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									As many of you know, Joe Hradil passed away suddenly at his home in Florida in February. He was 61. It was a shock to all of his family and friends. Although Joe suffered from Type I diabetes all of his adult life, it didn’t effect the vivacious way he lived his life. Joe’s accomplishments are many. He owned a successful brazing company in Plymouth for 30 years which grew from (1) 5000 square foot building to 3 buildings totaling over 20,000 square feet. In addition, there was Plant 2 in Westland solely for welding and assembly. Between the 2 locations, Solder Craft Inc., employed over 100 people. Joe sold Solder Craft in 1997 after 42 years of business. During those same years, Joe teamed up with a colleague, Heath Crysler. Joe was looking for ways to expand his customer base for Solder Craft, and Heath had many contacts in the Automotive/Trucking Industries. Together they convinced the Engineering people at Detroit Diesel Allison to utilize brazing in place of silver soldering. Joe and Heath were an unstoppable team. What began as a brazing service soon grew into a manufacturing company, which they named ‘Double H Manufacturing’ in 1982. Joe retired from Double H in 1992 and made the transition to snowbird in Florida. Joe had so many friends and acquaintances that will never forget him. He was a In his memory, his family has begun an annual Golf Outing, to be held at Coyote Golf Club on July 30th, 2007 to benefit children with Diabetes, through the American Diabetes Association. Download the attached file

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