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Booster Club members can assist students and directors by volunteering their talents to the band. The volunteer opportunities listed below are essential for the band program to operate efficiently, are critical to a first-class musical experience, and is personally gratifying. The Booster Club pays for all supplies! Please, participate in your child’s band experience as often as you are able, even if it is only on a limited basis. Mark the areas below where you may be able to help. A Chairman will contact you by email, letter or phone with additional details OR, don’t wait for us to contact you and call a board member any time to help! Remember to join the Booster Club and turn in the MISD background check form. Thanks for helping the Mighty Rebel Band! Name of parent volunteer: _______________________________________________ Student: __________________________
(Please include 2nd form for spouse - or - indicate which parent for which activity below)

Address: _____________________________________________ Zip:__________________ Grade Level 05 – 06: ___________ Parent Email: ____________________________________ Phone: _____________ (h) ______________ (w) _____________ (c) ALL volunteers submit a MISD personal background check form every year before any activities

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ACADEMIC TUTORING Tutor students at risk of failing and becoming ineligible ANYTHING We prefer that you sign-up for the specific needs listed below because it helps us divide up the work! Check here only if we can use you 24/7. BETSY ROSS SEWING TEAM Make & repair flags, repair & hem uniforms COLORGUARD-FLAG SUPPORT ½ time flag performance support, unload & load flags, assist colorguard coordinator Home_____________ Away______________ E-MAIL Compile email address book of parents. Keep current on events. Email messages from directors, etc., as needed DONATION, GIFTS, GRANTS Assist chairman in soliciting these funding sources FOOD PREPARATION Prepare, serve, or pick–up & deliver food for various events: student achievement events, special treats, Chili Supper, Tall City Marching Contest concessions, etc FUNDRAISING–STUDENT Assist chairman in coordinating fundraising events, sort & distribute items, and supervise students in various fundraisers, keep records

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FUNDRAISING–PARENT Assist chairman with adult fundraising events: Tall City Marching Contest, Chili Supper, Garage Sale, Golf Tournament, Carnival, Summer band concert, etc. GARAGE SALE Pick up garage sale donations, set-up garage sale, pricing, organizing items, clean-up, clear out left-over items HANDYMAN CREW General instrument repair and handyman tasks Specific skills - carpenter, mason, mechanic, painter, welder List your specific skill:______________________________ HISTORIAN Save & compile a history of all printed newspaper reports, pictures, concert programs, and publicity of/for the band HOMECOMING Help make mums and garters for Sr. band students HOUSE VISITING STUDENTS Provide a bed and possibly a meal in my home for visiting band members invited to perform for us HOSPITALITY Help with host(ess) situations: celebrations, decorations, parties, banquets, fill guest clinician’s & judge’s needs LEE FRESHMAN BAND LIASON Parent information source between LHS and LFHS bands LEGAL: ATTORNEYS & NOTARIES Notarize band documents at organized events, legal advice

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MD, RN, LVN, EMT, Paramedic, PA, Radiology, Laboratory, etc. experience; assist students as needed. Keep med bags updated.

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TALL CITY MARCHING CONTEST We host a marching contest with concessions to raise $. Lots of is manpower required! Everyone’s help is essential! TRUCK DRIVER (CDL licensed) Have CDL license and can drive PIT equipment to distant competitions & games UNIFORM COMMITTEE Organize closet, fit students, issue uniforms & hats, keep records, pack extra uniforms, shoes & supplies for travel VIDEO, DVD & PHOTO Assist with Videotaping and photographing all band events. Compile sequence of items into scrapbook DVD of the year’s events. Take to professional to complete. WATER THE BAND – PRACTICE In your truck, SUV, or van: Pick-up coolers, ice, RO water, table, & cups. Prepare & serve after practice, parades, events. WATER & FRUIT THE BAND-½ TIME In your truck, SUV, or van: Pick-up coolers, ice, RO water, table, cups,& fruit. Order fruit. Deliver & serve at half-time. WEBSITE Keep current on events and maintain accurate information, changes and updates on our website WRAP THE STANDS Wrap stadium seats with cellophane at performance events

PIT (Parent-Instrument-Transport) Assist PIT leader: load, drive, or help roll large instruments to and from performances on trailer or rental truck and set-up at ½ time, reload after performances. PUBLICITY & NEWSLETTER Get information for publication to appropriate sources. Compile newsletter. Print, fold, & mail newsletter. SECRETARIAL & CLERICAL directory, roster, mail-outs, phone calls, thank you’s, e-mail, schedules, errands for directors, make copies, etc SENIOR RECOGNITION Collect, type & copy Sr. credits for spring program. Collect, type & copy senior “wills”. Order & distribute Sr. gifts SIGNS – EXTERIOR BAND “LETTERS” Take purchase orders for and make or arrange for student “L” exterior signs for display at band member’s homes SNACK & DRINK SUPPLY Provide snack items for trips & parties, bake for special events, buy donuts, drinks, etc SPECIAL PROJECTS Things come up that we don’t expect, but must do…..QUICK SPECIAL ORDER-REQUEST Take orders for and distribute T-shirts, patches, pictures, etc SPIRIT SALES ASSISTANT Assist chairman in selling Lee Band and Lee High School spirit items before football games, at Muster (orientation), meetings, concerts, contests, etc SPONSOR-FOOTBALL & PERFORMANCES Involved parents have 1st priority to sponsor & travel with band Travel with band to/from football games, UIL ___________ Can meet us in the stands and help us there ___________ SPONSOR - SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Chaperone: dances, kidnap, swimming parties, midnight movies, all-nighters, summer band activities, etc SPRING BANQUET Assist chairman with banquet at final year end party with planning, decorations, ticket distribution, caterer, supervision, clean-up, awards, etc. SUMMER BAND Pick up, set up & sell drinks & snacks at breaks. Sell required band T-shirt, show shirt, & sophomore shirt. Help arrange summer band evening activities, food, & adult supervision. Assist chairman as needed.


I might be able to help out at these times when needed: Morning ________________ Day (1) _______________________ Afternoon ______________ Evening ________________ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Morning _______________ Day (2) _________________________ Afternoon ______________ Evening _______________ Where we can make Xerox copies? 05-06 Sponsor/Volunteer Chairman: Jill Foreman 697-3985 h 638-5484 c Contact me with questions or for more information.

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