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									Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Michigan Board Meeting December 2, 2007, 8:00 p.m., Michigan League, Basement Food Court 1st draft
Officers: Keith Reisinger (President), Annette Kosin (Vice President), John Wu (Treasurer), Kasia Strzalkowski (Student Advocate), Matthew Gutchess (Secretary). Directors: Anastasia Alekseyev (Parties), Barry DeCicco (Facilities), Wenting Guo (Workshops), Alice Huang (Volunteer Teachers), Agnes Kucharski (co-Publicity), Lee May (Website, Scholarships), Robert Pinter (Music), Dennis Sherman (Off-Campus Publicity). Not Present: Yong McDowell (Curriculum), Rosalynne Pinga (Team Liaison), Anh Tran (coPublicity). Also present: Jason Wu, Team Vice-President.

1) Call to Order. At 8:09 p.m. a quorum was present and President Reisinger called the Meeting to order. 2) Agenda. Approved. 3) Review of November 2007 minutes. November 2007 minutes were approved with spelling corrections to two names. 4) Team Appropriation. Jason Wu presented a case to the Board requesting a $2000- appropriation from the Club. Jason stated that the Team has 58 returning members, and 90 beginners, more than ever before. Jason stated that the Team works to prepare students for enjoying ballroom dancing "for the long term". He said that money from the Club would be used to subsidize lesson costs, competition entrance fees, and dance shoes for students. Jason stated that the Team is preparing to host the 8th annual UM ballroom dancing competition February 9th and does not intend to borrow any money (usually $5000-) from the Club this year. RESOLVED that $2000- shall be appropriated immediately to the Team (5 FOR, 7 ABSTAIN). 5) Winter Party. Anastasia stated that an exact date for the party cannot be established without a schedule of Club room reservations. The Board seems to favor a more elaborate party at the end of the school year. Anastasia stated that she is considering hiring "Black Tie Entertainment", a four member band, at a cost of about $400 - $500, ordering about $1200 in hors d'oeuvres, punch and cheese platters, and spending about $200- on decorations within a party budget of $2000-. RESOLVED that the prices for the Winter 2008 party shall be $5 for students (members or not), $10- for non-student Members, and $15- for nonMembers 6) Facilities Status Update for Winter Term.

Barry DeCicco stated that he will publicize the Club's reservations soon. 7) Curriculum. RESOLVED that the Winter Semester 2008, three week sessions shall be January: International Fox Trot II, Hustle II, Tango I February: East Coast Swing III, American Fox Trot II, and Salsa I March: American Tango III, International Cha Cha II, and American Fox Trot I April: American Cha cha III, American Tango II, and American Rumba I. 8) Website Suggestions / Concerns. Lee May reported that the website is up to date and includes photographs from recent events. The website contains the Club Constitution, By-laws, and Minutes, names of Directors, the Club schedule, a Level 1 syllabus and part of a Level II syllabus in the International and American Styles. Dennis Sherman was concerned that the trial membership fee for non-members (currently $3) applies for one night, but is described on the website, as "one time". Lee stated that he would review the language. Note: the website states that it has been viewed 58,000+ times as of 1/5/2008. 9) Winter Workshop. Tabled until the schedule of reservations is available. 10) Music Equipment Proposal. Bob Pinter stated that there were no venders at the Ohio Star Ball in November - unusual. Bob stated that he is searching for a new wireless microphone supplier so that he can purchase a replacement for the Club. 11) Board Attendance Policy Proposal. Barry DeCicco asked if the impeachment policy for Board Members should be changed from three consecutive absences to two during the September - April academic year. The policy is part of the Club Constitution so changing it would require full Club approval. The Board may vote to excuse the absences. President Reisinger stated that he is planning on asking the Club in April at the General Meeting if the Constitution should be amended to strike the impeachment policy and move it to the Bylaws. Keith stated that the Constitution should describe the Club's creation and structure and the Bylaws should describe the Club's operations and that attendance is an operational matter. As a Bylaw, the policy can be modified by the Board. RESOLVED that the following amendment shall be proposed to the Club for a vote, "If a Board Member is absent from the Board Meetings twice during the regular academic year (September - April), a motion to remove from office automatically is made at the first meeting following the second absence." (11 FOR, 1 AGAINST). 12) Scholarships. Lee May stated that he is reconvening the Scholarship Committee.

Vice President Annette Kosin (also Team President) reported that the purpose of the Scholarship program has changed from one of recruiting or possibly recruiting students to the University of Michigan to one of promoting leadership within the Team and Club. As such there is no timeline constraints to advertise the scholarships when students are applying to colleges, and no need to advertise in the USABDA magazine. Lee proposed that $2000- be reserved for a 2008 - 2009 Scholarship fund. 13) Publicity. Agnes Kucharski stated that there is a massive rush of student groups half way through the year and that she would like to do some image advertising for the Club. Agnes discussed bus signs, diag boards and posters for general advertisements and $60 - $80 for posters for the winter party. For off-campus advertising for the February 9, 2008 competition, Agnes will provide Dennis Sherman with proofs. Kasia suggested a $500- budget. RESOLVED that $500- shall be appropriated for advertising expenses for the winter semester. 14) Volunteer Teacher Program. Alice Huang reported that the second audition for Volunteer Teachers was held in November for Team Members and that several Team Members participated. At the 10:30 p.m. audition Lee May was the only community member on the review panel. Alice stated that she is familiar enough with the Team to select instructors for the Club in case an individual did not audition in front of the panel. Alice stated that she focuses on individuals who can dance and teach with skill. President Reisinger stated that the next phase is to audit the classes and evaluate the teachers. 15) Treasurer's Report. Treasurer John Wu reported about $16000 in the Credit Union and SOAS accounts and referred to about $10000- in obligations and commitments (room rent, instructors, Team appropriation, party, 2007 - 2008 scholarships, music and equipment) for the semester. The Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m. Important future dates: Volunteer Teacher Auditions To be announced Board Meetings January 13, 2008, February 10, 2008, March 9, 2008, etc. Competition, 8th Annual Invitational February 9, 2008, Intramural Sports Building, all day Elections, General Meeting April 13, 2008 tentative date Party April 20, 2008 tentative date, costume theme {signed}

Matthew Gutchess, Secretary

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