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News for Adair County 4-H Families

August 2009

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Shotgun project info., State Shooting Sports, United Way Campaign, Recognition Forms, Thank You 4-H Flags Head to Space, Farm Safety College, PBS SCIGIRLS, 4-H SET Training, Move Across Missouri, What Makes a Good 4-H Member? Deadlines & Dates, Officer Training

It’s important to say:

“Thank You”
Many people have worked to make your accomplishments possible. Whether you earned a white ribbon or the champion trophy, many people donated time, built buildings and donated money to make your experience at the fair possible. Some of the people you probably know well. Others you don’t know at all. Most of those people gave their time and energy and money simply because they believe in you. They believe in who you are and who you are becoming as a grownup and as a member of the community you live in. They didn’t do any of these things simply so they could get a thank you card from you. And, that is why a written thank you card from you is so



important and will mean so much to them.

Commit to send a written Thank You card to the sponsors of any trophy you received. Send a written Thank You to the buyer of any animals or hams you sold at the fair. Write that Thank You. Send it in the next 5 days. The longer you wait, the more difficult and less meaningful it becomes. If you didn’t win a trophy or sell an animal (or even if you did) pick out at least one other person involved with the fair and send them a Thank You note. Some people you might consider thanking could be your 4-H Club Leader or FFA Advisor; a Project Leader or, a member of the Fair Board. It won’t take much time for you to do and it will mean so very much!
Equal opportunity/ADA institution

Michelle Klem University of Missouri Extension 4-H Youth Development Specialist
If you need this newsletter in an alterative format, please contact Michelle Klem at the Adair County Extension Center.

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Project-Related Activities
ADAIR COUNTY 4-H SHOTGUN PROJECT INFORMATION Next meeting: August 10, Sugar Creek, 6 p.m. County Shoot: Bosco’s, August 15, 8 a.m. Thank you to Pro-Tech for donating medals and trophies. 2010 STATE SHOOTING TEAM INFORMATION Try-out opportunities for the 2010 State Shooting Teams begin State Shoot weekend, September 19-20. Information has been updated to include the 6 Shotgun Team selection matches this fall and winter. Try-out opportunities for the following teams will take place: Compound Archery, Recurve Archery, Smallbore Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, Shotgun and Muzzleloading. A clinic will be conducted for those youth, parents, and leaders interested in the Hunting Skills team. Check out the website for more information at http://4h.missouri.edu/go/projects/shootingsports/ contests.htm

A NOTE FROM AMY, 4-H HORSEMANSHIP LEADER Dear Adair County 4-H horse program participants, I want to thank everyone for their hard work the past few months. You guys and gals did a great job this year! Congratulations to all! I am very proud of you all. Also thanks to the parents for their dedication for making sure they came to practice twice a week. I also want to say thanks for my wonderful gift I received. I look forward to seeing everyone next year for more fun and excitement! Sincere Thanks, Amy P.S. everyone try to get a friend to join 4-H

County News
Thanks to all who made the Fair a success! Remember to read your exhibit tags that contain state fair exhibit information. If you left your fair exhibit in the 4-H Building, please call 665-8800 to make arrangements to pick it up. There are several items that were left. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! United Way Doorto-Door Campaign will be Saturday, October 3. Each club is responsible for having members and adults participating that day. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING 4-H RECOGNITION FORMS!! The Awards Committee voted last year to begin to use all 3 levels of the Missouri 4-H Recognition Forms, so that Adair county 4-H members will be eligible for the State Excellence Awards sponsored by the Missouri 4-H Foundation. This is good news! The new forms, I believe, are more developmentally appropriate; Levels 1 and 2 also prepare youth for the Level 3 format, so the transition into the 14 and over age category should be easier. The state Excellence Awards offer evaluation and awards beyond the county level, in terms of scholarships to camp, Teen Conference and State Congress. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters. The state 4-H Recognition Forms are on the state 4-H website; take a look here: http://4h.missouri.edu/go/ get/recognition/awards/ personalgoals.htm#report

A NOTE FROM PAULA MCCARTNEY, ADAIR COUNTY 4-H HORSE SHOW SUPERINTENDENT A BIG thank you to all the parents, sponsors, 4-H Ambassadors and 4-H members for making our Adair County Horse Show last month a fun and positive experience. Without your assistance and hard work, it would be impossible to put this show together! Thanks again, Paula McCartney. And, my Thanks to Paula for pulling together a great 4-H Show for our county 4H horsemanship members!

4-H FLAG HEADS INTO SPACE ABOARD ENDEAVOR WASHINGTON,– The National 4-H flag, featuring the familiar 4-H Clover, was carried into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour July 16, 2009 as part of the STS-127 mission. ―The inclusion of the 4-H flag on this mission reflects the commitment 4-H has to building young leaders in science, engineering and technology,‖ said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. ―As the global economy expands, these leaders will strengthen the United States' global competitiveness and leadership in these fields.‖ FARM SAFETY COLLEGE Katie Steen, Missouri’s Cattlemen Foundation The date has been set for Tuesday, September 15 from 8:00-2:00 at Trowbridge Livestock Center. The classes we hope to be offered that day are in the areas of ATV, Electricity, Firearm Safety, Sun Safety, and an exceptional presentation about First Aid. The cost is $2 per person with most of the proceeds going to help fund Collegiate Cattlemen’s. If you are interested, send an email with the approximate number of participants to mofarmsafety@mocattle.com. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call Katie Steen at 573-449-4923 or Dawn Shellabarger at 573-817-8681. PBS SCIGIRLS A new science TV show is coming to PBS: a show for and about tween girls. SciGirls will spotlight real girls using science to make a difference. Each SciGirls episode will follow a group of girls and their inquirybased project, highlighting the great things that happen when girls are inspired and empowered by science. Twin Cities Public Television is currently looking for projects to feature on the SciGirls Web site, which will be hosted on http://pbskids.org/. If your organization is sponsoring an interesting class, camp, or ongoing program for tween girls, SciGirls would like to feature a Web video about it. http://tpt.org/scigirls/projects4web.html 4-H SET TRAINING OPPORTUNITY FOR VOLUNTEERS, FACULTY AND STAFF 4-H Inquiry Learning - Beyond "Learn by Doing" and "Do-Reflect-Apply" Missouri 4-H is recruiting faculty, staff and volunteers from across the state to attend the 4-H Inquiry Learning Training, September 10 from 9:00 a.m. to

5:00 p.m. in St Joseph. The National 4-H curriculum system is using inquiry learning as the foundation for 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) project materials. Inquiry learning is a natural extension of the standard 4-H methods of ―Learn by Doing‖ and ―Do-Reflect-Apply.‖ The September 10 training will use the newly released Power of the Wind project materials to introduce inquiry learning to Missouri 4-H. The Power of the Wind curriculum is the first national 4-H project to emphasis inquiry-based teaching and learning methods. Participants will also focus on inquiry learning activities related to 4-H animal science and foods projects. Please contact Bill Pabst at pabsta@missouri.edu for more information. 4-H MOVE ACROSS MISSOURI Alison Copeland 4-H Move Across Missouri (MOVE) promotes physical activity by encouraging youths and families to engage in physical activities they enjoy such as walking, biking, running, swimming, dance, taekwondo, gardening and more. Using an online system, youths and their families can ―log‖ the number of minutes they accumulate throughout the year. Sign up as an individual or as part of a team. Sign up on the 4-H website at http://www.4h.missouri.edu/programs/ move/

What makes a good 4-H member?
The following traits are important in a 4-H member. 4-Hers will learn more about these traits while growing through the program.  Be well prepared-- Know that success takes work as well as practice.  Like people-- Be understanding and friendly.  Be a hard worker-- Do your best and work towards your goals.  Be poised-- Don’t let irritations bother you.  Be responsible-- Live up to your word and duties.  Be cooperative-- Know how to work with others and enjoy working with them.  Be proud-- Always be proud of what you do.  Be courteous-- Use the words ―please‖ and ―thank you.‖  Set goals-- Make your goals high, but be sure to reach them.  Do your best-- Always do your absolute best.

Adair County 4-H Council is a United Way Agency

Important Things to Know DEADLINES & DATES
Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. New 4-H Year Begins — Invite a friend to a 4-H meeting. Youth Service to Communities form due (see website) 6: United Way Blackout Dates 4-H Officer Training Women in Agriculture 15th Annual Conference. Find info at http://www.swcd.mo.gov/adair/events.htm Sept. 19: State 4-H Shooting Sports Contest October 1: 4-H Forms Due—Secretary’s Book, Treasurer’s Book, Scrapbooks, Key Award, Frank Graham Leadership Award, ―I Dare You‖, Outstanding 4-H Club, Outstanding Project Leader, Outstanding Club Leader, Friend of 4-H, Carol Hoffman Memorial Outstanding Leader Award October 3: United Way Door-to-Door Drive November 1: 4-H Recognition Forms Due (see page 2) Dec. 4 & 5: Missouri Livestock Symposium 1: 10: 11-Nov. 12: 14-16:

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Important Websites to Remember
http://extension.missouri.edu/adair/4h/index.shtml http://4h.missouri.edu/

During August, at your club meetings, your club officers will be elected; any 4-H club or council officer, or any member interested in increasing their skills in leadership are encouraged to attend this training, which will be led by Mizzou 4-H members! Watch for details! Mark your calendars for Saturday morning/ early afternoon, September 12, Red Cross Meeting room; downstairs in the TCRC Building in Kirksville. Write it down today!

4-H Officer Training Set for September 12

What do you like to do?
4-H has many opportunities for you to meet friends, have fun and learn new things in areas of your interest. 4-H has clubs, projects and lots of special events. So many choices! Share these opportunities with a friend—invite them to your next 4-H Club meeting!


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