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April 4th, 2006

Love at first sight exists for 77% of people
- survey highlights men fall in love faster but are most fickle More men believe in love at first sight than women, according to (

A survey of the dating website‟s one million-plus users showed that 77% of respondents believed first-sight love was not a myth –71% of which were male. Though men were most likely to get swept away by a mere glance from a potential love interest, they also seemed to be the most fickle, with 69% believing that it was possible to love two people simultaneously. In addition, 74% of men claimed that they “fall in love all the time”.

The sexes also differed in their definition of love. Men (73%) described romantic love as a feeling that “you would die for them”, women were more philosophical with 67% saying that love was when you share a profound understanding with someone, even if you didn‟t end up together. When asked to describe love, a majority identified the physical symptoms associated with the „honeymoon‟ stages of a relationship including: butterflies in stomach, heart skipping a beat and a gut wrenching feeling whenever they were apart from their love interest.

The survey also revealed that weight gain was a symptom of being in love for a proportion of users. The most extreme example of love or lust at first sight was a South

African user who admitted that he refused to leave Croatia after spotting “the most beautiful woman he had ever seen” in a crowded bar. Leaving before he could even approach her, he placed adverts in local newspapers to track her down but to no avail.

“Men tend to be more visually stimulated, perhaps suggesting that they‟re more likely to fall in love at first sight, whereas women appear to have a more pragmatic approach,” said Francis Deacon, relationship guru for “Cynics might disparage the concept of first-sight love because it seems superficial, but it can be a catalyst for a deeper-level relationship. This survey highlights that love means different things to different people; many people testified to the existence of love at first sight whilst others refused to believe it possible.”

- ends NOTES TO EDITORS About Cupid Bay ( is an international friendship and dating Website. It is one of the few sites, which allows users to create detailed profiles, take advantage of the advanced matchmaking facility, send and receive unlimited messages and chat in real-time for free. It launched its first premium service in November 2004. currently has one million-plus users from over 200 different countries. It receives over 45 million page impressions a month and currently has in excess of 900,000 monthly unique visitors. For further details, please contact: Francesca De Franco on 020 7070 0932 or at

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