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Helpful Ideas for Your Wedding Invitation


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									Helpful Ideas for Your Wedding Invitation
Is your wedding day fixed? You should inform your guests as soon as possible. Time is flowing fast and the wedding day is coming soon. Invite your family and friends to join your unique wedding day.

What should you think about wedding invitation?

At first make a list of all people you want to invite. Then you know exactly how many invitations you have to send out.

That will help you with other preparations such as name cards, finding the right location, the right quantity for decoration, food, drinks and so on.

1. Timing

Start early with preparing your guest list and be finished at least 3 months before the wedding day. Believe me, that is a hard task.

You need minimum another few weeks, to find the right wording for your invitations cards and designing the card.

Get your invitation delivered three months before your wedding day.

2. Invitation cards

It is always a nice idea to create your own personal invitation cards. You can ask for professional help and they will provide you with different designs and wording for the invitation.

Your decision depends on your budget and on your time, which you can spend on it.

When you know how to use your computer, there are easy ways to make your own invitation cards. Plenty online places will offer you a free design software, so that you can make your own invitation cards.

3. Wording

What made your relationship to your partner so special that you want to get married?

Those kinds of thoughts should be written in your personal wedding invitation and etiquette is still important.

The letter should start and foremost include the host names, most likely from the parents of the couple.

If the bride and groom is hosting the wedding at their place, wording can be: We are pleased to well come you on our wedding day. Do not forget to mention the time and location of the wedding celebration.

It is very important to ask your guests, if they want to attend on your wedding day and how many are coming. In any case a reply on your request is necessary for your further planning.

Let your guests know that a party will be after your wedding celebration. This can either be included on the wedding invitation or on a separate response card.

For example you can use following words: Reception to follow at the Torbay Boots Club.

If you don't want to serve a full meal you might write: "And afterward for cocktails and cake at the Rotary Club in the White Room" or mention only: "Dessert and dancing to follow".

4. Design

Get some good ideas online. The internet will give you the inspiration, to create your unique wedding invitation card. Do you have to follow any theme

wedding, such as a blue or red wedding, beach wedding? Consider this in your design?

Many places you will find on the internet, where you can get the right design software for free. You should also consider that a nice fancy paper from the stationary shop will give your invitation a touch of exclusivity.

The design of the invitation card reflects more of the couple's personality. Traditional designs are not as widely used.

A wedding invitation should represent you as a couple, which love each other. Inform your guests that you and your partner get married on that specific day at a set time.

Make sure that you send out all wedding invitation in time, so that your guests are prepared to join your unique wedding celebration.

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