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Just Car Insurance launches Australia’s first iClaim
By Kirsten McLennan - Just Car Insurance Dated: Oct 29, 2009

You’ve just been hit from behind. Flustered and upset, you scramble to find a pen and paper to get the other driver’s details. You call your insurance company - only you then realise you’ve forgotten to get the other person’s registration...and they’ve already driven off. For nearly 50 per cent of Just Car’s customers, not getting all the relevant information after a car accident is all too familiar. But this week Just Car launched Australia’s first ‘iClaim’ application for the Apple iPhone, which provides customers with a simple tool to help them make a car claim quickly and efficiently. Just Car is the first insurer in Australia to introduce this innovative application. It works by guiding customers through all the essential steps straight after an accident, to help process their claim. It even includes an interactive 2D function so that customers can select and submit the damaged areas of their car. Just Car’s Executive Manager Andrew O’Hara says, “After a car accident, many people get flustered so it can often be difficult to think clearly and remember to get all the necessary details like registration and contact details. For some people, even remembering the name of your insurance company can be a problem at a time like this. "This free application makes processing a claim as hassle free and simple as possible and allows our customers to leave all the hard work to us, knowing we have all the initial details we need. Through iClaim, customers can document their accident, upload any photos and then notify us immediately. Customers can even let us know what time is convenient for them for a Just Car representative to follow up.” The iClaim application offers customers another way to interact with Just Car. “We want to interact with our customers in whatever way they choose whether it’s online, over the phone or through their mobile. We’ve found that more and more of our customers are now communicating online and through their mobiles. “With 720,000 iPhones in Australia and a growth rate of 160% expected for this year, around 61% of our potential target market aged 18-34 owns an iPhone. We wanted to make sure we were operating in this new media space where so many of our customers are,” said Mr O’Hara. Designed to help customers after a car accident, Just Car plans to add more features to its iClaim application in the future. For more information about iClaim and to download the application please visit – Media information: Brian O’Neil 0411 055 284 Kirsten McLennan Just Car PR 03 8520 1895 0466130046

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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