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Job Title Job purpose Faculty Team Leader To ensure high standards of student attainment and achievement within your faculty and to monitor and support student progress. To be responsible for leading, managing and developing the departments and enhancing the teaching practice of your team. To have line-management responsibility for a significant number of people including support staff. To engage with all aspects of ‘Every Child Matters’ and the ‘Personalising Learning’ agenda. You have a direct responsibility for the implementation of the school’s vision for teaching and learning through the day-to-day management of your curriculum areas, ensuring all students fulfil their potential. You are to contribute to the wider aspects of students’ development by your commitment to a broad, tailored range of extended opportunities linked to the school’s values. Where practice is excellent the five strands of ‘Every Child Matters’ will be reflected through learning. School improvement and effectiveness strategies including the process of school self-evaluation Processes and systems for quality assurance within the curriculum areas Principles and practices in relation to managing learning and teaching, people, policy and planning, resources and finance Principles and practices of effective leadership and management of change The application of information and communications technology (ICT) to learning, teaching and management of the curriculum areas Principles of curriculum planning Financial planning, stock inventory and resource planning Emotional self-awareness Empathy Accurate self-assessment Influence Inspirational leadership Initiative Self-confidence Change catalyst Emotional self control Optimism Transparency Adaptability Team- work and collaboration Achievement orientation Developing others Organisational awareness Conflict Management Nominated member of SLT Full Time as specified in STPCD Classroom Teachers’ Pay Scale + TLR 1.4

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Leading Learning Your responsibilities include... Co-ordinating the development of appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, marking policies, assessment and teaching and learning strategies in your identified curriculum area. Leading your team to develop coherent aims, objectives and strategic plans, which meet student needs and reflect the strategic plans of the school. Ensuring that all members of your team are familiar with these plans. Deploying, managing and motivating staff to ensure effective working relations and acting as a positive role-model.
Where practice is excellent your might...

Coach a colleague from another subject area who is new to the role of Curriculum Co-ordinator.

Lead training for Curriculum Co-ordinators in which you model your good practice in this area.

Develop team relations by encouraging activities which build team spirit e.g. create a supportive peer-coaching system for your team. Providing opportunities within your Provide opportunities for student curriculum area for the student voice to leadership within your curriculum area inform improvement plans. Ensuring and/or projects in the wider community. praise and celebration of achievement Maintain systems that celebrate student are at the heart of learning achievement. What sort of support can your expect? SLT can coach you through the process of leading learning in your curriculum department.

Leading Teaching
Where practice is excellent you might... Your responsibilities include... Being responsible with subject leaders Create opportunities for the members of for the day-to-day management, control your team to take some responsibility in and operation of course provision of a these areas in line with their professional faculty area. development needs. Liaising with your team to ensure the Create sustainable systems, which are delivery of an appropriate, sufficiently robust that they allow you to comprehensive, high-quality and costdelegate elements of this responsibility to effective curriculum programme which members of your team. complements the School Improvement Plan. Liaising with SLT to maintain accreditation with the relevant examination and validating bodies. Leading the development of learning Model good practice to your team in initiatives within the curriculum area these areas –enable your teaching to be including BLP, ICT, Literacy, Numeracy observed and run CPD workshops in and Key Skills and WRL. Contributing to which you deliver these initiatives, the school’s ITT programme. highlighting the effective features. What sort of support can you expect? SLT will take the lead in developing these areas. The various managers of initiatives within the school such as Literacy and Numeracy can provide guidance and training opportunities. The Examinations Officer can give guidance on accreditation.


Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might…

Taking responsibility for your Contribute to the CPD newsletter and professional development. Keeping up participate in research into the effective to date with national developments in teaching of your subject or curriculum your subject area and in teaching area practice, initiatives and methodology. Leading the ongoing development of Use questionnaires and structured your curriculum area. Working with your activities to develop your understanding team to manage the professional of the team members’ perceived needs. development of your team members, Foster a team spirit, which encourages knowing their strengths and their areas confident informal discussion of strengths for development and leading them and areas for development. through the performance management process. Creating the Faculty Improvement Plan Take responsibility for the shaping, with subject leaders and contributing to implementation, evaluation and the School Improvement Plans. improvement of aspects of the DIP. What sort of support can you expect? The SLT will take the lead in the School Improvement Planning process and can support you in your improvement plan.

Improving Standards
Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might...

Ensuring that the students in your Take the lead in mentoring small groups curriculum area make good progress and of underachieving students. Manage the taking action when their progress is creation of mentoring resources. below expectations. Provide support for revision and master class programmes. Establishing the common standards Create an atmosphere in your team within the departments, including in the where lesson observation is seen as a development of effective teaching and positive tool for improvement and use the learning styles. Setting targets to process to develop and monitor develop these standards and working departmental standards. towards their achievement. Monitoring lessons with subject leaders Develop innovative ways to monitor the and contributing to the school’s department’s standards including procedures for lesson observations, in involving students. line with the requirements of selfevaluation and the school’s strategic plans. What sort of support can you expect? The school has a range of pro-formas, which will assist in the process of lesson observations. SLT will lead the process.

Managing Information
Your responsibilities... Where practice is excellent you might...

Ensuring the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information concerning the faculty on Phoenix. Analysing and evaluating performance data. Producing reports with subject leaders on examination data including using value added measures.

Coach other members of your team in effective use of data systems.

Contribute to shaping and implementation and monitoring of a school wide strategy to increase the impact of data analysis on school improvement What sort of support can you expect? The Data Manager can provide you with detailed information on the students in your curriculum area and suggest training opportunities to develop your skills at managing information.


Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might...

Ensuring effective communication with Involve the parents in some aspect of the the parents of students taught in your team’s work including making use of their curriculum area. views as part of the self-evaluation Ensuring that personalising learning is at process. the heart of your curriculum area improvement plans. Liaising with relevant external bodies. Share effective resources and good Contributing to the development of practice with other curriculum areas effective links with partner schools. Promoting your faculty in school, to partner schools and to the wider community. Leading the process of monitoring and Develop packs of subject materials, supporting the progress and which can support the academic development of students and working monitoring process. with the pastoral system to contribute to the academic monitoring by tutors. What sort of support can you expect? SLT should be able to give you clear guidance to what they require to help pastoral tutors in the process of academic monitoring.

Managing Resources
Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might...

Making appropriate arrangements when Create a bank of model lesson plans, teachers are absent, liaising with the which can be used by cover supervisors subject leader and cover supervisor to and other staff. ensure appropriate work is set. Identifying resource needs and managing Create innovative measures, which the effective use of physical resources. reduce departmental and school Co-operating with other departments to expenditure. ensure effective sharing of resources to maximise student benefit. Managing relevant support staff. What sort of support can you expect? The cover supervisor will make arrangements for staff to cover absences.


Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might...

Ensuring that there is good behaviour management in your curriculum area including high standards of classroom management and effective implementation of the schools behaviour policy. Supporting the incident log system as appropriate. Monitoring student attendance. Encouraging staff to play a full part in supporting the schools vision and ethos and contributing to values in practice. Implementing school policies and procedures and carrying out Health and Safety risk assessments with the support of subject leaders.

Share best practice to develop this area within your faculty.

Develop model lesson plans, which include fully integrated values activities. Create IT systems, which reduce the administrative burden of these tasks.

What sort of support can you expect? The School Improvement group can help you with policy issues. SLT can offer guidance on the schools ethos and vision. The Health and Safety Officer can also offer advice and suggest training opportunities.

Negotiated Additional Responsibilities
Your responsibilities include... Where practice is excellent you might...

N.B. To be negotiated with line manager and both sections completed The relationship between TLR1.4 postholder and other managers needs clarification by individual team.

What sort of support can you expect? SLT as line manager Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities of the post, each individual task undertaken is not identified. The school will endeavour to make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job and the working environment to enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any employee who develops a disabling condition. The job description is current at the date below but will be reviewed on an annual basis and, following consultation with you, may be changed to reflect or anticipate changes in the job requirements which are commensurate with the job title and grade. Signatures Signed …………………………………………… Signed …………………………………. (Teacher) (Headteacher) Dated ……………………………………………. Dated …………………………………… (Teacher) (Headteacher)


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