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Employer Responsive Curriculum Lead – Lifestyle Directorate c£29.5 – 34.9k per annum Hair, Beauty and Floristry Heads of School Hair, Beauty and Floristry Line management of Curriculum teams. All Operational Management aspects of the employer responsive provision for Hair, Beauty and Floristry on and off campus. To work with the School Administration Manager and curriculum team in support of the Heads of School to ensure the effective and efficient operational management of the employer responsive provision for the school. ncn sites, particularly Clarendon, City and Hucknall Campus


General Duties and Responsibilities      To work effectively with colleagues to achieve the College’s mission and strategic priorities. To support, contribute to and take personal responsibility for implementing the College’s commitment to Equality and Diversity. To contribute to a culture of continuous improvement through participation in the Professional Development Review process. To support and participate in all initiatives to ensure the College has a safe and healthy environment for all students, staff and visitors. To carry out other duties that are required within the role as it evolves within the development of the organisation

Specific Duties and Responsibilities  Be accountable to the Heads of School for the effective management and development of the curriculum, including timetabling and quality assurance for the curriculum. To increase the employer responsive provision for the School, manage and monitor targets for recruitment, attendance, retention, achievement and success for the employer responsive provision.



Work with the curriculum team of the School for Hair, Beauty and Floristry to manage the employer responsive provision through the development of an innovative approach to the work of the curriculum areas to raise standards.


Monitor the Quality process for the employer responsive provision including the verification and moderation process, review EV action plans and to ensure high quality of provision both on and off campus. Lead on the learner voice for the employer responsive provision and ensure the completion of all learner surveys and subsequent action planning. Lead on employer feedback for the employer responsive provision and ensure the completion of employer feedback surveys and subsequent action planning. Monitor the WBL and Train to Gain LSC contracts ensuring timely and overall success rate targets are met. Monitor the off campus provision to ensure targets for timely and overall success rate targets are met and quality assurance is maintained. Support finance to ensure partners are paid in a timely manner. Support the monitoring of learners through PICS and ncn data systems. Manage student disciplinaries including conducting disciplinary hearings and making appropriate decisions on behalf of the college. Oversee the timely and effective completion of course reviews ensuring key stake holder feedback is incorporated. Monitoring of sickness and absenteeism putting into place cover arrangements as required. Conduct internal verification on and off campus and PDR’s as required for existing and new members of staff. Provide mentoring role for new staff as and when identified as appropriate. Oversee the commercial enterprise working with the commercial business manager to ensure the Schools commercial activity is responsive to employer needs and commercial enterprise targets are met. To undertake duties to assess, train and mentor a caseload of learners (around 300 hours per annum). To deputise for the Heads of School as and when required.

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NOTE This job description is intended to provide a general guide to the duties and responsibilities of the post and aims to set this in the context of the framework within which the post holder is expected to operate. This job description should not be viewed as a legal document or a set of conditions of service and it can be reviewed at any time in light of the needs of New College Nottingham. Any amendments to the job description will be discussed with the line manager and post holder and subsequently confirmed in writing. This job description has been prepared by Adrian Pratt and is correct as at August 2009. It will be updated in consultation with the post holder through the PDR process as and when circumstances change. New College Nottingham is seeking to promote the employment of disabled people and will make any adjustments considered reasonable to the above duties under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to accommodate a suitable candidate with a disability.



Employer Responsive Curriculum Leader

Essential / Desirable Criteria

Experience Specific plus other types of experience which may be beneficial to the College 1 Experience of effective leadership of a relevant curriculum area. Essential 2 Experience of leading on curriculum development. Essential 3 Experience of managing quality systems to enhance teaching and learning. Essential 4 Understanding of the monitoring of the LSC contracts for WBL and Train to Essential Gain 5 Experience of financial systems & awareness of budgetary constraints. Desirable 6 Experience mentoring and supporting groups of staff Essential Skills and Abilities These should relate to the practical ability to perform given tasks e.g. ability to deal with telephone queries from the public. 7 Ability to develop a supportive and achievement led environment. Essential 8 Creative and flexible approach towards achievement objectives and targets. Essential 9 Persuasive and supportive leadership and staff management skills. Essential 10 The ability to analyse and interpret management data and information. Essential 11 Ability to teach/train competently and effectively. Essential 12 Self motivated with a high level of personal initiative. Essential 13 The ability to solve problems, resolve issues and implement change. Essential 14 Experience of a commitment to equal opportunities, diversity, safeguarding Essential and widening participation. Education and Qualifications Should specify the minimum education / qualifications and knowledge base requirements of the post. 15 Hold a recognised Teaching Qualification e.g. PGCE or Certificate in Desirable Education 16 Be a member of the Institute for Learning Essential 17 Vocationally Relevant qualification at level 3. Essential 18 A1 & V1 qualification or equivalent. Essential Training / Continuous Professional Development Related to the level of formal instruction / training and competence to perform the job effectively. 19 Evidence of continuing professional development Essential 20 Other In this section you should concentrate on any specific essential requirements of the post e.g. working unsocial hours, shift work, ability to drive or access to a vehicle. 21 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Safeguarding / Child Essential Protection issues relevant to the post 22 Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the college’s diversity strategy Essential and its relevance to this role 23 Have a flexible approach to work including occasional unsocial hours such as Essential evenings or weekends. 24 Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the college’s mission Essential and values

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