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OBJECTIVE OF SELECTION POLICY The over-riding aim of the Selectors is to choose what they believe is the best team for the European Championships. Selection for Teams is open to all British Dressage members who are in the year of their 21st birthday or under. In addition talented combinations will be identified and, wherever possible, given opportunities to progress, particularly through competing internationally. Selection is subject to compliance with British Dressage, BEF, FEI Rules on medication control for Human and Equine. Note: Any combination travelling abroad to compete for experience will have to be working at the required level, achieving the necessary percentages, as set out in this Policy and with the Selectors permission and up to date F.E.I. Rider Licence. SELECTION PANEL All Selectors, including the Chief Selector’s, will be appointed by the British Dressage Board of Directors. The Chief Selectors will work with the Director of International Teams. They will have the knowledge and experience required effectively to select Championship teams and will be free from all vested interests/conflicts of interest. The Selection Panel will comprise of the following:Chair of Selectors - Discipline Director of International Teams – David Trott. Responsible for communicating to the Board of Directors all matters relating to International Teams and World Class. Pony Selectors Mrs Jenny Ward (Chief Pony Selector), Mrs Rachel Hillier & Mr Paul Hayler. Junior & Young Rider Selectors: Mrs Sally Merrison (Chief Junior/YR Selector), Mrs Helen Webber & Ms Judy Firmston-Williams. Advisors Mrs Maureen Newall (Ponies). Others as required – Team Trainer / Vet / Farrier / Chef d’Equipe. SELECTION POLICY BACKGROUND OF POLICY The British Dressage Selection Policy is worked out in agreement and consultation with the British Dressage Board, Chair of Selectors, Chief Selectors and riders.

ELIGIBILITY / AVAILABILITY FOR CONSIDERATION The Chief Selector together with the Director of International Teams and British Dressage staff will ensure that all riders available for selection have British citizenship and have been granted a licence by the National Federation of Great Britain to compete in International Events according to Article 134 of the FEI Regulations, are qualified for the forthcoming Championships, that the ponies/horses available for selection have correct ownership, and that neither ponies/horses nor riders are for any reason not allowed to take part in the forthcoming Championship under FEI rules. CONFIDENTIALITY It is vitally important for the integrity of the Selection Policy and those involved in it's application both as riders, owners, Selectors or other officials, that there is at all times a high degree of confidentiality relating to information which may have a bearing on selection. PROCESS OF SELECTION Priority will be given to combinations being considered for annual European Championships. The Selectors will also monitor the results from Premier Leagues, at which a Selector or a representative will make every effort to be present. Where spaces are available, riders who have attained suitable results and scores will be invited to compete abroad. Premier League shows promote Dressage in Britain. The International Teams Committee wish riders to give these competitions as much support as possible and believe that the top riders are under a moral obligation to play their part in this vital section of British Dressage. Results from Premier Leagues shows will be particularly important for combinations that have no or few International results. SELECTION CRITERIA INDIVIDUALS / TEAMS / TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP / ORDER The Selectors wish to make it as clear as possible to everybody concerned the reasons for their selection and the following is important:Results Selection will be based primarily on results, with the following points to be taken into consideration: a) The Premier League F.E.I. tests are the most important tests. National competitions will also be taken into consideration at the following levels: Prix St Georges and above (this includes the F.E.I. Young Rider Team & Individual tests). Junior Riders - Advanced Medium and above (this includes the F.E.I. Junior Team & Individual tests). Pony Riders - Medium and above (this includes F.E.I. Pony Preliminary, Team & Individual tests). Result sheets and progress forms should be forwarded regularly to your Chief Selector. b) The rate of improvement as well as the actual results. c) Past form at major events, the ability of the horse/pony and rider to stand up to pressure, fitness of the horse/pony and rider, whether the horse/pony is a good traveller and the overall experience of riding in a team. d) The availability of the horse/pony for the full season i.e. security of any lease/loan agreement. Young Riders -


Team Spirit Team spirit is of utmost importance and the Selectors expect riders and their supporters to have a good attitude towards activities. A high level of commitment to all the varied aspects for the preparation process is expected and vital. This includes the Team bonding aspect at training sessions. Veterinary As part of the selection process the advice of the Team Veterinary Surgeon appointed by the Selectors, will be taken into consideration. This year we expect to have this as an on-going facility and riders will be expected to make themselves available when required to do so by the Selectors. Horses/ponies based abroad will need to be seen by an approved Veterinary Surgeon, agreed to by the Selectors, costs to be met by the owner. The Selectors may require a full blood test and disclosure of any drugs that short-listed horses/ponies may be receiving (this will be entirely confidential). For ponies it will be a requirement, with the onus on the rider, to have all F.E.I. papers/height certificates upto-date for 2007 and to make sure that their ponies currently measure 148 cm or under. The ponies may be required to be measured on site at International competitions. As from 1 January 2005 horses/ponies competing in F.E.I. competitions both in their home country and abroad will be required to have a six monthly influenza vaccination in their F.E.I. passport. SELECTION OF THE TEAMS The Selectors will meet in order to select from any of the riders and horses/ponies that have fulfilled the selection criteria. Squads will only be selected once the Selectors are in total agreement and can support the squad 100%. Advice from the Chef d’Equipe, Team Trainer, Vet and Farrier will be sought, where necessary. Team Running Order. The Selectors in conjunction with the Team Trainer will decide the team running order and individual riders and the Chef d’Equipe will inform riders and owners accordingly. ANNOUNCEMENT OF TEAMS The Selectors reserve the right to finalise the team at the last practicable date if they feel this in the best interests of achieving their over-riding aim. Acceptance of a place on a Team will be deemed as an acceptance of this policy. Ponies A short list will be announced after Somerford Park Premier League and the announcement of the teams will be made mid June 2007 by letter to riders. Juniors & Young Riders A short list will be announced at the end of May and the announcement of the teams will be made during the third week of June 2007 by letter to riders. FITNESS Although good results at the Premier League competitions are important the onus is on the riders not to over campaign. It is important that riders plan ahead so they and their horse/pony are in the best form for the compulsory Premier League venues listed, as permission for absence will only be made on production of a veterinary or doctor’s certificate. SELECTION EVENTS If dates of the compulsory selection venues clash with International competition dates, attendance at the International show will take precedence, if required and agreed previously by the Selectors.


Pony Rider Team Requirements It will be compulsory for pony riders to compete at two out of the four named Premier League shows below to be considered for a team. Riders will be expected to compete and only under exceptional circumstances (expressed in writing and agreed to by the Selectors) will this obligation be waived. Selectors or designated/appointed representatives will be present at these compulsory selection venues. The Selection Venues for Ponies for 2007 will be as follows:24 / 25 March 6 - 8 April 20 - 22 April 18 - 20 May 1 - 3 June Sheepgate Equestrian Under 25’s Show, Boston, Lincolnshire. CDIP Addington Manor Eq. Centre, Buckingham (by invitation only). Premier League at The College Equestrian Centre, Bedfordshire. Premier League at Addington Manor Eq. Centre, Buckingham, Bucks. Premier League at Somerford Park, Congleton, Cheshire.

Junior & Young Rider Team Requirements It is up to those with team ambitions to compete in F.E.I. tests plus Advanced Medium (Juniors), Prix St Georges (YR), in as many Premier League competitions as possible. Selectors or designated observers will be attending the Premier Leagues – and of course results will be registered, considered and taken into account. As the Kur is now an integral part of International competitions Juniors and Young Riders are advised to gain Kur experience whenever possible. THE SQUADS Pony, Junior & Young Rider Squads, as from 1 January 2007 will be:The International Squad will be for combinations achieving or in the Selectors opinion, capable of regularly achieving 68% in F.E.I. tests or above. Pony Riders Junior Riders Young Riders 68% at Medium or F.E.I. level and above 67% at Advanced Medium or above 67% at Prix St Georges or above will be considered

One isolated high percentage will not lead to automatic inclusion in the Championship Squad. The squads will be under scrutiny throughout the season and inclusion in a squad will not necessarily lead to selection in a team. Based on performance, commitment, attitude and improvement throughout the season, or when riders change ponies/horses, alterations to the squad listings may be made at the Selectors request. It must be understood that riders may use Trainers of their own choice, but at Team Training sessions and Championships rider’s individual trainers will be expected to work TOGETHER with the nominated Team Trainer. F.E.I. QUALIFICATION SYSTEM FOR JUNIOR / YOUNG RIDER EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007 The Selectors draw your attention to the qualification system that the F.E.I. have introduced for Juniors and Young Riders for their respective European Championship as detailed below:Juniors Each combination (rider and horse) will now have to attain one final percentage score of at least 60% or above in a Junior Team or Individual Competition test at a CDIJ including the 2006 Junior European Championship, from 1 January 2006 until 24 June 2007.


Young Riders Each combination (rider and horse) will now have to attain one final percentage score of at least 60% or above in a Young Rider Team or Prix St Georges test at a CDIY including the 2006 Young Rider European Championship, or one final percentage score of 60% in a Prix St Georges test at a CDI, from 1 January 2006 until 24 June 2007. For those riders who will compete as Young Riders for the first time in 2007, one final percentage score of at least 60% in a Junior Team or Individual competition test at a CDIJ including the 2006 Junior European Championship, from 1 January until 31 December 2006 will also be accepted. FINANCE All International competitions with the exception of the European Championships will be entirely s elf-funded in the year 2007. Chef d’Equipe’s will be named to travel to international competitions and their costs will need to be covered by contributions from the riders, with the exception of the European Championships. RULES Under F.E.I. rules you are not allowed Whips or Commanders. A breakdown of these rules can be obtained from Karen Ryder at British Dressage by sending in an A5 S.A.E. WEIGHTING International Shows. Most weight will be given to results at International shows with FEI Internation al Official Judges. The Under 21 Selectors reserve the right to nominate specific shows for compulsory attendance if required. PROGRESS The Chief Selector and Selectors will continually discuss individual riders’ and horses’ progress. MODIFICATIONS / EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES The Selection Policy criteria may be modified at the relevant Selection Committee’s discretion and reasonable efforts will be made to inform riders of such change. The right is reserved in exceptional circumstances to waive or modify any of the selection criteria in order to enhance the likelihood of achieving the stated goals. If the decision is made to change a Team member for a reserve then this issue must be handled in a very sensitive and sympathetic manner. SUBSTITUTION The Selectors may substitute a Team member for a Reserve between the announcement of the Team to 1 hour before the Veterinary Inspection at the European Championships. However the reason for a substitution must be only because either there is a strong veterinary case for substitution or the performance of the Team member has dropped off to such an extent that for the success of the Team a substitution is vital. The latter situation will almost certainly occur as a result of a veterinary problem which it may or may not be possible to define given the time/resources available at the time. CHANGES IN POLICY The Selectors will have the right to amend or change selection policies where necessary at any time in order to fulfil the objectives of the Selection Policy as long as these changes and amendments are clearly communicated to all parties.


WEATHER It is presumed that the weather conditions likely at the Championships have been considered in selection. However, should there be drastic change for some reason there might be cause for alterations to be made to the squad in which case everyone concerned will be notified and the explanation given as soon as convenient. CANCELLATION / POSTPONEMENT In the event of cancellation the relevant parties will be notified straightaway. In the event of postponement a situation might arise where a new and/or different squad needs to be selected in which case all parties will be notified and normal procedure for selection will be followed. FORCE MAJEURE If, for some reason, beyond the NGB’s control e.g. disease outbreak in horses or humans, war or terrorism, the British Dressage Board might make the decision either to change the selection policy or procedure which might include withdrawing the British Team’s. VETERINARY Short Listed riders must notify their relevant Chief Selector and the Team Vet of any change in their pony/horse’s health status or veterinary management immediately. DISCRETION The Selectors are entitled within this selection procedure to use their discretion to select combinations onto Teams provided that they can demonstrate that any discretion used was arrived at through a process of integrity where the information used and procedures taken were perfectly reasonable and justifiable. CODE OF CONDUCT / TEAM / INDIVIDUAL MEMBER AGREEMENT When selecting the team, the Chief Selector and Selectors will take into consideration, not just the statistical results but also the willingness of the rider to co-operate with the development of excellence in Dressage and maintenance and development of the reputation of the team. Each International rider whether an individual or member of a team will need to sign the Team / Individual member agreement before they are to compete. COMMUNICATION CONSULTATION The British Dressage Selection Policy is formulated in agreement and consultation with the BD Board, Selectors, Riders, Performance Director and Chief Selector’s. PUBLICATION / CIRCULATION The Selection Policy will be placed on the BD/BEF Website, in the British Dressage magazine and a copy will be sent to all International Riders. Copies will be available on request from the BD office. ENQUIRIES Enquiries about the Selection Policy can be made either in writing or on the telephone to the BD office or relevant Chief Selector. CHANGES TO SELECTION POLICY Changes will be communicated in writing as above, in the BD magazine, on the website and at Rider meetings at Squad Training sessions.


POINTS OF CONTACT The key points of contact relating to this Selection Policy are: Chair of Selectors, Chief Selector at relevant level, BD Under 21’s Co-ordinator. APPEALS PROCESS AND PROCEDURES Riders have the right to appeal against the decision of the selectors. Appeals must be made in writing within 48 hrs of the announcements. Appeals must be sent to the Chief Executive of British Dressage. If the Chief Executive is not able to satisfy the appellant’s concerns the appeal will be forwarded to the BEF. The processes and procedures of the BEF Appeals process are set out in the BEF Rule Book.



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