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					What Submission does and does not mean: What it does not mean: 1. It doesn’t mean the husband is the ultimate authority: God is. 2. It doesn’t mean a wife should not influence her husband. 3. It doesn’t mean a wife is not smarter than her husband. 4. It doesn’t mean a wife must obey her husband’s command to sin. 5. It doesn’t mean a wife cannot have independent thoughts. What it does mean: 1. A husband and wife are equal in glory, different in roles. 2. Wives are to submit to their husbands as Jesus submitted to his Father. 3. Husbands are to lead like Jesus does the church. 4. A single woman should only date a man she can follow. 5. A Christian marriage reveals the gospel. Make your home a haven from the world; peaceful and organized. Twelve Goals: 1. Prepare breakfast and eat with them. 2. Send every member of the family off in a good mood 3. See if your husband needs anything. 4. Keep your home neat and orderly. 5. Respond positively to your husband. 6. Meet your husband’s needs. 7. Put your husband before your children. 8. Personally meet and greet each family member as they come home. 9. Be predictably happy. 10. Prepare special good food. 11. Make dinner special. 12. Grow daily in areas of the Lord, marriage, family, and homemaking.

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