home should be removed if applicants leave the property or equestrian use ceases. APPEAL – Siting of mobile home at Tinkers Peace, Blunsdon Hill. Cllrs agreed to reiterate comments of support, subject to conditions as above. at:

APPEAL – Change of use from garage to business use (photographic studio) at 2 Caradon Walk, Oakhurst. Cllrs agreed to reiterate comments of objection. PCllrs were invited to view the latest Stadium proposals, Tuesday 15 th May, 2pm, at the Stadium; agents would be on hand to answer any questions. 10. CORRESPONDENCE a) SBC – Members Bulletin issues 353 and 354. b) SBC – Road Works Lists. c) SBC Planning Cttee agenda 01.05.07. d) SBC Standards Cttee agenda 30.4.07. e) S Electric – countersigned gas contract. f) Communities and Local Govt – revised Model Code of Conduct. g) SBC – Community Assets Consultation. h) WALC County Circular April 2007. i) SBC Planning Enforcement - works to protected tree at 64 High Street. j) Community First – membership 2007/8; First News newsletter. k) SBC – Notification of Admission Arrangements 2008/9. l) Portman B/Soc – Tax Deduction Certificates. m) SBC – Core Strategy poster. n) SBC - Swindon Central Area Action Plan – preferred options paper. o) SBC – SBC – notice of Precept payment. p) WALC – notice of training day for new Councillors. q) Wootton Bassett Town Council – Forest Festival




ROAD ADOPTION ISSUES A resident of Cobbett Close had contacted John Remington regarding delays in SBC adopting the road, apparently due to householders laying stones across and planting areas on the edges of their gardens. The Clerk had made inquiries and ascertained that these areas did not belong to the properties but would form a “service margin” and be part of the highway; until these areas met standards for adoption, ie cleared and turfed, they could not be adopted. It appeared that developers had not made boundary lines clear. SBC’s Agreements Co-ordinator would be dealing with the adoption of Cobbett Close and surrounding roads in next two to three months.


YOUTH FACILITIES UPDATE The Clerk had contacted Nick Thrower, Wilts Alternative Youth Sports co-ordinator: a mobile skateboard park could be hired free of charge with collection from Chippenham (Bob Simpkins would collect/return at £50 per return trip); it would need to be sited on a tarmac area and the most suitable site was agreed as the tennis courts which could be secured between use; Clerk to check if boards could cause any damage to surface; local clubs may offer tuition/supervision Nick informed the Clerk that Aldbourne PC had recently installed a professionally designed and constructed dirt track at a cost of £7,500. He had information on funding sources and offered to attend a meeting to discuss further – Clerk to arrange. Cllr Jankinson had information on teen shelters and funding opportunities.


PARISH MATTERS a) Cllr Jankinson reported that, following his comments about the state of new village centres and lack of community facilities, David Potter, SBC, commented there was a possibility of funds and would arrange a meeting to discuss further.

b) Cllr Eggleton commented on regular parking on pavements around the village. To be included in next

Magazine article. c) Cllr Ainscow reported overgrown hedges alongside School path – Mark Jones was dealing with.

d) Cllr Tomlinson reported on various dangerous issues and unfinished works in park adjacent to Ironstone Close. Ian Halsall, SBC Planning Officer, was dealing with and Clerk to write with PC’s support for action. e) Cllr Tomlinson alerted PCllrs to excessive number of elastic bands dropped by postal delivery people. Agreed these were environmental hazard and waste of resources and Clerk to write to Royal Mail accordingly. Cllr Smith required matter of milestones maintenance. Clerk to chase up Conservation Officer who was going to discuss with Highways Dept.


g) Cllr Smith reported flyposters advertising new David Lloyd Leisure Centre. Clerk to contact SBC. h) Cllr Crowley reported on erosion of edge of Highworth Road, possibly caused by blocked ditches. Clerk to contact SBC. i) j) Cllr Compton had noted glass over pavement from smashed bus shelter near Penhill. Clerk to contact SBC. Cllr Compton reported use of Lady Lane by motorbikes. Clerk to would pass on registration numbers, if obtained, to Police.

k) Cllr Compton reported parked van advertising “half price beds” by Thamesdown Drive – Clerk to contact SBC. l) Cllr Boyd advised that the double cooker in the Village Hall kitchen was dangerous and a replacement was on order.

m) Cllr Boyd reported that the flat roof over the large hall toilets was leaking. A temporary repair by Taylor Roofing would cost £244.40 + VAT. Replacement roof covering to be included in next year’s budget. n) Cllr Boyd advised that quotes for minor maintenance to Village Hall fascia and barge boards were being sought.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

………………………………....... Chairman, 21st May 2007

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