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                              Before Schools Walk There Today

                        Walk Week 5-11 November 2007
On Wednesday 7 November we are encouraging you to walk to school with your
children and participate in Schools Walk There Today.
Each year in Perth, more than 90 million private car trips of less than one kilometre are
made. Walk Week is an annual event to encourage West Australians to replace short
car trips and to be active by walking for transport, health, recreation and the
Our school has shown its support by registering for Schools Walk There Today this
year during Walk Week. We would like to see as many students and their families as
possible walk to school on this day.
Please make sure you return your Parent/Guardian’s Consent Form (attached) which
enables your child to participate with an estimated 35 000 other children walking to
school on Wednesday 7 November.
Our schools will receive Walk Week merchandise as a reward for participating in
Schools Walk There Today.
A good reason to participate!
If we all changed just one or two car trips a week to active transport, such as walking,
cycling or public transport, we could reduce traffic congestion and air pollution while
improving our health, safety of our children and save money.

                               After Schools Walk There Today

After: Congratulations Wednesday Walkers!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Schools Walk There Today,
Wednesday 7 November 2007. Students and families put in a great effort and enjoyed
the day. More than (INSERT YOUR NUMBER HERE) students took up the challenge to
walk all or part of the way to school.

Special thanks to all the parents and teachers who helped organise the activities.

Remember walking is free, it’s better for the environment and it keeps our bodies fit and