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Art Titles
     Chris Drury - Silent Spaces Andy Goldsworthy - Hand To Earth Andy Goldsworthy - Stone Andy Goldsworthy - Wood Andy Goldsworthy - A Collaboration with Nature

Activity Titles
                   Joseph Cornell - Sharing the Joy of Nature Joseph Cornell- Sharing Nature with Children Institute for Earth Education- Earthwalks Kohl/ Gainer - Good Earth Art Ben Hunt- the Complete How-to Book of Indiancraft The Woodcraft Folk- Games Games Games Bright Ideas - Indoor and Outdoor Games Bright Ideas - Green School Bright Ideas - The Outdoor Classroom Pamela Mays - Teaching Children Through the Environment Carol Petrash- Earthwise Arts and Crafts with Young Children Gordon McClellan- Talking to the Earth RSPB- Environmental Games Guide RSPB- Guide to Environnetal Activities Indoors Alan Smith- Creative Outdoor Work with Children Alan Dearling- the New Youth Arts and Craft Book FSC- Exploring Our Environment Roma Oxford- Minibeast Magic: Kind Hearted Capture Techniques for Invertebrates BTCV Skelton Project – Flying Slug Activity Pack

Sustainable Development and Green Issues
       Michael Carley and Phillipe Spapens- Sharing the World Herbert Girardet- The Gaia Atlas of Cities Suffolk CC- Energy Education Resouce Pack WasteWatch- The Dustbin Pack Environmental Issues Within the Curriculum: A Teacher's Guide to Agenda 21 Michael Keating- Agenda for Change: Agenda 21 Explained Rescue Mission Planet Earth- A Children's Edition of Agneda 21

Language,Literacy, Numeracy
         Institute for Earth Education- The Earth Speaks Judith Nicholls- Earthways, Earthwise: Poems on Conservation World Wide Fund for Nature- The Green Umbrella: Language & the Environment KS2 World Wide Fund for Nature- Catching the Light: Language & the Environment at KS1 NAFSO- Literacy Through the Environment NAFSO- Numeracy Through the Environment NAFSO- Raising Achievement Through the Environment Brian Keaney- English in the School Grounds Carol Petrash- Earthwise Arts and Crafts with Young Children

Environmental Writing, Stories and Poems
   Institute for Earth Education- Talking to the Earth Judith Nicholls- Earthways, Earthwise: Poems on Conservation Robert Fisher- Minibeasts:A Book of Poems

      

Bang on the Door- The Story of Slug Bang on the Door- The Story of Spider Alex Johnston- Lifelines: Letters to Change the World Worldwise- Six Short Stories About People and Nature Leo Lionni- A Busy Year Dyan Sheldon and Gary Blythe- The Whales' Song Richard Fowler- Ladybird Moves Home

Greener Schools
       Wendy Titman and Learning Through Landscapes- Special Places, Special People RSPB- Wildlife & the School Environment BTCV- The Challenge of the Urban School Site BTCV- The Urban Handbook DETR- School Travel Resource Pack Friends of the Earth- The Walking Bus: a safe way for children to walk to school Tidy Britain Group- Eco Schools Guidebook

Reference Material
                             DK Eye Witness Guides - Amphibians DK Eye Witness Guides - Insect DK Eye Witness Guides - Butterfly and Moth DK Eye Witness Guides - Bird DK Eye Witness Guides - Mammal DK Eye Witness Guides - Flowers DK Eye Witness Guides - Tree DK Eye Witness Guides - Plant DK Eye Witness Guides - Arctic and Antarctic DK Eye Witness Guides - Ocean DK Eye Witness Guides - Seashore DK Eye Witness Guides - Jungle DK Eye Witness Guides - Desert DK Eye Witness Guides - Rock and Mineral DK Eye Witness Guides - Weather DK What's Inside? - Animal Homes DK What's Inside? - Insects DK Amazing - Animal Disguises DK Amazing - Insects DK See How they Grow - Butterflies DK See How They Grow - Frogs DK Eye Openers - Minibeasts DK Science Encyclopaedia DK Nature Encyclopaedia DK - The Natural History of the Oak Tree DK - Richard Orr's Amazing Nature Cross Sections Chris Baines - The Wildside of Town Readers Digest - Wildlife on your Doorstep J. & M. Massey - Finding Out About The Urban Environment

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