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									Reserve our party room for your sports team, child’s birthday party, any other good reason you can think of, or no reason at all….
What do I get for a birthday party? * Party Room large enough for 20 people reserved for 90 minutes * Two slices of a one-topping pizza for each child * One scoop ice cream sundae for each child * One bottled soda for each child * Paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. * Skipper’s t-shirt for the birthday child What isn’t provided? * Cake * Balloons * Any extra decorations desired that can be put in place with tape or string (no nails or staples please) How much does it cost? The price is $10 per child with a five child ($50) minimum. There is no charge for adults/parents unless they wish to purchase food and/or drinks. Additional pizzas may be purchased for $10 each and should be ordered when reservations are made. Additional ice cream treats and sodas may be purchased at the regular prices. How about a sports team or other event? The same items provided for the birthday party will be provided to all participants for other events, with the exception of the t-shirt. The cost is $9 per person with a 10 person minimum. Can I just reserve the room without the pizza and other stuff? Yes, the room may be reserved for $25 an hour. Nothing will be provided; however, food, ice cream treats and sodas may be purchased at the regular prices if desired. Church groups and nonprofit groups may use the room at no charge if it isn’t reserved. How do I pay? A 50% deposit is required by cash or credit card when making reservations and the remainder is paid at the time of the party. No personal checks please. The type of pizza(s) desired should be specified when making the reservation.

SKIPPER’S SODA FOUNTAIN & ICE CREAM PARLOUR 714 Main St. Minden, LA 71055 (318) 371-1333

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