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					Registration Please enter the contest by filling out this form. Your application for this contest is free. All applications must be postmarked/emailed by August 15th, 2009 and must be completed in full. How to enter:  Mail applications along with your essay to: Business Facelift Contest C/O ENCORE Professional Organizers 7933 Washington Woods Drive Dayton OH 45459  Scan your PDF and email your application along with your essay to  Fill this application out in MS Word and email it along with your essay to Application Name: _________________________________________ Title: ___________________ Business Name: __________________________________________________________ Brief description of your business: ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Business Phone: ( _____ ) _______________________________ Email: _______________________ @ _____________________ Business Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ________________________ State: __________________ ZIP: ______________ Years in business: ______________ Number of employees: __________ ESSAY: Why and how do you think your business will benefit from this contest and its prizes? (include on a separate sheet of paper). (There is no minimum or maximum word count but a thorough answer will help us adequately judge how winning the contest can positively affect your business.) NOTE: If you are selected to receive a business makeover, you may be offered consultations and/or services for several area of your business, including:  Photographic services of employees, business space and/or products  Office efficiency and organization  Marketing needs  Redesign of office space  Office aesthetics Signature: _______________________________________________________________ ♲ I have read the rules below and agree to them.

Business Facelift RULES AND REGULATIONS: The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to proceed with the application process: 1. Your business must be an established legal entity. Acceptable forms of proof may include tax id number. 2. If you are not the owner of the business, you will need the written permission of the owner. 3. You must be at least 21 years of age. 4. You must rent or own your office space, outside of a personal residence. 5. Franchises and multilevel marketing firms are excluded from the contest. 6. WE Mean Business cannot be held liable for any damages. 7. The essay can be used in WE Mean Business marketing materials and may be published, in part or in full. 8. By participating in the WE Mean Business Office Facelift, you are voluntarily agreeing to have your essay and application judged by the women of WE Mean Business. A representative may ask for a personal interview, if you are a semi-finalist. 9. The contest can be canceled at anytime. PRIZE: The estimated value of this prize package is $5,260.00. It cannot be exchanged for money and it cannot be transferred.

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