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									What’s my resume suppose to look like ?
A resume in the entertainment industry is called a “talent-based resume”. Your resume tells the agent or casting director about you and your accomplishments to date. If you are young and have very little to include on your resume, it should at least have all your statistics and hobbies and skills. If you are older than a youngster, you should have all school plays and skits and performances you have done listed. It should have all training and education in the arts listed from grade school clear through college if needed to fill it up. Plus it should include all of your hobbies and skills that you are good at doing, even the youngsters! In other words, it shows people what you have done and can do. It tells the people who may hire you for a job, about you. Plus, it needs to be typed. A handwritten resume is not acceptable or professional. Make sure there are no errors in typing or spelling. It should be one page. The most important thing on a resume is to be honest. It's very likely you could be caught somewhere down the road. The resumes we will submit to agents/casting directors should contain:

Your name Our management logo – (we will attach later) Agent logo and information – (we will attach later)

Your height, weight, hair color, eye color Your date of birth You also need to put your size (girls-dress size, boys-coat or shirt).

Experience is exactly what you have done. A school play, commercials, or television work. Modeling, Runway, or anything on stage Any kind of work that relates to performing arts. List as much as possible to fill this area.

Training: who with and where you have studied. Acting or scene study, commercial or modeling classes, etc. Try to put as much information as possible in this section to show all you know.

Hobbies and Skills should contain things you are interested in and like to do. Make sure you are capable of performing these skills that you list. Like skiing, bicycling, rollerskating, tennis, etc. Also put down musical instruments you play and if you can sing and dance. If you can speak a foreign language somewhat or fluently, please list it first! You should have at least three full lines of hobbies and skills.

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