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									Milford Public Library 400 South 100 West Milford, Utah 84751


Milford Library Long Range Plan

Introduction This document was developed using a model called New Planning for Results (NPFR), a strategic planning process adopted by the Public Library Association. NPFR replaces older, longer planning projects. It is a streamlined approach intended to guide the development and implementation of activities for libraries large and small. At the core of NPFR is community input. The Milford Public Library Advisory Board selected 10 individuals from Milford to form a Planning Committee. This Committee generated vision statements, a current conditions analysis, and general library service responses to community needs. The Committee selected three library service responses from a standard eighteen that are used by libraries across the United States. A service response is simply defined as a way for a public library to address community needs. After adopting a service response, the library staff works out goals, objectives, and activities that relate to that service. In addition, the staff develops measureable user outcomes to assess the library’s success in meeting community needs during the implementation of the strategic plan.

About Out Community Milford is located in the western section of Beaver County, Utah. Situated on the West Side of the Tushar range of the Wasatch Mountains, Beaver County is rich in natural resources, and its history is a monument to the courage of its founders. Fertile, cultivated fields of grain and alfalfa, mining, livestock raising, dairy farming, and the Union Pacific Railroad are signs that the county is flourishing and an important part of Southern Utah. Milford City aggressively pursues an economic development program targeted to future growth. The city offers unique advantages to small and medium-sized industrial facilities as compared to other rural Utah communities. Our biggest advantage is the blue-collar nature of our community. Our current population is 1500, and growing. In the future, there will be a new hospital and the Plastic Company will be operating. The Milford Public Library was established in 1939.

Mission Statement The mission of the Milford Public Library is to create an environment to develop, advance, and provide library services and access to information.

Goal 1: Comfortable Place Residents of Milford actively seek a larger building for materials and computers, and space for reading and other library activities. Objectives: 1. More accessibility for people with disabilities. People with disabilities will be able to use the main entrance 2. Adequate parking 3. People can come in and read in a quiet area 4. The library areas are separate: a separate area for quiet reading and children’s 5. Increased access to technology/ computers Activities: 1. Enlist City Council’s help in discussing possible options for more space, by 2008 2. Work with City Management to secure a possible place 3. Remodel/ design to suit needs of the library 4. There will be at least 10 parking spaces 5. Move into new place Goal 2: Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue learning throughout their lives. Objectives: 1. People will find a newer collection of materials 2. Non-English speaking library users will have more materials available 3. Wait time on computers will decrease by using PC management software Activities: 1. Work on library website by FY 2008 2. Post audio books on website 3. Find a new area for bilingual books. 4. Increase bilingual books 100% by FY 2009 5. Work on grant options for PC management software 6. Get library cards to use on PC management software on computers and on future website 7. Starting in FY 2007/08 Library staff will access and weed 1/10th of the books per quarter Goal 3: Children’s—Create Young Readers Young residents will have the resources to help them succeed in school Objectives: 1. Collection of bilingual Easy Books will increase by 100% by end of FY 2009 2. Literacy program for 3rd and 4th graders 3. Improve seating for story hour—new seating for 25 kids Activities: 1. Area for Easy Books bilingual for children’s 2. Enlist 4-H to do a literacy program at library for 1 hour a week 3. Enlist the help of Boy Scouts to build risers for story hour


Milford Public Library Planning


LIBRARY SERVICE RESPONSE #2 Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning

LIBRARY SERVICE RESPONSE #3 Children’s- Create Young Readers To Help Succeed in School Send staff to Utah Kids… Training

STAFF (knowledge, skills, and abilities)

Training to design new library building

Staff needs more computer training Staff will prioritize time for weeding

COLLECTIONS (print, media, and electronic sources)

More audio books on CDs

Increase bilingual Easy Books

FACILITIES (Space, furniture, and equipment)

Space is needed. Area fore reading.

Quiet area for reading. Space for computer classes

Furniture for comfortable reading area for children

TECHNOLOGY (hardware, software, networks, and connectivity)

Need twice the amount of computers

Faster computers for Pioneer classes PC management system to control time

Computers with learning games for children


Topic on agenda for City Council meeting. Topic on agenda for Library Board meeting. Posting progress on City website and local media

Use City website at this time Resources available at library and in local media Post on future Milford Public Library website

Post progress on city website and local media

Acknowledgements Community Planning Committee Bryan Sherwood—Milford City Council Member Rick Chavez—Wells Fargo Bank Manager Paul Yee—Local business owner Dave Myers—Circle Four Karen Tubbs—Retiree Jeff Thomas—Local business owner Lorie Schow—Library Board of Trustees Member Sherri Yardley—Milford Public Library Librarian Margaret Miller—Milford Public Library Staff Ann Buffington—Milford Public Library Staff We appreciate the committee for their input for Milford Public Library Long Range Plan. This meeting was held at 7:00 p.m. on June 13, 2007, at the Milford Public Library. Special thanks to our Utah State Library Consultant Colleen Eggett, for conducting this meeting.

Milford Public Library Board of Trustees Nadine Jones—Chairman Beverly Davis—Vice Chairman Eugene Mayer Gary Madsen Nickole Montoya Jaynell Bailey Lori Coleman Lorie Schow

Milford City Council Eugene Mayer Bryan Sherwood Russell Smith Nolan Davis Troy Netto Cullen Carter

Milford City Manager Nedra Kennedy

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