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									SENATE MINUTES 11/13/07 ATTENDANCE: Executive Board Members Mike Zwolinski Georgina Cannan Taavi Raidma Hilary Emerson Matt Bresnahan Eli Lovely Victor Martinez Katie Stanley Corinna McFarland Senators Gabe Amo Effrain Arias Ashley Arra Amy Brown Max Cohen Jess Coons Tess Cunard Amy Dumont Laura Gallant Leo Gayne Eric Ginsburg Zach Ginsburg Ashley Kuhn Reid Lavoie Ian Lyons Cassie Migani Lindsey Nielsen Bethany Pine Todd Roazen Genevieve Scoville Nicole Schmitz Austin Simko III Ben Spalter Cara Strachan Katie Wilshusen Jonathan Wolinsky Present √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Present √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Not Present Late

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PUBLIC COMMENTARY: None. ANNOUCEMENTS: Laura: Event at the Lyons Den with siging groups coming up. Nicole: The AAC’s Yellow Rage Sat. from 8-10 in Chapple. Come. Cassie: Sex Toy Party. 7:30-9:30 Next Tuesday. Costs $5, proceeds go to charity. AGENDA: 1. DEAN SUE Dean Sue: I’m here to give you updates and get your feedback. I’ll give you an update on the campus notification system. An update on the new dorm, and sophomore halftime. I would like to spend a bit of time talking about our connection with our history. First, last year, Chuck Furgal, John Sullivan, our “risk” manager, businiess manager for emergency responses, Craig Andrade and Dean Vereene and I came to Senate to talk about Virginia Tech and how it was feeling to be at college this year. Some said we don’t have to worry about Virginia Tech, since we’re a close community and would notice if something was wrong. But we returned to campus and heard about the murder in Norton. When we think about emergencies and being proactive, this will be ready to be activated this Spring Semester. An emergency notification system will be employed. We will ask for your information through WINDOW. When you return in the Spring you will be asked to provide your cell phone number, a number for where to receive a text message and a Wheaton email address. As Senators you can be talking to constituents to encourage them to give this information. We will also ask for evacuation information, regarding to pandemic flu. Inevitably there will be a bird flu outbreak this fall or winter, or sometime. There has been very intensive planning for an outbreak. What would happen on college campuses is, we want you out of here. We don’t want to become the infirmary; we would want to send you home. But we wouldn’t want you to be sent home if your home is where the pandemic flu would have broken out. We would like the name, phone number and location of another family member where you would like to be sent in such a situation. There will be spaces for this to be filled in before you can get to WINDOW. At the larger universities there seems to

be less of a response. The best way to get students to respond is to have student leaders encourage them. We will not be reminding you to register, or telling you about a snow day through this system. It would be a stay where you are, do not go out sort of thing. A Hazmat situation. You don’t have to worry about administrators sending you annoying text messages or phone calls. There will be tests of the system that students will be notified beforehand. We’ll be sending a letter out to let everyone know of the system. Parents do not get notified by the college in the event of an emergency, because then there would be a lot of parents calling into the college. When the letter goes out we would like to contact the Senators and Todd: Why would the alternate address be needed? Dean Sue: We want to be able to figure out how many people will go where. We probably are looking at Providence, Hartford, Albany, not Boston. It also assures us you’ve done that sort of thinking. Lindsey: For kids who don’t have family nearby, will students pay for their plane tickets? Dean Sue: The college might be able to front the students money. It will certainly be considered in the process. International students may not be able to fly home. That’s why the second location is so important. We would be shutting down the campus. No food, no staff. We do fire drills for a reason, and are getting more serious about re-doing them, because it’s important to get out on time, whether it be for a fire, or another reason. We’ve never done lock down drills. One of the things an emergency planning group is considering is how to do this. The new notification system will make this possible. Corinna: Sometimes phones are locked and people don’t get the message. Sometimes there is an over-ride and 911 can still be called. Dean Sue: That is assuming someone has their phone on in every residence hall and classroom. Last Spring we discussed things we would like to see in terms of a new residence hall. We know everyone wants a single room with a Jacuzzi. We talked about having Beard

style clusters of rooms, bathrooms for clusters, lots of natural light, being able to control your own heat. It would go on the other side of the Marshall Multi-cultural Center. It would feel like Kilham and Metcalf look now. We might be moving the campus a little bit in that direction. The architects say okay, this is what you want, this is how much mass we have. Before that we need money. And the way that money is going to come about, is hopefully through a Trustee committee finding an outside source. It would be operated by the college, but the funding wouldn’t be taking away from the current Capital Campaign. If any donor randomly drops out of the sky to spend money on a residence hall, but unless any of you know one… Genevieve: President Crutcher and you will jump in the pond if 98% of Seniors donate to Wheaton? Dean Sue: Yes this is true. We wanted Wheaton alums to understand this is important. We would like a little of your money, but really participation is what’s important. I was actually hoping the President would shave his head, but… Eric: I heard rumors that the dorm will be 75-100. Dean Sue: It will have a minimum of 100. We want to eliminate forced triples. To eliminate the forced triples, we will need 125 beds. Somewhere between 100-125 beds. Eric: Will it take into account growth between years? Dean Sue: We have made a commitment not to grow, but it will fluctuate a bit between years. We want to stay a college of 1500. Otherwise we’d reach a point where we would need more faculty. Eric: If 10-15 were added would they be in forced triples? Dean Sue: Yes. We have 75-80 students who want to live off campus and a new housing market. So we can take that into account.

Katie: Who will live in this dorm? Dean Sue: I would say upperclassmen Mike: I know we don’t have a donor yet. Dean Sue: The Science Center will begin on a definite date. They are at a cost problem right now. My guess is that this will be solved by January. Mike: I know the new dorm is to be built at the same time as the Science Center. How long after we secure funding would it take to build ground? Dean Sue: We know how to build a residence hall, and we have a program plan in place. The architects are RAWN, the campus planners. Ian: I know you say 125 beds. There’s a discussion on campus about campus community declining. Is it possible for more beds to allow more students to live on campus? Dean Sue: I don’t think that’s out of the question, but I think that would require a different location. Todd: If you want the dorm to be the architectural cornerstone of the campus there’s usually a feature that really stands out, is there any plan regarding that? Dean Sue: We’ve had very good campus planning here. What I would want on that corner is something that resembles the older buildings of Wheaton. Not like lower campus. There used to be a parking lot between YMCA and Meadows. And then that was replaced so kids didn’t feel like they were living in a parking lot. Eric: Could you tell us anything about parking lots? Dean Sue: There will be new parking lots. The Balfour Hood parking lot will go. More parking between Clark Center and baseball stadium. The second place is the Pine Street lot (Lot 3) will be expanded. Closer to the soccer field and closer to Lindens House and Bittersweet. This will make better light and make people feel closer to campus.

Eric: Would the post office lot be gone? Dean Sue: The Norton Post Office lot will be gone, but we own the building and the Post office might move at some point. Cara: Will the new parking near Clark take away from the Recreational Sports field? Dean Sue: No. Sophomore halftime is a brain child of a bunch of folks a few years ago. You’ve always heard the phrase “sophomore slump” There was actually a nice article in the Wire where it talked about what it was like to be a sophomore. The freshmen get all the attention. It’s like a middle child. As sophomores you’re sort of betwixed and between, and a feeling of limbo. A certain amount of self doubt. For lots of folks it’s kind of just like- here I am. This class, class of 2010, has been a nifty class from the beginning. They’ll be the guinea pigs. Talking about who they are and where they would like to go. Not just faculty panels. It’s the kind of interaction on the Possee Plus Retreat. There are wonderful workshops run by students and more. We asked Debbie Biel and the Possee staff to run this event. We have a committee and have been discussing and assigning. They will come back on January 20th and have most of the day in workshops. We hope to learn a lot. It’s very interactive. Those of you who are Sophomores get ready, those of you who are not, we’ll Eric: Sophomore halftime will not be mandatory for sports team or dance company? There won’t be teams missing it? Dean Sue: No. Eli: I was told RAs will be missing Sophomore halftime? Dean Sue: We’ve blocked the time so that for the most part the times won’t conflict. Todd: Did anyone consult with the sophomore class, or the council or anyone if they wanted this?

Dean Sue: Heck no. We sent this information out to 2010. I’ve only gotten 1 or 2 questions as feedback. For the most part it has been met with enthusiasm Georgina: Honestly as a Junior, I want to know what I get. Dean Sue: There will be 1 or 2 sessions. It’s kind of like being the architect. Eric: (sneeze) Dean Sue: We have spoken about Wheaton connecting to its history. I was meeting with Dan Golden, and I was asked if there was one thing that you wish had happened that didn’t, I replied we are one of the most a-historical colleges. Even colleges who have bad history connect to it. Like Amherst, who gave small-pox ridden blankets to the Native Americans. Eliza Wheaton was a good person. We weren’t slave traders like the Browns, we didn’t poison Native Americans. We’ve fallen away from who we are and what our values are. One old tradition is called Founders Day. There were a lot of speeches. If we were to think about a modern day Founders Day that would be interesting. Mike: I vote for re-enactments. Between the history and theater departments Georgina: O-k. Jess: What if we invited Alums to come. People who were a part of the history and talk about how the community was then and what they did for fun. Corinna: All Alum Councils write newsletters. They could write a newsletter for us when they write theirs for their class. This week is SGA week and all of the Senators are assigned to dorms so all of them should have posted info about who the dorm was named after. Dean Sue:

Lucy Larcom was amazing, an abolitionist, published author, a mill girl, founded one of the literary societies there, founded Rushlight. This is an elusive sort of thing, but the more we put it out there. Mike: What kinds of history do students want to know about? Austin: It doesn’t just have to be this esoteric, very removed, aloof history. I remember Professor Baker talking about 9/11. It’s interesting to hear about what is was like during Pearl Harbor. Dean Sue: We could get a panel of Wheaton Alums where someone was here during/when: 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Challenger Crashed, Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated. I forgot none of you were here in 9/11. I was in Park Hall. Heard that a plane crashed into the Trade Center, and you think that it was an accident. Dale Marshall, then President was in NYC. Then people started to watch the televisions. Someone’s husband from development was on one of those flights. Then we figured out what was happening. Every student tried to call home, but the major cell phone tower was on the Trade Center. There were students with parents who worked there/lived in New York. There was also the fear of everyone else. Within 15 minutes, we got a call from Dale saying she was okay. The we said, what do we do. We sent out campus wide emails, posting posters saying everyone needed to stay at Wheaton because we didn’t know about whether New York was safe. We had students contact us to track down their families. By 3PM in NY there was a system where people could find out who was in each hospital. We decided the community needed to get together. There was an email saying to gather the community in the Dimple at 4PM, with a sound system. It was amazing the reason with which students spoke. To hear what it meant for students and New Yorkers. There was no rush to judgment about who did this, or asking why did they hate us, because most of us knew. Everyone was there, faculty, administrators…One of the things you recognize in that moment is being in this place is where you want to be, where reason prevails. Georgina: Thank you very much for telling us that, and thank you for coming to Senate this evening.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leo: Friendly Amendment to change me to be excused. Motion to Approve Second Discussion Vote: For- 18 Against- 0 Abstained- 6 EXECUTIVE BOARD UPDATES: Katie: Spring Weekend Planning Comm. Thursday 11/29. email if you’re busy. Eli: I’m looking for a few more people to join Ed Council or Bhavleen Kaur, who’s the Secrtary. We’ll be talking about the curriculum next semester and will probably do a new speaker Victor: ICB is planning for next semester. If you have any events you’d like to see next semester send me an email. Corinna: Student Alumnae Dinner 12/2 you’re all invited. The Recycling Bins has been very successful. If someone wants to take a shift, please sign up. Unfortunately the light bulbs may not be coming this week. It was not our responsibility and was not done. Matt: I have two things. The first meeting of the Honor Code Commission at 5PM tomorrow in this office. We’re looking for 10 committed students, please email constituents. Here in the government zone.

Taavi: Nothing. Hilary: If anyone would like to join CRC, email me or come up to me after. Georgina: You need to email your ACs and RAs John: For KCB and White house who should I email? Cassie: Brianna Jackson. Laura: I talked about Senators doing rounds with RAs and staying for Staff meetings and that’s a possibility. Georgina: I was glad to hear the Meadows senators This week is Bi-weekly email week. Make sure the Wheaton History information is given to RAs Todd: I sent mine to my RA. Georgina: No meeting next week. Mike: We have 8 full pages of articles, thank you all for writing! Thank you to Hilary for editing. I think we’ll hear something about lighting soon Go to see a Chorus Line if you haven’t already CLASS OFFICERS UPDATES: Cassie:

Bash was good. People were happy. We weren’t kicked out. If people don’t buy sweatshirts by 11/28 price will be going up. Hoodies and Crewnecks. Ashley K: Class dinner and T-shirts will be next semester. Ashley A: We gave out our T-shirts yesterday. Tess: COMMITTEE UPDATES: 1. BAC Mike: 2. Finance Committee Taavi: We’re meeting tomorrow at 7. 3. Venture Fund Taavi: We’re meeting Friday. 4. WAC Taavi: We’re planning on coming out with the new website next spring. 5. SHAC and FAC Georgina: Didn’t meet this week 6. Senate Fund Georgina: We’re in good shape. 7. Visions Georgina: Dorm storm . 8. CRC Hilary: We had Taavi come in and help us out with the Finance info to make sure it was accurate.

9. SCAPP Matt: We’re in the research stage and all is well. Corinna: Do you have people assigned to specific things? Taavi: Does SCAPP have any connection with the campus wide emails going out? Matt: No. We’ll be talking to them though 10. Programming Council Katie: Democracy Dance. Put up posters. Kegs will be Bud and Sam Adams AGENDA 2. QUAD MEETINGS UPDATES Amy: KLMC Quad meeting we talked about alcohol policy. It’s important to the Student Body. Jon: Whitehouse Quad meeting got hijacked about the alcohol policy. The entire campus is aware of these problems- is it the policy or the enforcement? Eric: People move off campus b/c of the alcohol policy, healthier living spaces, the meal plan. Max: I think in terms of Senator talking to constituents about the alcohol policy we should control our passion in order to maintain our credibility. 3. SENATE FUND PROPOSAL Motion to Approve Second Discussion Vote: For: 19 Against: 0 Abstained: 6

NEW BUSINESS Laura: For next meeting can we have a discussion about the SGA Goals? All those in favor of adjourning the meeting say Ay! Ay! ADJOURNED

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