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First-Bike-On-Scene by sdaferv



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									First Bike On Scene I am emailing you to introduce you to First Bike on Scene - the first nationally available course to offer essential life saving skills to motorcyclists. This course was launched in Lancashire just 2 years ago and after a year of refining and developing the content, Lancashire Ambulance Service instigated its plans to offer licences to other ambulance services and First Aid providers. Last year First Bike on Scene was introduced into the training programme at Oxfordshire Ambulance Service, and will shortly be available in the North East Region. We will be launching these NE area courses in September, with courses available on Saturday 9 th and Sunday 10th September. The course is a full day and will cost in the region of £50 per head. We believe that these courses will be of real interest to the regional IAM, and we hope that you will be prepared to provide information about these courses to all your members. The course is uniquely structured to address the issues and problems faced by a motorcyclist at the scene of an accident. First Bike on Scene aims to provide a rider with the skills and knowledge needed to protect and maintain life until the arrival of the paramedics. It teaches the principles of how to make safe an accident scene coupled with basic life saving skills. The key is in creating the confidence to be able to take charge and act positively. The First Bike on Scene is unique in that it has the prestigious approval of ‘The Faculty of Pre-hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh’. This ensures the uniformity of delivery and guarantees the maintenance of standards. The course is also the only course to carry the approval of The Motorcycle Industry Association. The course is ‘competency’ based, and successful participants receive a certificate valid for 2 years. We would like the opportunity to discuss the options with you in more detail, and we will be delighted to provide you with further information. We will be running further courses in the North East, but we can also deliver special courses to groups of 12 riders at locations around the region.

‘First Bike on Scene’ operates as a non-profit making initiative and therefore we are always looking for promotional opportunities, and to this end we would be delighted if you would consider running a feature or promotional items within your magazines or newsletters. We can provide pre-prepared press information and photographs, but we would be delighted to provide interviews and photo sessions for club publicity staff and volunteers at any of our courses. Let me know what we can do to help facilitate the provision of information to your members. Please contact us for any further information, or to arrange a follow-up discussion. We hope to work with you in the near future. Nick Stephenson Marketing and Communications Consultant – First Bike on Scene Contact: Tel: 01306 711093 Mobile: 07766 251 205 COURSE BOOKING HOTLINE: 0870 8330 999

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