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					A Follow up Training Programme on Communicating With Children and Managing Behaviour For Lunchtime Supervisors.
Aims: To maximise the effectiveness of the lunch hour and to update knowledge and skills acquired from the previous training in relation to: - The role of the worker. - Effective communication with children. - Encouraging good behaviour and challenging unacceptable behaviour. - Action points for good practice agreed upon between the staff group and the Headteacher

The Training
I am able to offer two models of follow-up training. The first involves direct observation of the lunchtime followed by a feedback session at a later date. A report with recommendations will be provided. This offers the lunchtime staff a chance to consolidate previous learning and the school an opportunity to review and maximise the effectiveness of their lunchtime practice. The cost is £300 The second involves a two and a half-hour session where lunchtime staff can review skills and work practice developed in previous training. Training methods employed in this programme are flexible and include group discussion, role-play and formal teaching. The cost is £200. I am a qualified social worker and free-lance trainer who is currently delivering this package to schools in Haringey, Enfield, Waltham Forest, Newham and Camden. I also offer training courses in a range of child related subjects.

Contact me on 020-8886-2161 or e-mail shirley @ crorose.eclipse.co.uk

For more information visit www.shirleyrose.co.uk

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