Insurance You Do Not Need

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					Insurance You Don’t Need
Insurance is an important financial tool that everyone needs to have. Whether we are taking about life, car, homeowners, or health and disability insurance, you need to carefully consider what you need and from whom you will be getting it. However, there are some types of insurance you really don’t need. Here are some examples: • Rental car insurance. This insurance can be expensive given the length of time you will be using it, and chances are you are already covered under your own car insurance or the credit card you used. Life insurance sold for an individual loan. Credit card and mortgage companies often try and get you to take out an insurance policy that will pay off the loan if you die. This insurance is usually very expensive and you would be better off to increase your present coverage with your existing company. Specific, narrowly defined coverage. Some companies sell cancer insurance or crime insurance, which supposedly covers you against all expenses if you are a victim of a crime. The fact is that you are probably covered for all these things by your existing policies and there is no need to buy additional insurance.



Also watch out for policies that exclude many possible occurrences. Bad things do happen and you want to make sure you are covered.


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