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Duties 1. Plan ONE birthday party a month (the last Friday of each month) to celebrate all of the birthdays that occurred during the month. For the party we will need:  Snacks- Some good ideas for birthday treats are: cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, Popsicles, ice cream bars, Twinkies, ding-dongs and the like. If a treat will be messy, napkins are a necessity. Also, we have been instructed that we cannot have colored drinks in class for the carpet’s sake. White grape or apple juice drinks are acceptable as party drinks. There are 24 of us in the classroom including my aide.  Some very simple decorations – a banner or a few balloons.  One game to play as a class. Some suggestions may include pin-thetale-on-the-donkey, heads-up 7-up, hot-potato, or any other class game. 2. Call the parents of the children that had birthdays during that month and ask them if they would be willing to bring needed supplies.  Included in this folder is a list of the children’s birthdays by month and their phone numbers. If you are unable to find enough parents to support the birthday party then we can be contacted to make other arrangements.  Also, when you call the parents please ask them if they would like to attend the celebration. 3. Attend the birthday celebration if at all possible.  The celebration will run much smoother if you are present because you know what will be going on. You are the brains behind the plan.  If it is not possible for you to attend we would ask that you arrange for at least two other parents to be present.

Thank you so much for your time and the willingness to volunteer. This year would not run as smoothly without your help. You are greatly appreciated and the children will be extremely excited to enjoy what you arrange for the class!  Mrs. Iwata

Birthday List
September Jarrod Ludwick (Sept. 1) (Mom – Sondra Ludwick) Grant Richmond (Sept. 23) (Mom – DeAnna Richmond) Mei Mei Leonard (Sept. 29) (Mom – Cindra Leonard) October Avery Lawrence (Oct. 7) (Mom – Reagan Lawrence) Alyssa Newton (Oct. 13) (Mom – Kelly Newton) November Zach Tillema (Nov. 13) (Mom – Tammy Tillema) MacGregor Potter (Nov. 22) (Mom – Lisa Potter) December William Kendall (Dec. 9) (Mom – Joyce Kendall) January Matthew Leong (Jan. 2) (Mom – Carol Leong) Christian Williams (Jan. 2) (Mom – Peggy Williams) February Samantha Danchok (Feb. 20) (Mom – Sandra Danchok) March Megan McCourt (March 3) (Mom – Jennifer McCourt) Riley Nielsen (March 26) (Mom – Marcy Nielsen) Isaiah Patton (March 31) (Mom – Jina Patton) April Annie Lapp (April 6) (Mom – Kellie Lapp) 503-691-0568 503-925-1529 503-885-8217 503-266-5074 503-292-3259 503-579-2620 503-638-9099 503-650-2352 503-692-1614 503-620-3910 503-675-7631 503-692-0418 Phone Number 503-670-1079 503-625-7614 503-825-3031

May Luke Somerscales (May 20) (Mom – Jennifer Somerscales) June Daylen Mohr (June 1) (Mom – Natalie Mohr) Marchi Boggio (June 7) (Mom – Marcel Boggio) Alex Rose (June 19) (Mom – Shannon Rose) July Erin Boyle (July 18) (Mom – Rebekah Boyle) Kayla Dahlberg (July 22) (Mom – Suzanne Dahlberg) August None 503-625-3175 503-625-0226 Unpublished 503-625-7378 503-885-9169 503-682-8819

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