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Adobe Adobe ColdFusion 8 ACE Exam
Practice Exam: 9A0-066 Exam Number/Code: 9A0-066 Exam Name: Adobe ColdFusion 8 ACE Exam Questions and Answers: 120 Q&As

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Exam : Adobe 9A0-066 Title : Adobe ColdFusion 8 ACE Exam

1. You set up an Application.cfc file that includes the onApplicationStart() method to initialize application-level variables. Which three options trigger the onApplicationStart() method after you restart a system? (Choose three.) A. The first session is created in your application. B. The first page is requested in your application. C. The first request is made to a Web service or flash remoting. D. The first CFC is invoked within the application. E. The onRequest() method is called. F. The onSessionEnd() method is called. Answer: BCD 2. You have four methods defined in a component in your application. You want to access one of the methods through Flash Remoting. What should you do to ensure that Flash Remoting can use a method from this component? A. Add the access attribute with a value of remote to the tag for that method. B. Add an argument to the tag for the method you want to call from Flash Remoting. C. Use the Arguments scope when you call this function. D. Add an attribute of access with a value of Flash to the tag for the method you want to call from Flash Remoting. Answer: A 3. What is the difference between the CreateObject()function and the tag when used to instantiate a CFC? A. The tag allows you to place the CFC into a shared scope. B. The CreateObject() function can be used inside a tag. C. The THIS scope is available only when you instantiate a CFC by using the tag. D. The CreateObject() function creates a structure variable. Answer: B 4. You use a ColdFusion Component (CFC) in your application. You want the access to be restricted to only functions in the component and its extending components. What access should you define? A. Public B. Package C. Private

D. Remote Answer: C 5. You have a variable named myVar that you have declared on a page named firstPage.cfm. You use to include this page in another page called callPage.cfm. Which scope should you use to reference myVar from callPage.cfm? A. The Variables scope. B. The request scope. C. The session scope. D. The cookie scope. Answer: A 6. You want to use session variables in an application. You have a single Application.cfm file that you use in the application. You have enabled session management in the ColdFusion Administrator. What should you do to enable session variables within your application? A. Use the tag with sessionManagement=true. B. Use the tag with the This scope. C. Use the tag with the Session scope. D. Use the tag in the onApplicationStart() method. Answer: A 7. You execute the following code: 1) <cfquery datasource=connRecords?name=addressList?> 2) SELECT * 3) FROM members 4) WHERE firstName=<cfqueryparam value=?firstName#? 5) CFSQLtype= F_SQL_VARCHAR?maxlength=?0?cachedwithin=?,2,0,0? 6) </cfquery> After executing the code, you receive an error. What is the problem with the code? A. The tag inside the WHERE statement. B. The = sign before the tag. C. The cachedwithin attribute with the tag. D. The CF_SQL_VARCHAR type with the tag. Answer: C 8. You want to create a variable and ensure that a default value, if one does not exist, within a single ColdFusion template page is assigned. Which ColdFusion tag should you use? A. B. C. D. Answer: D 9. You are using a file structure as shown in the Exhibit. You do NOT have any Application.cfc or Application.cfm files in your application. To which folder in the file structure will ColdFusion search for an Application.cfc or Application.cfm when a file is called that is located in the oneInch folder? A. The ACF-DB folder. B. The oneInch folder. C. The root of the hard drive. D. The screws folder. Answer: C 10. If you do NOT specify the mode with FileOpen(), in which mode does ColdFusion open the file?

A. read B. readBinary C. Write D. append Answer: A 11. What type of session ID is assigned to the session variables A. CFID and CFTOKEN only. B. CFID and CFTOKEN, or JSESSIONID. C. JSESSIONID and CFTOKEN only. D. CFID and JSESSION ID only. Answer: B 12. You are using four scopes within a pageURL, Variables, Form, and CGI. Which of these four scopes is checked first by ColdFusion? A. URL B. Variables C. Form D. CGI Answer: B 13. You want to greet a user with their first and last name after a user logs on to your Web site. You want to use this user personalization as long as a user is logged on your Web site. Which scope should you use for the first and last name variables? A. The local scope. B. The request scope. C. The session scope. D. The application scope. Answer: C 14. What are the three thread scopes that each thread contains when using the tag? A. The Local, This, and Session scopes. B. The Caller, Thread, and Attributes scopes. C. The Application, Thread, and Caller scopes. D. The thread-local, Thread, and Attributes scopes. Answer: D 15. You want to invoke an instance-based component with a single line of code. The code must instantiate and execute the method. What should you use? A. Use the tag B. Use the tag . C. Use the IsObject() function. D. Use the CreateObject() function. Answer: D 16. You want to use three tags in your application to handle request, validation, and exception types of errors. Where should you place these three tags in your application so that every page can use these tags? A. On the site-wide error handler in the ColdFusion Administrator. B. In the onRequestStart() method in the Application.cfm file in the Web root. C. In the Application.cfc or Application.cfm file in the Web root. D. In the onRequest() method in the Application.cfc file. Answer: C 17. You want to keep track of the number of visitors on your Web site at any given time. Which variable scope allows

you to do this? A. The session scope. B. The request scope. C. The application scope. D. The cookie scope. Answer: C 18. Which ColdFusion built-in function can invoke a component method in the same line of code that instantiates the component? A. Int() B. CreateUUID() C. CreateObject() D. IsInstanceOf() Answer: C 19. You write code that changes a value in the application scope. You are using the tag to prevent race conditions and do not want to lock the entire application scope. What should you do? A. Use the name attribute. B. Use the type attribute. C. Use the timeout attribute. D. Use the output attribute. Answer: A 20. You have two components named cfcOne and cfcTwo. You want cfcOne to have access to the methods within cfcTwo. What should you do? A. Use the caller scope to reference the methods from within cfcTwo. B. Use the extends attribute for the tag on cfcOne. C. Use the extends attribute for the tag on cfcTwo. D. Reference the methods within cfcTwo by using cfcTwo.cfcOne Answer: B

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