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NUMBER OF SPECTATORS Cavalia has been enjoyed by an audience of more than 2.5 million. NUMBER OF PERFORMANCES More than 1,300 performances over the course of nearly six years. CITIES VISITED IN NORTH AMERICA San Francisco, Glendale, Seattle, Berkeley, San Diego, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Irvine, Shawinigan (World Premiere), Montreal, Québec , Toronto, and Chicago. CITIES VISITED IN EUROPE Brussels, Knokke-Heist, Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Lisbon. WHAT THE PRESS HAS SAID ABOUT CAVALIA

Las Vegas Magazine


San Francisco Chronicle

The New York Times

O, The Oprah Magazine

Variety (USA)

Larry King, CNN

La Presse, (Montréal)

Chicago Sun-Times

The Globe and Mail

Paris Match

The Washington Post

De Telegraf (Amsterdam)

Los Angeles Times

Deia (Bilbao)

THE ARTISTS The 35 artists, acrobats, dancers and riders come from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Portugal, Russia and the United States. The troop also includes five musicians (guitar, percussions, keyboard, bass, drums, recorder and cello) and a singer. THE HORSES Cavalia features some sixty horses representing 12 different breeds. The horses come from the Netherlands, France, Canada, Spain and the United States. On a yearly basis, the horses eat 17,500 bales of hay, 36,500 pounds of grain and 1,750 pounds of carrots. The stables span more than 16,500 square feet. THE WHITE BIG TOP AND THE SITE The Cavalia village includes eight tents: the White Big Top, the Rendez-Vous tent, the General Entrance tent, two artistic tents, a warm-up tent, the stables and the staff cafeteria. 150 people are required to erect the tents and work on the preparation of the site. The set-up takes 12 days, while the tear down is completed in three days. The White Big Top is 110-feet high or the equivalent of a ten story building. 71,400 square feet of canvas were used to create the Big Top, which spans more than 26,264 square feet. A 210-foot-wide screen serves as a backdrop for the projections and special effects. The stage is 160-feet wide, the equivalent to the width of a regulation NFL Football field. 2,500 tons of sand and dirt (100 truck loads) are required to build the stage. The White Big Top seats 2004 people. TOURING AND TRAVELLING The tour employs 120 people on a permanent basis. 200 people are hired locally in each city visited. 100 trucks are required to move the material. The transport is done over land, sea or air, based on the distance.

HOW ARE THE HORSES CARED FOR? A team of 20 people, including a stables manager, two veterinary technicians, a blacksmith and several grooms take care of the horses’ well-being; balanced and personalized diet, training program, care of hoofs, etc. The activities in the stables are numerous and each day horses get their share of pampering, including a shower, grooming, massage, outings to the paddocks and training and exercise sessions with their riders. HOW ARE THE HORSES TRAINED? There is a real bond and communication between the trainers and the horses. Talking, and using finger and physical gestures, the trainers make a game out of the routines. This approach takes more training time than other methods, but provides better results. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A HORSE TO LEARN HIS PART? It can take from six months to 10 years for a horse to be trained for Cavalia. It all depends on the horse’s ability to learn his role, which he continues to perfect throughout his training. IN HOW MANY SHOWS DO HORSES PERFORM EACH WEEK? Horses perform a maximum of seven times a week. They are trained to learn each other’s parts and can have extra days off as needed. DO HORSES ALWAYS ACT ACCORDING TO PLAN? A real communication is established between the trainer and the horse. The trainers have established a routine with the horses, but they are also free to express themselves on stage. HOW DO THE HORSES TRAVEL? For shorter journeys (of a few hours), the horses travel in five trailers specially fitted out for them and equipped with surveillance cameras. When long distance travel is required, the horses travel by air, in which case they are accompanied by a transport team and a veterinary.

THE LUSITANO The Lusitano breed originates from the Iberian Peninsula, which is modern-day Portugal and Spain. Known for his bravery and courage, Lusitano horses have been used as war horses and as a mount for Portuguese bullfighters. THE PURE SPANISH BREED (P.R.E.) The Pure Spanish Breed is one of the purest breeds of horses. In the past, he was used as a war horse by the Romans. The breed found popularity in European courts and equestrian academies during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, due to his docility, agility and gracious movements. These two breeds perform in dressage at liberty and Haute École in which their charisma, athleticism, grace and elegance are highlighted. THE ARABIAN HORSE The Arabian horse lived for thousands of years among the desert tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, bred by the Bedouins as war mounts. Renowned for his high intelligence, it is the oldest known breed of riding horse. Arabians compete in many equestrian disciplines, but they are the undisputed champions of endurance events. It is difficult to gain the Arab’s trust, but when you achieve it, he will do everything to please you. It is exactly what Sylvia Zerbini has achieved with her Arabian horses who evolve with her in a grand liberty. THE QUARTER HORSE Used for “quarter mile” races, the Quarter Horse fast became very popular with cowboys due to his spontaneity and agility when herding cattle. Calm, fast and versatile, the Quarter Horse is one of the most popular breeds of horses in the world. THE PAINT HORSE The Paint Horse is the second mostregistered breed in North America and his popularity is due to his coat and morphology. This horse is also known for his athletic ability and pleasant temperament. There are a range of Paint Horse colors but only three different coats: overo, tobiano and tovero. THE APPALOOSA A breed developed in the 18th century by the Nez Perce tribe of Native Americans, the Appaloosa is famous for his colorful, spotted

coat. Adopted as the state horse of Idaho in 1975, the Appaloosa was once called “a Palouse horse” in honor of the Palouse River region where the breed originated. THE CANADIAN A little-known Canadian treasure, this breed descends from the horses sent to the New World by Louis XIV. Named “the little iron horse”, the Canadian is known for his strength, willingness, curiosity and resistance to harsh climates. Once on the verge of extinction, there are now more than 2,500 Canadian Horses in existence. THE CRIOLLO The word Criollo literally means “of Spanish origin” and is a generic term that refers to a variety of related South American horses. The Criollo breed originated in Argentina and are descendants of 100 Spanish horses that were brought to the continent in 1535. It is among the toughest, soundest and most enduring horses in the world. The Quarter Horse, Paint horse, Appaloosa, Criollo and Canadian perform in Cavalcade, Roman Riding and Trick Riding. Speed, agility, muscle structure and spontaneity are the ideal talents for these phases of spirited action. THE BELGIAN The Belgian is, without a doubt, one of the most ancient breeds, known for his Herculean strength. He was used as a battle-horse from the Middle Ages to World War II and for generations the breed was widely used on farms. The Belgian’s magnificent amber-colored coat is easily recognizable. THE COMTOIS The Comtois is a breed that originates from eastern France. The breed has a reputation for extreme docility and exemplary gentleness. Comtois have a wide frame and a shortish back with very muscular loins. It excels at light draft work and it is noted for its freedom of action. The strength and bravery of the Comtois and Belgians are illustrated in the show during a bareback riding number, in which the trick riders perform incredible acrobatics on the back of their mount. THE OLDENBURG AND THE WARMBLOOD The Oldenburg breed is derived from the old Friesian horses living in Germany and the Netherlands. The horse grew in popularity after the Second World War, due to his qualities as all-around riding horse with good paces and freedom of action. The Oldenburg is a Warmblood. Warmbloods are bred as successful competition horses, and many modern Warmblood breeds excel in jumping and dressage. In Cavalia, both Warmbloods’ jumping abilities are showcased.

NORMAND LATOURELLE, PRESIDENT AND ARTISTIC DIRECTOR A pioneer of Cirque du Soleil (from 1985 to 1990), Normand Latourelle has been the driving force behind many impressive and memorable events worldwide. Among these are major productions for national and international events, including Canada’s 2001 “Summit of the Americas,” the sound and light show in Ottawa on Parliament Hill, the 350th anniversary celebrations for the founding of Montréal, the spectacular “Légendes Fantastiques” in Drummondville, Québec, and the Montreal Casino’s “Dîner Farfelu” shows. Renowned for taking his audiences into new dimensions, Latourelle surpassed himself with Cavalia. Representing his greatest accomplishment to date, the landmark multimedia equestrian odyssey marks the latest chapter in his constant quest for innovation. ÉRICK VILLENEUVE, DIRECTOR AND VISUAL DESIGNER The show’s ‘‘atmosphere’’ is a reflection of Erick Villeneuve’s poetic vision. Visual designer, Erick Villeneuve did not only collect some of the superb illustrations which are projected on the 210 foot wide screen (with all technological challenges those projections represent), he signed some of the most inspiring among them. The list of artists, shows and productions Villeneuve has collaborated with and on over the years include diva Diane Dufresne, the Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto symphonic orchestras, the popular Montreal International Jazz Festival. Villeneuve has brought innovation and ingenuity to Cavalia at a level that has never been seen before in a horse show. He has earned the trust of Normand Latourelle, whom he’s worked with for several years and enjoys calling him his “creative accomplice.” FRÉDÉRIC PIGNON, EQUESTRIAN CHOREOGRAPHER Born in Chalonnes sur Loire in western France, Pignon grew up in a family passionate about animals and nature. “Our philosophy is about understanding the horse, as opposed to making him understand us,” he explains. His approach to working with stallions at liberty has generated spectacular and unique world performances. The philosophy he has instilled in Cavaliais based on patience, trust and total respect towards the horse. MAGALI DELGADO, EQUESTRIAN CHOREOGRAPHER Magali Delgado grew up on the family’s Lusitano breeding farm in the South of France. She started her equestrian training at a young age with some of Europe’s finest riding masters. Magali quickly gained a solid technical background and became a reputed dressage rider, with a specialty in “haute école”. She competed at the grand prix level in national dressage competitions riding Lusitano stallions she had raised and trained. Before joining Cavalia, she performed around the world with her husband Frédéric Pignon. Magali credits her parents for instilling in her a love of horse training techniques based on trust and respect.

MICHEL CUSSON, COMPOSER The prolific and multi-skilled composer and musician Michel Cusson has produced numerous scores for television series and cinematic productions which have only served to enhance his already outstanding artistic reputation. Recently, the award-winning composer produced music for two IMAX productions and co-wrote the score for the Emmy-nominated television production, “Napoleon,” starring John Malkovitch and Gérard Depardieu, which aired on the Arts & Entertainment Network. Cusson’s melodies added grace and commercial success to “Séraphin: un homme et son péché,” the highest grossing film in French Canadian history. “Cavalia” is his third production with Normand Latourelle. ALAIN GAUTHIER, ARTISTIC COORDINATOR AND CHOREOGRAPHER Montreal-born acrobat and choreographer Alain Gauthier has created an avalanche of aerial stunts and dazzling special effects. The 1984 North American trampoline champion collaborated on many impressive Canadian and international productions for organizations including Cirque du Soleil, Paramount and Superbowl XXXI. Gauthier’s innovative talent and solid experience, both onstage and behind the scenes, was used to tremendous effect during the creation of Cavalia. His presence and leadership on tour is a constant source of inspiration to the artists. MIREILLE VACHON, COSTUME DESIGNER Award-winning costume designer Mireille Vachon has enthralled Canadian theater-goers over the past two decades. Her most impressive qualities are no doubt her boundless imagination and creativity. Over the years, she has worked with the Montreal “Just for Laughs” Festival, the largest comedy festival in the world, and earned the respect of Quebec’s artistic community. Vachon gives the Cavalia performers a fluid appearance with soft materials, such as silk. Her goal was to make the performers’ clothing as comfortable as possible, leaving room to emphasize the animals’ movements. ALAIN LORTIE, LIGHTING DESIGNER Award-winning lighting designer Alain Lortie is best known in Canadian and French circles for his dazzling work on internationally acclaimed musical hit “Notre-Dame de Paris,” based upon Victor Hugo’s timeless classic “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.” The Montreal-based designer also actively participated with Robert Lepage in the creation of Peter Gabriel’s World Tour and collaborated with singer Jane Siberry in the late 1980s. MARC LABELLE, SCENIC ARTIST Multi-disciplinary scenic artist, Marc Labelle has 15 years experience designing stage mechanisms and has travelled the globe, creating and installing stages for Cirque du Soleil, Céline Dion and Robert Lepage. With Cavalia, he has taken on the challenge of creating a setting suitable to accommodate the horses’ liberty and speed.

Mohamed Ahchoune Lahcen Ahchoune Mathieu Bianchi Géraldine Boutet Noureddin Barhihi Raquel de Frade e Branco James Buchanan Coen Clarke Jesse Lee Cooper Magalie Crinon Omar El Ouazi Jason Fergusson Carey Hackett Ruth Joyal Dosbergen Kozugulov Marianella Michaud Marie-Élaine Mongeau Faiçal Moulid Majolie Nadeau Maxim Panteleenko Alex Phillipe Landon Spencer Renny Spencer Emma Tytherleigh Victor Zaitsev Sylvia Zerbini Ambra Zerbini Bauer Acrobat: Chinese pole, trampoline, tumbling, dance Acrobat: Tumbling Rider: roman riding,bearback riding,trick riding and dressage Rider: dressage Acrobat: Tumbling Rider: dressage, jumping Rider: dressage, roman riding and trick riding Acrobat: russian bar, trampoline, dance Rider: dressage and trick riding Rider: dressage Acrobat: Tumbling Acrobat: hand tohand,russian bar, trampoline, dance Acrobat: dance, aerialist, bungee Acrobat: aerialist, straps, bungee, dance, rope Rider: trick riding, dance Acrobat: aerialist, bungee, dance, rope Acrobat: aerialist, bungee, hand to hand, dance, trampoline Acrobat: ball, dance, trampoline, tumbling Acrobat: aerialist, dance, trampoline, rope Acrobat: straps, Russian bar, dance Rider: trick riding, roman riding, dressage, dance Rider: trick riding, lasso Rider: trick riding, lasso Rider: dressage Rider: trick riding, dance Trainer, Liberty Rider

Hugo St-Laurent Anne Sophie Hoffmann Raphaël D’Amours Olivier Hamel François-Olivier Doyon Olivier Caron Musical Director and Keyboard Vocals Guitar Drums, Percussions Bass, Harmonica and Percussions Cello

Adam Sandler Alan Rickman Alicia Gomez Antonio Banderas Armin Mueller-Stahl Arnold Schwarzenegger Ben Harper Bo Derek Bobby Shriver Cameron Diaz Carole Kenner Cher Chris Rydell Christina Lahti Cindy Crawford Courtney Cox Cuba Gooding Jr Daryl Hannah David Arquette David Carradine David Duchovny David Schwimmer Demi Moore Dennis Franz Diane Keaton Diane Lane Don Diamond Dr. Dre Eddie Albert Ernie Banks Eugene Levy Ewan McGregor Gary Grossman Gayle Max Georges Lucas Hilary Shepard Hill Harper Illeana Douglas Isabelle Boulay Jaime Harlock James Caan James Cameron Jamie Lee Curtis Jane Seymour Jane Tripplehorn Jason Alexander Jay Schwartz Jeff Garlin Jeffrey Tambor Jennifer Love Hewitt Jillian Barberie John Salley John Travolta Jon Favreau Jonathan Silverman Josh Brolin June Lockhart Justin Timberlake Kate Capshaw Keith Carradine Kenny Goodman Kevin Costner Kim Basinger Lara Fabian Larry Hagman Larry King Lea Thompson Maria Shriver Marla Levine Martin Short Melissa Rivers Merryl Streep Merv Griffin Michelle Pfeifer Miguel Ferrer Minnie Driver Mohammed Ali Nancy Reagan Robert Duvall Nathalie Cole Nicolas Cage Olivia Newton-John Owen Wilson Patrick Swayze Paula Abdul Paul Stanley (KISS) Pierce Brosnan Portia de Rossi Prince Philippe de Belgique Prince Laurent de Belgique Princesse Mathilde de Belgique Princesse Cristina d’Espagne Ramone Becerra Reese Witherspoon Reine Béatrix des Pays-Bas Richard Gere Ricky Lake Rita Pereira Rita Wilson Rob Reiner Rod Stewart Rupert Maconick Scottie Pippen Sigourney Weaver Stevie Nicks Sugar Ray Leonard Tea Leoni Ted Danson Thierry L’Hermite Tippi Hedren Tom Hamilton Umberto Gatica Viggo Mortensen Wayne Newton William Mapother William Shatner Zinedine Zidane

Prologue Mohamed Ahchoune, James Buchanan, Coen Clarke, Jason Fergusson, Marianella Michaud, Ruth Joyal, Marie-Élaine Mongeau, Faical Moulid, Majolie Nadeau, Maxim Panteleenko, Landon Spencer, Jesse Lee Cooper, Viktor Zaitsev, Sylvia Zerbini Vocals: Anne Sophie Hoffmann Carey Hackett Jason Furgusson, Mohamed Ahchoune, Coen Clarke, Lahcen Ahchoune, Omar El Ouazi, Noureddin Barhihi Mathieu Bianchi Faiçal Moulid Sylvia Zerbini Riders: Mathieu Bianchi, Runner: Ambra Zerbini Acrobats: Marie-Élaine Mongeau, Faiçal Moulid, Ruth Joyal, Mohamed Ahchoune, Carey Hackett, Majolie Nadeau, Coen Clarke, Jason Fergusson, Marianella Michaud, Lahcen Ahchoune Riders: Jesse Lee Cooper and James Buchanan Aerialists: Ruth Joyal and Marie-Élaine Mongeau Géraldine Boutet and Raquel de Frade e Branco Riders: Mathieu Bianchi, James Buchanan, Alex Philippe, Viktor Zaitsev Acrobats: Mohamed Ahchoune, Faiçal Moulid, Lahcen Ahchoune, Omar El Ouazi, Noureddin Brahihi Cyclone and Negatroz

The Discovery Cavalcade Wild Liberty The Ball Liberté Play Bareback riding

Orion Eagle, Hawk, Bubba, Tori, Spirit Zazabelou Iman Numerario or Tabernero Buddy, Renato

La Vida Le Miroir Roman Riding

Hades, Nacarado II Penultimo, Pirata, Zatcho Amaretto, Criollo, Tobby, Joe, Spirit, Tori, Kinder, Orion

Intermission Pieds Percussion Gracioso, Penultimo, Pirata Rider: Géraldine Boutet Dancers: Majolie Nadeau, Carey Hackett, Alex Philippe, Marianella Michaud, Ruth Joyal, Renny Spencer, Marie-Élaine Mongeau, Faiçal Moulid, Maxim Panteleenko, Jason Fergusson, Coen Clarke, Landon Spencer, Omar El Ouazi, Noureddin Barhihi, Dosbergen Kozugulov, Lahcen Ahchoune, Viktor Zaitsev Chinese pole: Mohamed Ahchoune Straps: Maxim Panteleenko et Ruth Joyal Puller: Dosbergen Kozugulov, Viktor Zaitsev, Jason Fergusson Ropes: Marianella Michaud, Majolie Nadeau Runner: Faical Moulid, Mohamed Ahchoune Vocals: Anne Sophie Hoffmann Mathieu Bianchi, Géraldine Boutet, James Buchanan, Raquel de Frade e Branco, Jesse Nacarado II, Golosso, Igor, Lee Cooper, Magalie Crinon, Emma Tytherleigh, Alex Philippe Penultimo, Pirata, Quorum, Famoso, and Edros Landon Spencer and Renny Spencer Géraldine Boutet Gracioso or Pirata Sylvia Zerbini Alydar, Beijo, Gamlett, Gazi, Riccardo, Sarab, Shagal, Tonner Ben, Tad, Criollo, Angel, Iman, Riders: Benjamin Aillaud, Dosbergen Kozugulov, Mathieu Bianchi James Buchanan, Jazzy, Pico, Bubba, Chum, Ole, Alex Philippe, Landon Spencer, Renny Spencer, Jesse Lee Cooper, Victor Zaitsev Junior, Cisco, Buddy, Lorenzo Jumping: Raquel de Frade e Branco Russian bar: Coen Clarke, Maxim Panteleenko, or Tunique (jumping), Miracle Jason Fergusson Bungees: Marianella Michaud, Marie-Élaine Mongeau, Ruth Joyal, Carey Hackett, Majolie Nadeau Acrobats : Mohamed Ahchoune, Faiçal Moulid, Lahcen Ahchoune, Omar El Ouazi, Noureddin Brahihi Riders: James Buchanan, Jesse Lee Cooper Aerialists: Ruth Joyal, Marie-Élaine Penultimo, Igor or Nacarado Mongeau Cello :Olivier Caron Vocals: Anne Sophie Hoffmann All Buddy, Joe, Hades, Penultimo, Tobby, Renato, Golosso, Pirata, Atila,



Lasso Haute École Grande Liberté

Trick Riding

Bungees cavaliers Finale

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