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					First impressions count. The moment a company decides to exhibit at Spring Fair International 2010, they begin to create an impression on buyers. So, it’s important that that every contact leaves them with a favourable impression of exhibitors’ business and products. is likely to be the first point of contact between an exhibitor and their potential buyers; whether they are using it to register to attend, researching new suppliers or products or just browsing the site to get a feel for what they can expect to see at the show. Just as an exhibition stand is the ‘shop window’ to buyers visiting the show, a web profile is the exhibitors’ online equivalent. But, people only buy because they are motivated by something or someone. Research shows that 55% of people’s impressions of exhibitors are created by what they see and 38% by what they hear. Exhibitor’s online profiles will motivate both these senses before, during and after the show. Like it or not, the internet is having a growing impact on how and who we shop with. A study by 1 Forrester Research found that 43% of all retail sales are expected to be influenced by or made on the internet by 2012. This trend equally applies in the business to business sector. So, this year the Spring Fair International website provides more opportunities than ever before for exhibitors to motivate and influence buyers. Exhibitors take great care to dress their stand; present their business; communicate the right message and select the most appropriate products to display. Therefore, it seems entirely appropriate to treat their online profile in the same way. To help, we provide exhibitors with online functionality, via the exhibitor e-zone, to enhance their basic online profile that includes; company name, hall/stand number, telephone, fax, website URL and Google map link with the following enhancements, as part of the Exhibitor Marketing Package:Headline banner Company logo Company description Product Trail Stand image Product tags Up to 50 product images Link to showroom Product videos Press releases Product catalogue(s) Company newsletter Agents wanted notices Special offers Clearance sale items

To succeed as an exhibitor at Spring Fair International, it is no longer simply about how many people visit your stand; although that is paramount; it’s also about getting buyers to engage and interact with you online. Our job is to bring exhibitors together with buyers, whether at the show itself, via the website, or both. Online, that means providing a website that is easy to use, with information that helps buyers make decisions, optimized so exhibitor’s content is found by the major search engines and engaging enough so buyers want to come back. But, exhibitors also need a professional platform to sell products, engage buyers and promote their business. That’s what the online company profile provides. Buyers respond to information that helps them make decisions. Exhibitors can use their profile to prepare buyers well before they visit the show. Exhibitors’ online profiles are available and on view to buyers 24/7, so I urge exhibitors not to rely on luck to influence and motivate buyers, but to depend on what they can do now to make the best, first impression. Iain Nicol, Commercial Director (Digital) Exhibitions - August 2009 565 words

The Web’s Impact on Instore Sales 2006 - 2012

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