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Corner 2 Corner Hook by fionan


									Corner 2 Corner Hook

At last! Hang party decorations without destroying walls!!
Having a Birthday party or entertaining at home? Celebrating the holidays? It takes only seconds to make it more festive with C2C décor Hooks. Decorate with ease without leaving a trace. With C2C Party Decoration Hooks you can decorate any room in seconds. Simply place two hooks on opposite wall corners close to the ceiling, string a thread or fishing line between the hooks and hang up to 4 pounds of decorations, lights, streamers, balloons, banners, flowers……..

How to use:

1. Press inwards

Four hooks in a set Holds up to 4 pounds Easy to use No holes in the wall No damage to painted surfaces Perfect for hanging paper lanterns, balloons, garlands and other party decorations Patent Pending

2. Place close to the ceiling on opposite corners. Release the hook.

3. Hang decorations e-mail:

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