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									Rochester Chinese Christian Church 1524 Jackson Road, Penfield, NY 14526 Tel. & Fax. (585) 872-6708 Web: Pastor Mitchell R. Herring Email: October 7, 2007 (9:30 AM) Weekly Bible Verse: “Then Simon Peter answered Him, „Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.‟” (John 6:68-69) Proclaim God’s Majesty Call to Worship

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Acts 4:1-14 Solus Christus---Christ Alone

Sermon: Solus Christus---Christ Alone 1. He is the center of Scripture (Lk. 24:25-27, 44-47) 2. He is the content of our faith (Mt.16:13-17; John 6:68-69) 3. He is the only Savior (1 Tim. 1:15; Acts 4:12; John 14:6) Announcements: 1. Welcome all brothers and sisters and friends who come to the Sunday Worship Service. Our special welcome to our guests. Please stop by our Welcome Center located in the left side of the Church Library (Room 201). 2. A draft copy of the 2007 Fall RCCC Telephone Directory is posted on the bulletin board in the church foyer. Please check for correctness of your information and make correction on the draft. 3. We need about 50 brothers and sisters and friends to come for the Church Clean-up on October 13 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in order the complete the task list. Please come with a joyful heart to help clean the inside and outside of RCCC. Simple lunch will be provided. 4. Congratulations to David and Betty Ying. Their number four son Phillip and Keiko Forrey were united as husband and wife in holy matrimony at the Edgewood Free Methodist Church last Saturday (September 29). 5. Our next Baptismal Service will be held in November. If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and would like to follow the teaching of the Bible to be baptized, please contact Pastor Herring or Sherman Chen. Baptismal class will start on October 14. 6. Monthly Workers' Fellowship Group Meeting will be held on Monday (October 15) afternoon at 5:30 p.m. Brother Adam Liu will be the speaker. Pray for invitation of more seeker friends to attend. 7. Monthly Evergreen Fellowship Group Meeting will be held Saturday (October 13) morning at 11:30 a.m. Sister Mrs. Cha will be the speaker. Brothers and sisters of the Orange Fellowship Group will provide lunch. Last Week's Attendance: RCCC Worship English Worship 101 110 Chinese Worship RCCC-W Worship Children+ Adults Total Helpers 22 14 36 Last Week’s Offerings: General RCCC $1,783 RCCC-W $150 SS - Adult 73 59 SS - Children 34 42 Total 208 211

Adults 9

RCCC-W Sunday School Children+ ESL Total Helpers 12 25 46

Missions $300

Intercessors for China – October 2007 Missionary: John (1906-1966) & Isobel Kuhn (1901-1957) each had received the Lord‟s call to the China Inland Mission before they met at Moody Bible Institute in 1924. In 1926 John finished his degree at Moody and left for China. Isobel reach China in 1928, and they were married in Yunnan. In 1934 Kunh took a two years mission trip to the Black Lisu region, and the needs of the church there convinced them to worked in Lisu villages for the next 13 years. 1938 John was appointed acting superintendent for western Yunnan. Bell continued her ministry among the Lisu while John‟s attention turned to overseeing the work among Chinese and minority people. October Prayer Focus: Gansu Province A. Thanksgiving 1. Thank the Lord that Johnny Lynn is recovering well. He will not going back to work till Oct 22. 2. Thank the Lord that Lily Herring has passed the State board nursing license exam. B. Outreach (Evangelism & Missions) 3. RCCC-supporting Joyce Jow (Campus Crusade for Christ, Japan). Per Joyce's Sept. prayer letter, pray: (a) that she would love the Lord above all else;(b) for the fall semester as she and her team continue to follow up by new Christians from the Spring semester; (c) for the local staff as they follow up on their non-believer friends. 4. Global Chinese Mission: While in many places in the world both the infrastructure and demographics of Chinatown appeal only to older people, Chicago's Chinatown is drawing both new immigrants as well as Americanborn Chinese. Many shops and restaurants cater to these younger Englishspeaking Chinese who go there to meet friends. Overseas Chinese churches nowadays must offer services in English in order to retain and attract younger believers. Let us pray for the great need for English-speaking pastors in Chinese churches as well as the challenging work for all those who serve in the English ministry of Chinese churches. C. Spiritual Growth 5. Pray for restoration of the position of the Bible in all Bible teaching churches, including our church. Pray that we take the Bible, the Word of God seriously. D. Ministry Needs 6. Missions Conference (October 26-27). Pray for: (a) our speaker Pastor Michael Wu as he is preparing the messages; (b) our missionary Helen Madrid as she is making her travel plan (from the Phillipines); (c) Ada Chow as she is coordinating program for the children. E. Personal Needs 7. Salvation--- for Joseph Huang, that God would open his heart to diligently seek the Lord and find Christ as his Savior. 8. Continue to pray for Dominic Yu that God will heal his cancer. Pray for strength from above everyday. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 15. 9. Pray for Chun Hing Cheung and Mei Yan Chen as they are making plan of their wedding on Nov. 3. 10. Continue to pray for those who are selling their house: (a) Yeong-Chin Lo; (b) Johnny and Shirley Lynn; (c) Tom Woo. Pray that God would provide a suitable buyer. 11. Pray for those parents who have graduating senior and are helping their son and daughter to go through college application process. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom in making decision.

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