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					LANCASTER UNIVERSITY MANUAL OF SAFETY - Section 18 POLICY AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE PROVISION OF FIRST AID 1 Introduction The provision of first aid in the workplace is regulated by the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance to these regulations. The main requirements of the regulations are for the employer to provide:i) ii) an adequate number of suitably qualified first aiders adequate first aid equipment and facilities

This document formalises the existing arrangements for the provision of first aid at Lancaster University. 2 The Provision of Qualified First Aid Treatment 2.1 The policy of the University is to ensure that there is a minimum of one first aider for every 50 employees. In hazardous areas Heads of Departments, as defined by the University's Statement of Safety Policy, should liaise with the Safety Office in deciding what numbers of first aiders are adequate and appropriate. Provision of first aid for employees working away from the University. In the case of employees who regularly work away from the establishment in isolated locations or where the work involves travelling long distances in remote areas from which access to accident and emergency facilities may be difficult, consideration should be given to training in emergency first aid. Where, in addition potentially dangerous tools or machinery are used, it may be necessary for one or more members of the group to be first aiders. 2.3 First aid treatment where specific hazards exist, for example In cases where there is a) a danger of poisoning by certain cyanides or related compounds, OR b) a danger of burns from hydrofluoric acid suitable persons should be provided with appropriate training.


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Revised: 2005


Nurse Unit Reception Building First aid treatment can be obtained at the Nurse Unit in the Reception Building. During term time qualified nursing staff are on call 24 hours a day. During the vacation staff are on call on Saturdays and Sundays only, from 9:00am – 5:00pm.


The Recruitment of First Aiders First aiders are recruited on a voluntary basis, there being no remuneration for undertaking this duty. However, where it is considered that first aid may be desirable for an employee to carry out as part of their normal duties (eg. recreation assistants and circumstances described in paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3 above) then those employees should be encouraged by their Head of Department to obtain the necessary qualification.


The provision of first aid equipment 4.1 First aid equipment should be readily available to all employees at all times. First aid boxes for general use should be placed in a clearly identified and readily accessible location. Every first aider should have access to first aid equipment. It is the responsibility of Heads of Departments, as defined by the University's Statement of Safety Policy, to ensure that first aid boxes are replenished as soon as possible after use in order to ensure that there is always an adequate supply of all materials. Normally this duty would be carried out by a First Aider. In those departments without first aiders there should be a person nominated to carry out this duty. N.B. All first aid materials are supplied by the Safety Office. Appendix 1 describes the minimum requirement for the contents of first aid boxes. Special Provisions 4.2.1 Eye Wash Mains tap water should be used for eye irrigation. Where it is not readily available proprietary sterile saline solution should be kept near first aid kits. 4.2.2 Hygiene Packs Each first aid kit should have a hygiene pack kept either inside it or near to it. The contents of the hygiene pack are to provide protection if body fluids need to be cleaned up.


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Revised: 2005


Information Notices should be displayed in a conspicuous position in buildings giving the locations of first aid equipment and the name(s) and location(s) of first aiders.


Training 6.1 First Aid at Work Certificate The Safety Office organises training for the above qualification which is a four day course, including an examination approved by the Health & Safety Executive. Normally at least one course for ten people will be provided annually. For those individuals which are considered to be special cases then the Safety Office will make arrangements with an external organisation such as St John Ambulance. The First Aid at Work certificate expires after 3 years. The Safety Office will arrange for two day refresher training to be provided before the expiry of the certificate. 6.2 Training for Specific Hazards (see paragraph 2.3) Where it is recognised that specific hazards exist then the Safety Office will endeavour to provide suitable training by Health and Safety Executive approved organisations. 6.3 Emergency First Aid Courses The Safety Office will arrange, from time to time, half day emergency first aid courses that are not certificated, but provide a basic knowledge of the essentials of life preservation. These courses are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Where Heads of departments feel that members of staff would benefit from emergency first aid training then the Safety Office will endeavour to provide it.

This Section of the Manual of Safety was approved by the University Safety Committee on 12 October 1993 and amended at the meetings on 19 October 1998, 2 February 1999, 29 May 2001 and 24 May 2005

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Revised: 2005



The Health and Safety Executive occasionly revise the recommended minimum standard for the contents of first aid boxes. The current recommended minimum standard is listed in paragraph 2 below New first aid boxes supplied by the Safety Office conform with paragraph 2. Existing first aid boxes should be stocked to this standard as and when they are replenished. It should be noted that the pad sizes of the new Medium and Large dressings are different to that of the No.1 Medium and No.2 Large dressings. The recommendation for the No.3 Exrtra Large dressing has been removed. There is no need to discard or replace any existing dressings.


Minimum contents for first aid boxes based on Health and Safety Executive recommendations Guidance card Individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings Sterile eye pads, with attachment Triangular bandages Safety pins Medium sterile unmedicated dressings Large sterile unmedicated dressings Hygiene Pack Contents card 1 20 2 4 6 6 (approx 12cmX12cm) 2 (approx. 18cmX18cm) 1 1

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Revised: 2005

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