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					WILDCAT INVITATIONAL 2003 ROUND 5 TOSSUPS 1. His two volumes of essays entitled Dissertations and Discussions includes his famous twin essays on Coleridge and Bentham that represent the peak of his early thought. He delved into economics with Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy, while as a philosopher he wrote an Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s Philosophy. He published a classic statement in favor of women’s suffrage in The Subjection of Women, and analyzed politics in the essay On Liberty. FTP, who was this English thinker, the author of Utilitarianism? Answer: John Stuart Mill 2. Most of the insurgents in this uprising were defeated and captured after government troops conducted a daring march to Petersham through a blinding snowstorm. An initial skirmish was avoided when the forces of Major General Shepard and those trying to shut down state courts mutually agreed to disband. The major fighting occurred when Shepard repulsed an assault on the Confederation arsenal in Springfield and a nearby force under Luke Day was dispersed by General Benjamin Lincoln. However, Governor James Bowdoin pardoned most of the leaders, and its demands for fairer treatment of the citizens of western Massachusetts were soon met. FTP, what was this 1786-87 rebellion? Answer: Shays’ Rebellion 3. It varies with wavelength, and is usually given for yellow light with wavelength of 589.3 nanometers, in this case taking values of 1.33 for water and 1.00029 for air. Usually symbolized by a lower case n, it frequently replaces the speed of light in the formulation of Snell’s law, where it relates the angles to the normal formed by light rays passing from one medium to another. Defined as the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in the medium, FTP, what is this index measuring a medium’s optical density? Answer: index of refraction 4. This character believes that he can detect smells over the telephone, and is haunted by the death of his sister Henrietta in World War II. At the start of the novel a swollen knee and bout of indolence has prevented him from practicing such routines as his famous “Defense Council” Act, resulting in a severe deterioration of his career. However, he only cares about losing his beloved Marie to Zupfner. FTP, who is this titular character of a novel by Heinrich Boll? Answer: The Clown or Hans Schnier 5. A man in green on the left of this painting appears to be pointing to a mysterious red figure in the background seen hoisting what appears to be a cup. The titular figure is depicted in a pose intended to allude to the Deposition of Christ, and is watched by a kneeling Indian in the left foreground, who is there to place the event in North America. A man holding a large flag is directly behind the subject, who is lying on the ground beside various weapons used in the Battle of Quebec. FTP, what is this most famous painting by Benjamin West? Answer: The Death of General Wolfe 6. The final three years of this war consisted of a guerilla campaign which culminated in the battle of Cerro Cora, where the defenders were finally defeated. The tide had turned when Colorado faction leader Venancio Flores was brought into the war, which started due to Brazilian reprisals against casualties caused by Uruguay’s civil war, prompting *Paraguayan President Francisco Solano Lopez to declare war on Brazil, and after Argentina refused to allow Lopez’s troops free passage Lopez declared war on Argentina as well. FTP, what was this devastating 186470 war named for the coalition opposed to Paraguay? Answer: War of the Triple Alliance (accept Paraguayan War before *)

7. In times of blood loss can contract to release extra blood stored in it. It is composed of four faces called the gastric, renal, visceral, and diaphragmatic. Noteworthy is the large size and torturous course followed by its lienal artery, which divides into six or more branches which enter the hilum. One of its secondary purposes is to break down worn-out erythrocytes and store the iron they contain. Composed of red and white pulp, FTP, what is this lymphoid organ that filters the blood? Answer: spleen 8. An important point in this play is a eulogy delivered by Rabbi Isador Chemelwitz. Mr. Lies is an imaginary travel agent who often appears to Harper Pitt, a valium-addicted agoraphobe whose husband Joe is a Mormon lawyer working for Roy Cohn. Joe eventually explores his repressed homosexuality with Louis Ironson, who had left his lover Prior Walter when Prior contracted AIDS. Prior is then encouraged to be the prophet for a new reactionary cosmology preached by the title figures. FTP, what is this play by Tony Kushner? Answer: Angels in America (prompt on Millinneum Approaches, but do not accept Perestroika) 9. First formulated in 1822, it grew from the seminal early work of Rasmus Rask, and was later modified by Karl Werner in Werner's Law. It holds in part that classical unaspirated voiced stops became voiceless stops in some languages and voiceless aspirates in others, while classical voiceless stops became voiceless aspirates, with some languages experiencing a second shift to mediae. FTP, name this law of linguistics that explains the differences in Low and High German, first developed by a collector of fairy tales. Answer: Grimm's Law (prompt on German consonant shift) 10. This mythological figure is usually described as a king of Elis who added Olympia to his domain by driving out the Cretan king Clymenus. He decided the succession to his throne by making his sons Aetolus, Paeon, and Epeius run a race, which Epeius won. A wide variety of myths attempt to explain the best-known fact about him, which came about due to the love for him experienced by the moon goddess Selene. FTP, who was this beautiful shepherd destined to spend the rest of eternity asleep in a cave on Mount Latmus, the subject of literary works by Disraeli and Keats? Answer: Endymion 11. The moderation of Harrison Gray Otis did much to stem its extremism. Theodore Dwight served as secretary, while George Cabot was the presiding officer. It concluded that slaves should not be counted for representation, that presidents should only serve one term, that any embargo be limited to sixty days, and that states should control militias, and argued for interposition to defend the rights of New England states. However, they were undermined both by the end of the War of 1812 and by their secret deliberations. FTP, what was this 1814-15 convention of New England Federalists that essentially ended the party’s importance? Answer: Hartford Convention 12. He confirmed the universal nature of Newton’s theory of gravitation by showing that double stars are held together by gravitation and revolve around a common center. A musical conductor and organist who originally studied astronomy in his leisure time, he discovered the moons Enceladus and Mimas, in addition to many discoveries made using the great 40 foot telescope he erected at his home. Greatly assisted by his sister Caroline, FTP, who was this English astronomer, the discoverer of Uranus? Answer: (Friedrich) Wilhelm Herschel 13. This character is eventually bound and cast into a dark room where he is tormented and treated as a lunatic. Described as “some kind of Puritan”, he comes to believe that he is the beloved of his employer, and that she wants him to call on her smiling and wearing ornate yellow stockings. This belief is caused by a forged letter appealing to his vanity created by his co-workers Maria, Feste, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Sir Toby Belch. FTP, who is this pompous steward of Olivia in Twelfth Night? Answer: Malvolio

14. They are expected to learn the silsilah, the spiritual line of descent of their fraternities, or tariqas. The oldest extant order is probably the Qadiriyya, but the activities of the Mawlawiyya are the best known. Disciples are typically introduced to the order through the ahd, a covenant binding him to his teacher, who teaches him the dhikr, in which the names of God are repeated to achieve spiritual perfection. FTP, what are these members of Islamic sects best known for their practice of whirling? Answer: dervishes or fakirs or Sufis 15. This musician got his start as a soloist in the touring bands of Jay McShann, Earl Hines, and Billy Eckstine, and later joined Dizzy Gillespie in creating the “bebop” style of jazz. From 1947 he fronted a series of small groups that featured sidemen like Max Roach and Miles Davis. He was known for his endlessly evolving melodies and incorporation of quotations from unrelated songs, seen in recordings like Yardbird Suite and Ornithology. FTP, who was this great alto saxophonist known for his drug addiction and his nickname “Bird”? Answer: Charlie Parker 16. While in exile from France, he married Marie Amelie, daughter of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, and taught in Switzerland under an assumed name. During the French Revolution, he had his own father executed to prove his republicanism, adopting the surname Egalite. His reign eventually came to an end due to the reactionary policies of he and his chief advisor, Francois Guizot, eighteen years after he succeeded Charles X in 1830. FTP, who was this last of the Bourbons, known as the “Citizen King”? Answer: Louis-Philippe 17. Due to strong hydrogen bonding, this compound is the most involatile acid and a powerful protonating agent that is often used to produce hydrogen chloride from chlorides and nitric acid from nitrates. It is also a powerful dehydrating agent, as seen in the production of acid anhydrides. It is manufactured in greater quantity than any other chemical, with the old lead-chamber method of production having been replaced with the contact process. Also known as * oil of vitriol, FTP, what is this acid with formula H2 SO4? Answer: (Nordhausen) sulfuric acid or sulfuric (VI) acid (accept oil of vitriol until *) 18. Like Lake Nyasa, near its southern end it forms the Shire River. The part found in Kenya gives rise to Lakes Magadi, Naivasha, and Turkana, and in Ethiopia it forms the Denakil Plain. Having begun forming 30,000,000 years ago, its northernmost part is occupied by the Gulf of Aqaba, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan River. FTP, what is this 4,000 mile-long depression found mainly in eastern Africa? Answer: Great Rift Valley (or Eastern Rift Valley, prompt on East African Rift System) 19. His preface to a work of his friend F. K. Forberg entitled “On the Grounds of Our Belief in a Divine Government of the Universe” led to charges of atheism and the loss of his university position. The son of a ribbon weaver, works like “Contribution to the Correction of the Public’s Judgments Regarding the French Revolution” and “The Vocation of the Scholar” belie his interest in perfecting a true philosophy based on practical maxims, leading to his “Addresses to the German Nation”. FTP, who was this leader of German Romanticism who sought to determine when revealed religion is possible in “An Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation”? Answer: Johann Gottlieb Fichte 20. This novel features two alternate endings, one featuring a lasting union between the central couple, the other concerning their separation. Despite his engagement to Ernestina Freeman, the young Victorian paleontologist Charles Smithson becomes infatuated with a solitary female figure he sees standing on the beach staring out to sea. Despite rumors of her affair with a French sailor, Smithson soon falls in love with the enigmatic, ostracized governess Sarah Woodruff. FTP, what is this novel, probably the best-known work by John Fowles? Answer: The French Lieutenant’s Woman

WILDCAT INVITATIONAL 2003 ROUND 5 BONUSES 1. Nathan Freeburg has scientifically proven that the 8th most important author of the German language is Franz Kafka. Name these works by him, FTPE. 1. (10 points) Originally titled “The Lost One”, this unfinished novel opens with the chapter “The Stoker”, and goes on to tell of the adventures of Karl Rossman, who eventually finds his niche with the Oklahoma Theater Company. Answer: Amerika 2. (10 points) Georg Bendemann loses his grip on reality after an argument with his father about whether he should tell a friend about his engagement. Answer: The Judgment 3. (10 points) This story tells of the titular circus performer who is driven to perform until his death despite not being appreciated, after which his cage is used to house a panther. Answer: A Hunger Artist 2. FTPE, name these compositions by Ralph Vaughan Williams. 1. (10 points) The first movement of this work depicts the waking of the city, the second is a portrait of Bloomsbury built around the song “Sweet Lavender”, while the final movement depicts the unemployed and unfortunate, ending with the chiming of Big Ben. Answer: A London Symphony (or Symphony #2) 2. (10 points) This first symphony for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra was inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman. Answer: Sea Symphony 3. (10 points) This work used the concerto grosso form to develop music from the third of eight tunes on church modes originally written for the Archbishop’s Metrical Psalter. Answer: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis 3. FTPE, name these Indian dynasties. 1. (10 points) The reports of the Chinese Buddhist monk Fa Xian provide much data on this empire established by Chandra and his son Samudra, which ruled northeast India from the mid-4th to the mid-6th century. Answer: Gupta dynasty 2. (10 points) In power between the Magahda kingdom and Sunga dynasty, this empire was founded circa 325 BCE and centered on the capital Pataliputra. It reached its height under Asoka. Answer: Mauryan Dynasty 3. (10 points) This Tamil Hindu dynasty dominated southern India from the 9th to the 13th century. Its greatest rulers were Rajaraja and Rajendra. Answer: Chola dynasty 4. FTPE, answer the following about a controversial school of Scholastic thought. 1. (10 points) This philosophical position held that universals were simply words that applied to individual things, and had no real existence on their own. Answer: nominalism 2. (10 points) An extreme form of nominalism was espoused by this teacher of Abelard, as seen in the anonymous work Of Generals and Specifics. Answer: Roscelin or Roscellinus Compendiensis or Rucelinus 3. (10 points) A more moderate form of nominalism was espoused by this man known as the Venerable Enterpriser and Doctor Invincibilis, known for a doctrine stating “Plurality should not be assumed without necessity”. Answer: William of Ockham

5. FTPE, answer the following from physics. 1. (10 points) This is the term for the energy remaining in a substance when temperature is at a minimum. Answer: zero-point energy 2. (10 points) The zero-point energy is nonzero in quantum theory due to particles oscillating with this type of motion, in which a body oscillates along a line about a central point such that it ranges an equal distance on each side and such that its acceleration is proportional to its distance from the point. Answer: simple harmonic motion 3. (10 points) The zero-point energy is also nonzero because of this principle which can be stated as delta x times delta p sub x is greater than or equal to h over 4 pi. Answer: Heisenberg uncertainty principle (or principle of indeterminism) 6. Name these literary works by the homely Rossetti siblings, FTPE. 1. (10 points) One of Dante’s best known poems is this work describing the heavenly title figure, who longs for an earthly lover. Answer: The Blessed Damozel 2. (10 points) Christina’s best-known poem is this effort in which Lizzie tries to buy magical fruit to save her sister Laura, who had succumbed to the temptations offered by the title place. Answer: Goblin Market 3. (10 points) In this allegorical Christina Rossetti poem, the title figure sets out to claim his bride, but after yielding to numerous temptations, finds that the princess who had been awaiting him has died of despair. Answer: The Prince’s Progress 7. Answer the following about a series of wars, FTPE. 1. (10 points) The first of these wars between an expanding European power and a decaying empire occurred from 1806-12, while the last occurred in 1877-78. Answer: Russo-Turkish Wars 2. (10 points) The second Russo-Turkish War was prompted by Russia’s involvement in the Battle of Navarino, and led to this three month siege and battle of 1828, in which a key garrison fell to the Russians. Answer: Battle of Varna 3. (10 points) The last war occurred in response to the Ottomon Empire’s so-called “Bulgarian atrocities”, and resulted in this controversial treaty creating a huge Russian puppet-state in Bulgaria, leading to its rejection to other European powers. Answer: San Stefano 8. FTPE, name the god given the name of a consort. 1. (10 points) Nephthys Answer: Seth or Set or Setekh 2. (10 points) Bharati Answer: Ganesh(a) 3. (10 points) Sif Answer: Thor 9. FTPE, name the following about stages of the cell cycle. 1. (10 points) Lasting about 1-2 hours, this first stage of the cell cycle consists of mitosis and cytokinesis. Answer: M phase 2. (10 points) Comprising the G1, S, and G2 phases, this is the period following the completion of cell division. Rapidly dividing cells spend 90% of their time in this phase. Answer: interphase 3. (10 points) This is the name for the point in the G1 phase when the cell becomes committed to passing through the rest of the cell cycle regardless of external conditions. Answer: restriction point

10. FTSNOP, name the following about an economic concept. 1. (10 points) Lionel McKenzie has done important work clarifying this economic mechanism that describes the process in which beneficial results are produced in an economy as a byproduct of the actions of people acting in their own self-interest. Answer: invisible hand 2. (5 points) This economist first introduced the "invisible hand" in The Wealth of Nations. Answer: Adam Smith 3. (15 points) This collaborator with Kenneth Arrow won the 1983 Nobel for his groundbreaking work on the invisible hand and general equilibrium theory, found in the classic 1959 monograph Theory of Values. Answer: Gerard Debreu 11. FTPE, name the following about an American author. 1. (10 points) Coming Soon!: A Narrative and Memoirs: A Novel are recent works by this author of Giles Goat-Boy and The Sot Weed Factor. Answer: John Barth 2. (10 points) Named for a showboat described in the work, this first novel by John Barth tells of the exploits of Todd Andrews. Answer: The Floating Opera 3. (10 points) Adapted into a sexploitation film, this Barth novel tells of Jake Horner, a brilliant arguer whose affair with Joe Morgan’s wife Rennie leads to Rennie’s death. Answer: The End of the Road 12. FTPE, name the following about a big disaster. 1. (10 points) 146 workers were killed in this fire at a garment business located on the top three floors of the Asch building in New York City due to missing fire escapes and locked doors designed to keep women sewing. Answer: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire 2. (10 points) In what year did the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occur? You'll ten points for the exact year, or five points if you are within three years. Answer: 1911 (1908-1914 for five points) 3. (10 points) The disaster sparked a membership surge in this union founded in 1900, which rose to prominence with two spectacular New York City strikes from 1909-11 and through the dynamic leadership of David Dubinsky. Answer: International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (or ILGWU) 13. FTPE, name these artists from Madonnas and any other works I feel like mentioning. 1. (10 points) Dreyfus Madonna, Madonna of the Rocks Answer: Leonardo da Vinci 2. (10 points) Madonna with Saints and Members of the Pesaro Family, Gypsy Madonna Answer: Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) 3. (10 points) Madonna of the Basket, The School of Love, Loves of Jupiter series Answer: Correggio (Antonio Allegri) 14. FTPE, name the following from number theory. 1. (10 points) It is not known whether there are infinitely many of these primes numbers defined by the formula 2 raised to the 2 raised to the t plus 1. They are named for a 17th century mathematician. Answer: Fermat primes 2. (10 points) In contrast to Fermat primes, these primes are defined by the formula 2 to the p minus 1, where p is itself prime. Answer: Mersenne primes 3. (10 points) All Mersenne primes give rise to these numbers defined as those numbers that equal the sum of their proper positive integer divisors. Answer: perfect numbers

15. FTPE, answer the following about that damned book club Oprah had on her show. 1. (10 points) One reviewed book was We Were the Mulvaneys, written by this author of them and The Garden of Earthly Delights. Answer: Joyce Carol Oates 2. (10 points) This author of The Twenty-Seventh City and Strong Motion and former seismology lab employee created a fuss when he objected to Oprah discussing his novel The Corrections. Answer: Jonathan Franzen 3. (10 points) Also discussed was this Barbara Kingsolver novel about the family of the Baptist minister Nathan Price, who move to the Belgian Congo and experience three decades of tumultuous history. Answer: The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel 16. FTPE, name these nations that are smaller than my living room. 1. (10 points) The smallest independent nation in the world, it is defended by the Swiss Guards and home to the largest residential palace in the world. Answer: Vatican City State 2. (10 points) An oval island with an area of 8 square miles, this western Pacific nation with capital at Yaren district has one of the highest per-capita GNPs in the region due to its phosphate reserves, which, however, are almost completely mined out. Answer: Republic of Nauru 3. (10 points) Ruled by the House of Nassau, this 55 by 35 mile country is home to the agriculturally rich “Good Country” in the south and the wine producing Moselle River region. Answer: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 17. FTPE, name the following about royal houses of Sweden. 1. (10 points) Sigismund III started the Polish version of this royal dynasty, but more famous is the one started by Gustav in 1523. It ended with the death of Charles XIII in 1818. Answer: Vasa 2. (10 points) The house of Vasa was succeeded by this current ruling house of Sweden founded by a celebrated marshal of France under Napoleon who, after the death of Charles XIII Vasa, took the ruling name Charles XIV John. Answer: Bernadotte 3. (10 points) The most recent ruler of the house of Bernadotte is this current king of Sweden, who took the throne in 1973. Answer: Charles XVI Gustav 18. For those of you who flip out every time the national epic of Kurgistan, the Manas, is mentioned, name these other things related to national epics, FTPE. 1. (10 points) This work compiled by Elias Lonnrot is the national epic of Finland. Answer: the Kalevala 2. (10 points) This work of 60,000 couplets written by Firdousi is the national epic of Persia. Answer: Shah-nama (or The Book of Kings) 3. (10 points) After falling in love with Queen Tamara, the poet Shota Rustaveil wrote The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, the national epic of this former Soviet nation. Answer: Georgia 19. Show you deserve an A in chemistry by naming the following, FTPE. 1. (10 points) This is the name for any compound containing the ion N3 minus or the group N3. Answer: azide 2. (10 points) This law holds that at equal pressures and temperatures, equal volumes of gases contain equal numbers of molecules. Answer: Avogadro’s law (or hypothesis) 3. (10 points) This is the general name for a group obtained by removing a hydrogen atom from an aromatic compound. Answer: aryl group

20. FTPE, answer these questions about a religious book. 1. (10 points) Derived mainly from the Pentateuch, this is the collection of Jewish civil and religious laws and the discussion and debate about these laws. Answer: Talmud 2. (10 points) This part of the Talmud consists of six parts compiled by Rabbi Judah I, and collects the traditions and laws of Judaism. Answer: Mishnah 3. (10 points) This other major part of the Talmud consists of the commentary and debate on the Mishnah. Answer: Gemara