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					Supplementary Conditions (Disability Swimming) The general conditions for the Championships shall apply to the Multi-Disability Swimming events except where varied by any of the following conditions: The Events (Male & Female) 50m and 100m Freestyle S1-S14 200m Free S1-S14 400m Free S6-S14 50m Backstroke S1-S14 100m Backstroke S6-S14 50m Breaststroke SB1-SB9 & SB11-SB14 100m Breaststroke SB4-SB9 & SB11-SB14 50m Butterfly S1-S14 100m Butterfly S8-S14 150m Individual Medley SM1-SM4 200m Individual Medley SM5-SM14
(Amend/delete above as appropriate)

Eligibility  All competitors must have an authorised British Swimming or IPC Swimming classification, which is held on the British Swimming or IPC Swimming classification database at the time of entry.  All competitors must hold a current Functional Ability Card (FAC) at the time of entry.  A FAC application form can be obtained by completing and returning the FAC Application Form (available on the British Swimming website  All competitors must be registered as members of a swimming club affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Scottish ASA (SASA) or Welsh ASA (WASA) at the time of entry.  Qualifying times must have been achieved in the 12 months immediately preceding the closing date and may be achieved in either a long course or a short course pool. Times from time trials will not be allowed.  All classes of swimmers will swim together (Multi-Disability).  Competitors must be a minimum of 00 years of age as of (Amend/delete as appropriate)  Functional Ability Cards (FAC’s) must be submitted to the Recording Desk prior to the start of the session with the athletes’ first event. No further submission is required following this. Failure to do so will result in the swimmer being unable to race.  Finalists shall be determined by the top 6/8/10 British Disability Point scorers from the heats according to the competitors classification, the stroke and the distance. (Amend/delete as appropriate)  There will be the appropriate number of heats (dependent upon entries) and a final for each event (no semi-finals or B finals will be held). (Amend/delete as appropriate)  In the event of a dead heat of equal points which results in the number of finalists exceeding eight a swim-off shall take place to determine which of those swimmers shall go forward to the final. (Amend/delete as appropriate)

   

A minimum of 3 swimmers must progress from the heats for a final to take place. (Amend/delete as appropriate) Finals shall be seeded by time. The competition shall take place under the relevant IPC Swimming, Swimming Rules. The promoter reserves the right to combine events dependent on the number of entries.

Accreditation  All coaches and personal care attendants must have accreditation. Personal care attendants will only be permitted for swimmers in the following classes: S1, S2, S3, S4 and S11. Such attendants will be excluded from any restrictions and will be given the same accreditation as the swimmer for whom they have personal care responsibilities.  A swimmer in any of the classes as specified above may have both a coach and a personal care attendant present. The first accreditation will be at a charge of £00 (Amend as appropriate). The second accreditation will be free of charge. All applications for both coaches and carers must be made to (Add as appropriate) on the official form supplied. Two passport size photographs (Amend as appropriate) will be required for each pass. All coaches, chaperones and personal care attendants must conform with the ASA child protection procedures. Medals  Medals shall be awarded on a multi-disability basis to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event. Medals shall be awarded to the top three British Disability Point scorers in each event. If there are less than four competitors in any one event then a minus one ruling shall apply. If there is only one competitor in an event then a medal shall be awarded if he/she breaks the British record, for their classification. Medals shall be awarded during the relevant session that the event has taken place. All swimmers shall be required to present themselves to the awards steward when notified. (Amend/delete as appropriate) Programming Events to take place on 00 (Amend/delete as appropriate) consecutive days (Give Date) within the swimming programme as follows: Day 1
E.g. Men’s and Women’s 200m Individual Medley - Heats & Finals

Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

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