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									T2C1 by Kuan Wei “Look!” I exclaimed. A flock of colourful birds flew across the azure sky. Birds chirping on terrific trees, people talking and children squealing in delight could be heard in the streets. It was indeed a beautiful day. Happened that my father was on leave that day, he proposed that the whole family should proceed to the beach instead of shopping. Upon our arrival at the beach, we spotted a shady place. We lay the mat on the fine sand and placed the basket of delectable snacks that we brought along. My siblings and I were happily playing at the seaside, busy building sandcastles. Just then, I saw a group of people looking out towards the sea. They were shouting and pointing at someone in the water. Curiosity got the better of me and I stood up. I strained my eyes, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. A movie-like scene greeted my eyes. A young boy was drowning! Upon seeing that horrifying scene, I took to my heels and dived into the sea. I swam farther and farther away from the shore. With some difficulties, I managed to reach out to that boy. I could hear my heart palpitating. However, it was a sigh of relief when I managed to reach out to the boy. In that instant moment, I thought the worst was over. Suddenly, the sky turned grey, I could hear the howling of the wind and needless to say, the waves was strong. Worst of all, the currant was against us. That made it more difficult for me to bring that boy back to shore. Fortunately, there was a speed boat that came to our rescue. Both of us were pulled up by one muscular man in that boat. When we reached the shore, the on-lookers applaused and commented on my bravery. Contrary to that, both my parents were very upset as they felt that I should have approached them for help and not took it upon myself to save that boy. That boy’s parents were nowhere to be found. As no one acknowledged him, we deduced that he was on his own at the beach. My father dialed the ambulance. Within minutes the ambulance arrived and took that boy to the hospital. As I was too exhausted, I took a nap under the shady tree and by the time I woke up, it was time to go home.

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