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									For the past 5 years the Robert August Surf Company have conducted a company-wide fundraising effort which have supported local Costa Rica charities such as; The Orphanage of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia or PANI); The Grammar School at Villa Real Costa Rica; and The Lifeguards of Tamarindo. In 2005 the Annual Surf n Turf collectively raised $23,000 via proceeds from the Golf and Surf contests, along with silent auctions, raffles and donations. The highlights of the fundraising events from 2005 outside of the competition involved: a Salsa Dance Contest; Bikini/Beauty Contest; Fashion Show by local surf shops; Prize Raffles; and Silent Auction in which 100% of the proceeds went toward the noted beneficiaries. Participants involved in the 2005 Surf n Turf were required to both Golf and Surf, as Robert was looking to crown a champion of the best overall Golfer/Surfer. Accommodated by the Best Western Vista Villas later that week, results of the competition were announced by the lovely Ms. Robert August 2005 Bikini Contest winner, along with the many other prizes and awards engaged within the weeks events. In following, the presentation of the events fundraising results were touched by all of who where there of how sincerely humble, and dearly grateful the beneficiaries were to the cause of the charity’s occasion.

Goals and Objectives for the Endless Fun Productions Robert August Surf n Turf 2006
As we embark on our 6th year, the Endless Fun Productions Robert August Surf n Turf’s Goal and Objective is raise over $20,000 to support following three local charities:    The Orphanage of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia or PANI) a shelter facility for children from 11 years old placed there due to family problems within the home. The Grammar School at Villa Real, Costa Rica Lifeguards of Tamarindo

Once again, on April 6th – 10th, this year’s host will be the Best Western Vista Villas of Tamarindo. Major players to take part of this charity event include renowned surf legends Robert August, Mark Martinson, Robert ―Wingnut‖ Weaver, and friends hailed from as far as Australia, California and Japan. Highlights of this years fundraising events include: a 4-Man Best Ball Format; Surf Contest; Salsa Dance Contest; Bikini/Beauty Contest; Fashion Show by local surf shops; Prize Raffles; and Silent Auction, in which all benefit the beneficiaries with 100% of the proceeds to be donated. Sponsors of the Robert August Surf n Turf 2006 thus far include: The Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas; Hacienda Pinilla Golf & Beach Resort; TaylorMade; SurfTech USA; Century 21 Coastal Estates; Spanners Co.; Duke’s Huntington Beach; Reactor Watches; Billabong USA; O’Neill; Essence Day Spa; High Tide Surf Shop; The Lazy Wave; Lola’s On the Beach; Sueno del Mar; Blue Dolphin Catamaran; Pasa Tiempo; Iguana Surf; Devoe Family Automotive; Drl Cindee; and the Robert August Surf Shop of Tamarindo.

Promotion Activities
T.V. Magazine Web / Streamed Video Fuel, Fox Sports Espanol Longboard Magazine, Surfer, Eastern Surf Magazine www.robertaugust.com, www.opticalvisions.com, www.surftech.com www.endlessfun.com www.surfline.com Logos printed on Flyers and Posters distributed to over 400 surf shops around the globe. RobertAugust.com, Surftech.com and Endless Fun Productions. Distributed Through Websites and Surf Shops

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Surf N Turf DVD

Sponsor Giveaway at Surf/Golf contests (product) Banner of Company Logo at all contests and award ceremonies Placement on Surf N Turf T-shirt Opportunity to sponsor specific events i.e. Bikini Contest, Salsa Contest and Sunset Cruise Accolades at each contest by MC

Website Exposure Surfline.com
Surfline.com is the most popular board sports websight in the world. There are more than 2.2 million surfers in the United States. Imagine having a conversation with over 50,000 of them each and every day. Surfers of all ages use Surfline.com Over 10 million monthly page views. Over 1 million monthly unique users. 90% male users. Average age of 27. Average time spent on site on site. 6 minutes. Household income, $65,000 28% make over $100,000

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Reaches an additional 12,800 per month 16 wave faxes a month.

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Long Boarders Magazine circulation covers the broadcast demographic of any surf periodical. The male readership spans Gen Y, Gen X and boomers. The female readership is growing fast. Long Board Magazine has held its advertising rates constant for three years, and offers the most efficient CPM of any U.S- based surf magazine. Long Board Magazine is now in its second decade of publication as one of the last remaining independent, surfer owned and operated board sports magazines. The publication has established a solid and committed readership, and delivers a unique market segment with the proven purchasing power that a surf industry advertiser cannot afford to ignore. Demographics Gender: Male: Female: Age: Lifestyle: 53% Skateboard 75% Ski / Snowboard 43% Mountain Bike 73% Body Board, Wake Board, Jet Ski, Sail 85% 15% 15-55 Readers: 33% Subscriptions 48% Newsstands 19% Surf shops Circulation Breakdown: 47% California 12% Hawaii 1.1% Northwest 3% Gulf Coast 23% North East Coast 2.3% South East Coast

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Circulation Total circulation: 170,000 Total paid circulation: 108,300 Subscribers: 78,600 Newsstand / Surf shop sales: 29,700 Trade / Miscellaneous copies: 5,800 Circulation by Region West Coast: East Coast: Central U.S: Foreign: Hawaii: 45% 32% 5% 10% 8%

Demographics Age: Median Age: 14 and under: 15-17: 18-20: 21- 24: 25- 30: 31- 34: 35- 44: 45 and over: Sex: Male: Female: 85% 15%

21 10% 20% 17% 16% 12% 9% 11% 5%

Market Demographics
Trend Setters In Surfing Industry Sports / Water Sports Fashion Entertainment Internet Savvy Surf Industry Market Family Sport Well Rounded Up Scale Savvy Opinion Leaders Among there Peers 10 – 20 years old 20 – 40 years of age 40 – Older Gender Male Female 65% 35% 26% 30% 44% They Are Also Reachable Interested Impressionable Empowered / Spending Power Age Demographics

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Fox Sports en Español scored high as a media brand among urban Hispanics that could benefit advertisers from the network's marketing strategies that target the Spanishdominant segment of the Hispanic market. Fox Sports International is an international sports programming and production entity housed within the Fox Cable Networks Group, one of the major operating units within Fox Entertainment Group (NYSE:FOX) and News Corporation (NYSE:NWS). FSI operates the programming services Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports Middle East, as well as a London-based programming syndication sales division, and is partnered with Global Television in Fox Sports World Canada. In 2002 it joined with Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. and Liberty Media Corporation to form Fox Pan American Sports LLC, one of the world's largest Spanish-language sports operations and programming ventures, spanning North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Through this joint venture, FSI manages the U.S. Spanish-language sports network Fox Sports en Espanol.

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Surf Shops
#1. 17th street Surf Shop, Virginia Beach, #2. 3 Core Surf Shop, Los Angeles, California #3. Air and Speed Board Shop, Monterey, California #4. All Surf Industry, Portland, Oregon #5. Aqua East Surf Shop, Jacksonville #6. Atlantic Beach Surf Shop, North Carolina #7. Bandai Surf Shop, Tokyo #8. BC Surf And Sport, British Columbia #9. Beach Break Surf Shop, Galveston, Texas #10. Beach Break Surf Shop, Jupitor, Florida #11. Burmudez Surf Shop, Bahamas #12. Berts Surf Shop, Kingston, South Carolina #13. Blackies Surf Shop #14. Blue Sky Surf Shop #15. Boardinghouse Surf Shop, Massachusetts #16. Board sports Surf Shop, Miami #17. Boulder Outdoor Center #18. Brave New World Surf Shop, New York #19. Cannon Beach Surf Shop #20.Charleston Watersport Outfitters #21. Cheeka-Looka Surf Shop, Hamptons, New York #22. Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop, Hamptons, New York #23. Corner Sports Center #24. Corrola Surf Shop, North Carolina #25. Dukes Restaurant, Huntington beach, California #26. E/T surfboards, Just Longboards #27. East of Maui Surf Shop / Annopolis #28. East of Maui Surf Shop / Dewey Beach #29. Eastern Edge Surf Shop #30. Elemental Surf And Skate #31. Espos Surf And Sport, East Hamptons, New York #32. Extreme Sports Maui, #33. Fairmans Surf Shop #34. Farias Surf And Sport #35. Fluid Surf Shop #36. Force 5 watersports, Nantucket #37. Greenhouse Board Shop, Arcata, CA #38. Half Moon Outfitters, Charleston #39. Hansens Surf Shop, Ca #40. Hawaiian South Shore Surf Shop #41. Head Shop Surf Shop #42. Heritage Surf And Sport #43. Home Care Supply #44. Honolua Surf Company #44. Huntington Surf And Sport #45. Inflight, Seal Beach, CA #46. Inland Surf Shop, San Diego, CA #47. Inlet Charleys Surf Shop #48. Island Style, Seabright, New Jersey #49. Island Style / On The Beach #50. Island Surf, West Hamptons, New York #51. Island Water Sports #52. Jet Set, Granada Hills, CA #53. Jolly Roger Surf #54. Kanvas By Katin INC, Surfside, CA #55. Kelly Boys Surf And Sport, Ltd #56. Lincoln City Surf Shop #57. Liquid Dreams #58. Log Shop, Ogenquit, ME #59. Longbaord House, Tampa Florida #60. Mad Paddlers, Tampa #61. Main Beach Surf And Sport

#62 Malibu’s, Ocean City, MD #63. Mission Beach Club, San Diego, CA #64. Moose County, Portland, Oregon #65. Morro Bay Surf Shop #67. Mr. Surf Shop #68. Nauset Sports, INC #69. New School, Sayville, New York #70. Nine Star, Los Angeles, CA #71. Northern Light Surf Shop #72. Northern Wave Surf Shop #73. Nosara Surf Shop, Nosara, Costa Rica #74. Oneil Surf Shop, Capitola, CA #75. Ocean Beach Surf Shop #76. Ocean Hut Surf Shop #77. Ocean Magic, Jupitor, Florida #78. Ocean Surf Shack, Jupitor, Florida #79. Ocean Surf Shop #80. Offshore Surf And Sport Ltd #81. Olde Naples Surf Shop #82. On The Beach Surf Shop, Monterey #83. Ono Surf Shop #84. Oregon Surf Shop #85. Pacific Beach Surf Shop #86. Pacific Wave, Santa Cruz, CA #87. Pat Magees Surf Shop, Port Aransas, Texas

#88. Paul Frank Ind, Costa Mesa, CA #89. Pitter Patter Collections, INC #90. Primal Surf, Brigantine, New Jersey #91. Rick’s Action Sports #92. Ride 207, Portland, Maine #93. Rockin Fig Surf Shop, Huntington beach,CA #94. Ron Jon Surf Shop #95. Ron Jon Surf Shop, New Jersey #96. Ron Jon Surf Shop, Festival Bay #97. Secret Board Shop, Costa Mesa, CA #98. Shapes And Styles #99. Sound Waves, Houston, Texas #100. South Beach Out fitters #101. South Moon Under Surf Shop #102. Spellbinders Surf Shop, Allenhurst, New Jersey #103. Spinnaker Surf And Sport #104. Spunky’s Surf Shop, Fort Pierce, Florida #105. Suncatchers Surf Shop #106. Sun Coast Surf Shop #107. Sundown Ski And Sport #108. Sunrise Surf Shop #109. Sunset Bay Surf Shop #110. Sunshine Freestyle #111. Surf And Sea, Haleiwa, Hawaii #112. Surf Central

#113. Surf City Surf Shop #114. Surf Expo #115. Surf Garage, Honolulu, Hawaii #116. Surfride Surf Shop, Oceanside, CA #117. Surf Specialties, Galveston, Texas #118. Surf Trader #119. Surf World Inc, #120. Surf Side Sports, Newport Beach, CA #121. Tagerts #122. Tamarindo Vista Villas, Tamarindo, Costa Rica #123.,The Board Room #124. The Boarding House #125. The Surf Hut #126. The Surf Shop, Westport, Washington #127. The Surf Shop, New York #128. Toes ON The Nose, Newport Beach, CA #129. True Board shop, Portland, Oregon #130. Unsound Surf Shop #131, Vertical Urge #132. Vitamin Sea #133. Wallerbears Surf Shop #134. Warm Winds Surf Shop, Ltd #135. Water Boyz Surf Shop #136. Water Works Surf Shop #137. Watermans Classic Long Boards #138. Wavelengths #139. Waveline Surf Shop, Ventura CA #140. Whalebone Surf Shop

#141. Wild Ocean Surf Shop #142. Windansea Surfboards, San Francisco, CA

#143. Wise Surfboards #144. Woody’s Surf Shop #145. X – Isle Surf Shop #146. Xtreme Video

#147. Z J Boarding House

Robert August has relations with Surftech that will boost these surfshops to over 400 shops around the world.

“Waimea” Package
What you give: What you get: $5,000 and product for the event 30 seconds of space on Surf N Turf DVD Name on outer packaging of DVD Exposure: - T.V. - Magazine - Web - Newspaper, Howler Costa Rica - Poster/media in surf shops

Sponsor Giveaway at contest (product) Banner of Company Logo at all contests and award ceremonies Top Placement on contest T-shirt Opportunity to sponsor specific events i.e. Bikini Contest, Salsa Contest, Sunset Cruise Accolades at each contest by MC

“Cape St. Francis” Package
What you give What you get: $3000 and Product for the event Exposure as Sponsor - Magazine - Newspaper, Howler Costa Rica - Posters - Web Sponsor Giveaway at contest-product Small banner/poster of company logo at all events Logo on contest T-shirt

“San Onofre” Package
What you give: What you get: $1000 and Product for the event Sponsor giveaway at contest—product Company Logo on contest T-shirt Company Logo on contest media: Flyers, Posters

“Charity” Package
What you give: What you get: Product only, to be given away at the contest Company Logo on contest t-shirt Company Logo on all media, including posters and Flyers Accolades at each contest by MC

Schedule of Events:
Thursday, April 6
Welcome party and fish fry at the Tamarindo Vista Villas pool. Party with the surf legends you will be golfing and surfing with and get to know your competitors at the beautiful Vista Villas pool all while enjoying fish tacos, drinks, and music.

Friday, April 7
Surf contest or sunset cruise. The surf contest will be held either on Friday or Sunday, allowing for the best possible conditions. If the contest is postponed, Friday will offer an afternoon cruise around the local Tamarindo area. Enjoying diving and snorkeling in secluded bays north of Tamarindo. Join Robert August in his house that night for a catered party and silent auction, with all proceeds going to Robert’s charities in Costa Rica.

Saturday, April 8
Tee off at the Panilla golf course for the four-man scramble. The tournament will also offer many on course opportunities to win, such as longest drive closest to the pin, and longest putt competitions. Join the party later that evening at Lola’s restaurant at Playa Aviana’s for dinner and drinks on the beach.

Sunday, April 9
Either compete in the surf contest or enjoy the sunset cruise, depending on the waves.

Monday, April 10
Sign up early to join Robert and Wingnut on a boat trip to Ollie’s Point for a day of great surfing. The Events: Both the surf and golf tournaments are set up for four man teams. The golf tournament is a best ball scramble, while the surf competition involves each team member surfing one heat, with the scores for all team members combined to determine the winner. Travel and Accomodations: Airline flights by most major U.S. airlines can be booked into Liberia, leaving Tamarindo only a short drive away. Accomodations will be provided by Cala Luna Hotel and Villas and the Tamarindo Vista Villas. Click on the links below to make your reservations, and be sure to mention the Robert August Surf N’ Turf event. www.calaluna.com www.vistavillas.com

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