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Ideals Project in Zambia

Rob Day (Sport in Action) and Charlie McGrath (Edusport) - Hi all, I hope everyone is fine and settled back to their home life, I understand everyone will be missing me and Charlie very much however be safe in the knowledge that we are thinking of you all and hope that it will not be too long until we meet again! It has once again been a very busy schedule with the induction, Livingstone weekend, and the students into their placement areas. The induction week was very successful and the students adapted quickly to the couple of days they spent in their placements and also to the Zambian way of life particularly the buses. Livingstone as always was amazing and enjoyed by all, great for the group to get to know each other. The first few in days at placements have gone very well, the group have prepared well for their sessions and have worked hard to get off to a good start. There was a football clinic this weekend, it was good to see progression in the activities and drills. Having group 1 setting a good standard and teaching the basics, it was important that the clinic moved into more technical and advanced drills. The clinic included a tactics session by Matt and Josh, and positioning run by Chris and Ollie. Everyone involved did brilliant and their effort was very much appreciated by the children. What was even more pleasing was England won the world cup this time, possibly down to biased refereeing from Ryan. Claudio certainly wasn't happy Portugal only managed 2nd place! Hope you all enjoy the updates!

Mollie Pearse, Durham - Munali site/ Special Olympic Project All has been a little crazy so far due to introductions and holidays etc. Last Monday was my first session which was in the form of an SAQ workshop for the peer leaders, all was received really well and ideas are now being implemented in the majority of placements with the hope of further improving skill level. Sessions at Munali have been slightly hit and miss due to the holidays; baseball and football have run smoothly but the netball girls are yet to materialise! I have been assured that they will be there with bells on tomorrow (Monday). I am also working with the athletes that have been selected to go out to Shanghai to the Special Olympics, had one session so far which was awesome and we are starting their new timetable tomorrow. In terms of extra-curricular we played a netball match against the Lusaka Ladies on Friday amazing!! We have more fixtures this week so will keep you updated, we are hoping the standard doesn't remain quite so high, a few less national players may help our chances. Sporting excellence Excellence through a team approach Equity The development and education of people Direction & focus

OUR BUSINESS IS PEOPLE OUR MISSION: SPORTING EXCELLENCE - DEVELOPING SPORTING EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING WE DO - DELIVERING EXCELLENCE THROUGH A TEAM APPROACH Sammy and Frivious are legends and a pleasure to work with Jane Verity, Durham. Mtendere site/ Fountain of Hope. I have a regular timetable of netball sessions that have been running since last week, all seems pretty organised and well implemented. I'm at Mtendere three afternoons a week working with the same girls, who have obviously played together as a team before, between the ages of 12-15, they're really keen and amazingly talented. It's a shame that my placement has begun during the holidays, because most of the girls are away, the most I've had turn up so far is 10, but I've been assured there's normally about 60 of them during term time, which should be interesting. We're trying to organise regular matches for them, beginning with a mini-tournament next Friday against a couple of the teams of the other girls in the house. There doesn't seem to be a regular peer leader for netball, due to the recent departure of Florence the female teacher, which isn't a problem so far, but maybe this is something I could look to change by the end of the 4 weeks. Things are less organised at Fountain of Hope, girls' attendance at sessions being quite erratic due to classes and exams, but the sessions I have conducted with Emily have been very productive. PLEASE CHANGE MY EMAIL TO

Ryan Coombs, Bath - Kalingalinga site We have run the first week on our community timetable featuring rugby, volleyball football and netball sessions. The kids are showing great progression especially in volleyball, many are now confident with setting and digging and showing good footwork. Although we are limited by equipment we are managing to occupy large numbers of children for up to 2 hours at a time due to excellent teamwork amongst the peer leaders, the relationship. Friday was particularly successful with 4 different activities running simultaneously. The targets for next week involve progressing towards more team based training sessions especially for football.

Katherine Fewtrell, Durham - Chipata I have just finished the first week of sessions at Chipata where the main sports are Netball, Volleyball and Football. I myself am coaching Netball and a little Volleyball. The sessions have so far gone very well and have found the children to be responsive and hard working. Next week I am going to begin tennis sessions at Chipata which has not previously been done and am hoping that they will also be a success. I am working with Pearson who has been awesome and a great support throughout. My aims for the next few weeks are to structure my netball sessions towards strengthening the Chipata Netball team for the Wallace tournament at the end of the placement. Problems encountered so far are a lack of equipment although space available (courts etc) is good. Attempting to avoid sessions running on "Zambian time" has also been a challenge. Overall my experience so far has been very enjoyable and the group have bonded really well. My current email address is (please delete Durham email as it no longer exists.)

Chris Stott, Loughborough - Chawama It has been a fun couple of weeks which have been very hectic but enjoyable, however like everyone else I was excited about starting my placement at Chawama. The main sports at this compound are volleyball, football and netball, spread across a total of 8 schools.

Sporting excellence Excellence through a team approach Equity The development and education of people Direction & focus

OUR BUSINESS IS PEOPLE OUR MISSION: SPORTING EXCELLENCE - DEVELOPING SPORTING EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING WE DO - DELIVERING EXCELLENCE THROUGH A TEAM APPROACH Unfortunately, like many of the other placements, it is the school holidays so many of the children are not around but the sessions we have had have been extremely well received by the children, with a few sessions not running at all. We have only had one volleyball session, a few football sessions and a netball session with the girls from Chawama Holy Family compound which was awesome training for the girls with hopefully many friendlies coming up. The peer leaders, Justin, Sharon and all the others who help us regularly have helped Rona and I to settle in very quickly and we feel comfortable in the environment, with Rona it seems attempting to set up her own Scottish dancing club (that was an eventful lunchtime!) We haven't had many problems so far, apart from the odd car or truck driving across the playing field at Cobet which is always interesting!

Matthew Maguire, Bath - Bauleni I have spent the week working at Bauleni community, working currently on traditional Zambian games and football. I started by helping the coach with the under 10's and 12's, but have moved on to delivering sessions on my own, particularly in the mornings. I am very excited about these two teams mainly, who possess some of the most gifted footballers I have seen, although lack knowledge tactically. I am looking forward to the challenge of helping them improve. Over the coming weeks, Karen and I are going to attempt to move the traditional Zambian games into more sport-specific skills, which the whole community can join in. Sam, the peer leader has been influential, particularly because KK and Philip, the two other peer leaders have been really busy at a seminar. Other people in the community have also been amazing, and I am really excited about the next four weeks.

Rona McIntosh, Stirling - Chawama I have been working in the community of Chawama in a number of different schools for just under a week. Chris and I are working alongside a number of peer leaders (Justin, John and Rogers) as well as the community coordinator Sharon who have all been very welcoming and have helped us to settle in within the community. In the first few days of the placement we were getting involved and observing Justin's sessions. We have now moved on to coaching a number of sports at the various schools, mainly volleyball, football and netball. We have also become involved with the community football sessions and are helping the community coach with taking the girls football sessions. I am really looking forward to getting more involved with the coaching within the various schools, getting to know the kids better and helping to progress the teams we are working with. The placement has been very rewarding so far! The only slight technical hitch so far has been playing my first ever game of netball against Lusaka women's team and loosing very badly (I think I might stick to athletics and football!!!!)

Michael McChord, Stirling - Chilenje Zambia is amazing! Every part of my Zambia experience has been new and exiting. My time is split between Chilenje Community Ground, Chilenje High School and Mkandawire teaching football, netball and volleyball, however in reality it seems to be quite football dominated with further emphasis on movement games with an educational message. All the kids are really talented and have great potential however the challenge is getting them to work as a team and keep discipline. It is challenging trying to implement group discussions about HIV/AIDS and gender empowerment but I am relishing this challenge and am optimistic about my ability to make a difference in the coming weeks.

Sporting excellence Excellence through a team approach Equity The development and education of people Direction & focus

OUR BUSINESS IS PEOPLE OUR MISSION: SPORTING EXCELLENCE - DEVELOPING SPORTING EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING WE DO - DELIVERING EXCELLENCE THROUGH A TEAM APPROACH Kelly Rowlands, UWIC - Kalingalinga Starting to settle down into the timetable at kalingalinga after a hectic few weeks!! Had a very successful first week with the number of children participating increasing daily. The first session we delivered was rugby (which I was very excited about). It went well and the children were very enthusiastic but it was a bit of a challenge to keep them away from the football for very long!! They are making great progress in volleyball and had the best session yet on Friday, which was followed by Ryan being mobbed!! The peer leaders are great; they are seriously like celebrities to the children. We are learning from them everyday and hopefully they are doing the same. Played my first game of netball in 3 years. Let’s just say I'll stick to rugby!!!! Looking forward to helping the children progress with their football and volleyball ready for the tournament and hopefully retaining our champion's title!!!!

Emily Creek, Durham - Fountain of Hope. Having watched the girls in the first Wallace Tournament and spoken with Lauren, their previous coach, I am confident that I have identified the key areas for improvement in their play. I spoke with the girls at our first session about the reasons they did not do as well in the tournament as expected. The main issues that arose from the discussion were lack of team spirit, a tendency towards overly aggressive play and a disregard for the umpire and coaches' authority. I have explained to the girls that if they do not work on these areas they will not achieve their full potential as a team and they appear so far to have taken this on board. I have had no problems getting the girls to respond to what I am teaching them and they have so far been encouragingly attentive and are learning new skills with impressive ease due to their focus. If the girls continue to progress in this way and to stick to the discipline rules I have set I plan to organise some challenging friendlies for them before the tournament to stretch their abilities. Turnout is the only major issue at the moment but I hope this will improve in the following weeks. Rob is now taking football sessions with the boys at Fountain and the first session this week went very well. Hopefully the boys will progress enough to bring a team to the tournament. CURRENT EMAIL: (Durham email deleted).

Lara Bates, Stirling University - Chipata The first two weeks of my Zambian experience have been amazing. Having spent last weekend in Livingstone doing activities that I would never believe I would do, such as the Gorge swing, being in Zambia has already become an amazing adventure for me with still 4 weeks to go. I am currently working in the community of Chipata, where I am teaching a variety of sports. I am mainly teaching Football and Netball, which are proving to be a challenge, since I have little experience in Netball. However, I am learning more and more each day from the other students in the house. Within the past week I have been settling down in my placement and starting to follow a more consistent timetable. I am also very excited for the week to come because I have been given the opportunity to teach Tennis at Chipata, which is a sport I love to coach, and to be able to pass on my knowledge to the children gives me a sense of well being. When the children return to school in a few weeks time, I am hoping to also coach Hockey to the children of Munali school, which is another of my favourite sports which I excel in. The children I am teaching are absolutely amazing, and are very responsive and are fantastic to teach. My aim is to build on their skills and knowledge of the sports I am teaching in time for the Wallace Tournament, which I am thoroughly looking forward to after the positive feedback from the last group. Sporting excellence Excellence through a team approach Equity The development and education of people Direction & focus

OUR BUSINESS IS PEOPLE OUR MISSION: SPORTING EXCELLENCE - DEVELOPING SPORTING EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING WE DO - DELIVERING EXCELLENCE THROUGH A TEAM APPROACH Overall, I am very fortunate to be working at such an amazing school with such a supportive peer leader, Pierson, who is fantastic to work with and I am learning from him everyday. He is so enthusiastic with the children, which creates an enjoyable environment for learning

Oli Linton - Chibolya I have been working in chibolya, we've been teaching football, netball, cricket and we just started to introduce volleyball to the children. Sessions have been going well. Football has been awesome with the u12's playing the u14's on Friday and losing on penalties after normal time and extra time, so was really awesome to see the game. Hoping for the rest of the guys to have a u12 football team so we can have u12's at the Wallace tournament. Netball has been a bit of a struggle as only having 5-6 girls to the sessions. Volleyball has been going well, but mainly having very young children, as the sport is not very established but are waiting to receive a net from sport in action. My second placement is Munali but have not been able to attend yet due to a hectic schedule but I am hoping to start a hockey team here with Lara. This should be awesome as will be a new sport for the children to carry on once we have left. Having a wicked time so far and has been an awesome experience. Livingstone was awesome not only to see another part of the world but mainly bonding as a team and getting to no everyone really well. Starting cricket tomorrow so hoping to report on some more positive comments next week.

Sporting excellence Excellence through a team approach Equity The development and education of people Direction & focus

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