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Tombola ING Card


									ING Auto Tombola offered by ING in aid of Child Focus OFFICIAL REGULATIONS
1. The “European Centre for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children – Child Focus”, a foundation of public utility located at avenue Houba de Strooper 292, 1020 Brussels, hereafter “the Organiser”, is organising, in accordance with the authorisation granted through the royal decree n° III/42/CD.585.13-366 of 26 April 2009, a tombola offered by ING Belgium SA/nv, whose registered office is located at avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels (VAT BE 0403.200.393 – Brussels RPM/RPR), hereafter “ING”. 2. The tombola will run until the signing of the th 100,000 ING Auto contract since the creation of ING Car insurance. Any individual over the age of 18 and domiciled in Belgium can take part in the tombola. Participation in this tombola is only possible in the manner stipulated in these Regulations. The winner will be the person who signs the 100,000th ING Car insurance contract. 3. The prize of this tombola consists of: one TOTAL fuel card credited with an amount of 1,500 euros and valid for 1 year at any TOTAL petrol station in Belgium. The selection of the winner and the awarding of the prize may not be disputed for whatever reason; save for serious or deliberate error on the part of the Organiser or ING. The winner will be notified personally by phone during the week following the signing of the ING Car insurance contract. 4. The prize is not transferable and cannot, under any circumstance, be paid out or converted into cash. 5. The winner of the tombola authorises ING and the other companies of ING Group in Belgium to take and use (i.e. by reproducing and/or making public) his/her photographs and/or personal data (i.e. his/her surname, first name and address) on any media whatever (printed materials, publications, films or videos, etc.) for the purpose of promoting ING or a company of the ING Group in Belgium, and will not be entitled to any remuneration or compensation whatever therefor from ING Belgium and/or such companies. 6. The personal data of participants communicated to ING in connection with the tombola will be processed by ING for the purposes of centralising customer management, the marketing of banking and/or insurance services (i.e. the actual organisation of this tombola) and a global overview of the customer. Such data will be communicated to the other companies of the banking and insurance group ING in the European Union (list available upon request) for the purpose of centralising customer management, marketing (with the exception of e-mail advertising) and a global overview of the customer. Furthermore the data of the winner will be communicated to the Organiser. Participants may check their personal details and have them rectified if necessary. They may also object, upon request and free of charge, to the processing of the data relating to them by ING for the purposes of direct marketing and/or to the communication of such data to the other companies of the group ING in the European Union for the same purposes. For more information about the processing of data by ING please consult article 6 (Protection of privacy) of the General Regulations of ING Belgium. 7. No information about this tombola will be exchanged, with the exception of the notification to the winner of the prize he/she has won and the communication of these Regulations, available at the website, as well as upon written request in accordance with these Regulations. Subject to the same exceptions, no answers will be given to any letters, telephone calls, faxes or e-mails about the tombola. 8. Except for the case of serious or deliberate error on their part, neither the Organiser, nor ING, nor its staff, nor any third parties to which there is recourse for the purposes of this tombola will be liable for any loss whatever arising from the organisation of this tombola, including the designation of the winner or

allocation of the prize. Subject to the same reserve, neither the Organiser, nor ING, nor the aforementioned parties may be held liable for any technical problem which may occur during the organisation of the tombola, in relation to themselves, a participant in the tombola and/or a third party which may interrupt the tombola (in particular a breakdown or unavailability of the system), a delay in the participation or organisation of the tombola, or even a falsification or loss of the data of a tombola participant. 9. If, in the event of force majeure or following any circumstance beyond their control, the tombola had to be cancelled, suspended or modified, the Organiser and/or ING would not be liable to pay any compensation to the participants or winner of the tombola. 10. In the event of a dispute, the Organiser of the tombola will take an irrevocable decision. No appeal against its decisions or any complaint about this tombola will be accepted, except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the Organiser or ING.

11. Belgian law applies. 12. By the very fact of their participation, each participant in the tombola declares to have read these Regulations. Participation in this tombola implies unreserved acceptance by the participant of the entirety of these Regulations and of any decision taken by the Organiser to ensure that the tombola is conducted properly. 13. These Regulations are available on the website They are also available upon written request to be sent to the following address: ING Belgium SA/NV – For the attention of Sylvie Decaesstecker – 24 Avenue Marnix – 1000 Brussels.

ING Belgium SA/NV – Bank – Registered office: avenue Marnix 24, B1000 Brussels – Brussels RPM/RPR – VAT BE 0403.200.393 – BIC (SWIFT): BBRUBEBB – Account: 310-9156027-89 (IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789). Publisher: Philippe Wallez – avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels – 701832E – 08.09.

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